Date: 31st March 2006 at 7:46pm
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The editor of Vital Villa answered a few questions posed by yours truly, and after reading this, I think I better get the poor geezer some prozac.

It sounds like times could be better at Villa Park.

1)Arsenal took a whacking great lump out of Juventus on Tuesday, did you watch it and were there any area’s of the game that worried you about this Saturday’s meeting?

I’m not sure that I am worried because we have been so very bad this season that I’ve lost the will to live! As the pundits are never slow to tell us, Arsenal on their day are almost poetic in their passing and free flowing game, I just hope we can’t you on one of your all-too-often-this-season average days. The last time we played it was a draw and I’d take that this time. Henry is an obvious worry though, hate to say it, but what a player!

2)Has Aston Villa’s season improved or gotten worst since the last time we did this?

I don’t know, I fell asleep after the 6th game and entered into a Villa induced coma by the 15th. Seriously, you never know what you are going to get from our honest bunch of lads, they look totally de-motivated to me. I don’t think you should unduly worry, put it that way.

3)Is O’Leary a poor manager or just a man who needs some cash?

He came to Villa to prove that he wasn’t a cheque book manager, he has done the opposite. The main problem at Villa is Ellis, but O’Leary knew that before coming and has done nothing but disrespect the club since. He has now put us back into the same position (16th) as we were when Graham Taylor left. Maybe with big money he could do it, although I seem to remember him riding on the crest of George Grahams wave to get them to 4th, since then season-on-season, he has finished in a lower position. Sorry you asked now? Ellis needs to go, of that there is no question but O’Leary needs to be shown the door too!

4)Which area’s of the pitch will Arsenal have the most joy in and why?

Sod off!!! One of my gripes with Villa is that we don’t close players down quickly enough. It doesn’t matter if you are good, bad or indifferent as a player, you should at least be able to stop your opponent getting time on the ball. If we give your guys time tomorow it could be all over by the first half. IF they show some battle and don’t stand back and admire your stars, then we could upset your pattern. With our main defender (Olof Mellberg) out, our problems are increased.

5)What’s the funniest chant you’ve heard from your seat at Villa Park this season.

Well, I asked the ref last week (v Fulham) what time kick off was (that was on the 65th minute!) but chant wise, there hasn’t been a great deal of banter this season, Villa fans are just weary! Anti Robbie Savage chants always go down well though!

6)If you could change one aspect of your club, what would it be.

Ellis. OUT! The stand re-named and for Villa fans and new owners to be able to wipe Doug Ellis from our history books the same way he has tried to wipe the team of 82 and our European Cup winning Captain Dennis Mortimer out.

7)Do you think Arsenal could do the unthinkable and win the Champion’s League?

Face, bothered, face, I am bothered? Hey, I didn’t think Liverpool could do it last year, I’d rate Arsenal as a better and more skilful side, so why not? I hear the Spurs fans are all rooting for you as well?

8)You can’t have Henry, but you can have any other Arsenal player, who would it be and why?

If we could take one player AND re-wind the clock a bit, I’d go for Dennis Bergkamp. If it was a player now, then – and only if you are really really sure we can’t have Henry! – Fredrik Ljungberg, another player on his day who is unstoppable.

9)Prediction for the game??

My heart says we will sneak a 1-0 but I know that just won’t happen, so I’d settle for a draw but fear a 2-0 loss.

To Find out how I answered his questions: Click Here.


14 Replies to “Down In The Dumps At Villa Park”

  • If Arsenal get going I can feel a drubbing! I’m going to be standing soaking wet at half time in Stockport and here on the tannoy, Aston Villa 0-4 Arsenal like I did when you played Pompey a couple of months ago.

  • If Arsenal get going I can feel a drubbing! I’m going to be standing soaking wet at half time in Stockport and here on the tannoy, Aston Villa 0-4 Arsenal like I did when you played Pompey a couple of months ago.

  • Blimey, I thought I was being cheerful! ;-)) I must admit, I get a bit of stick when people ask me questions like this because I answer them honestly (from my point of view) as opposed to having the claret and blue specs on. If I put them on then I’d say 2-0 to Villa, but it isn’t going to happen is it?!?! Well, is it!? Mind you, evertime I’m close to writing us off, they surprise me, so watch out Wenger!

    By the way, someone was talking about bringing a banner saying ‘He’s your legend – you take him’ So how about it, DOL for Arsenal manager?!

  • Oh, and instead of prozac, you got any viagra going? I’ve been told that will ensure Villa stay up?

  • Well I think that Villa got an amazing lesson. Look at the positives for Villa..ERM………erm….yea ok.

  • What a footballing masterclass. O’Learys last visit to highbury was certainly not a happy one!

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