Date: 16th June 2008 at 11:41pm
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If there were a vote as to the least likely player to throw a strop I would imagine that Johan Djourou would be fairly highly placed. It seems his patience is wearing thin though. He has had a real pop at his international coach this morning and made a point of making sure as many people as possible know about it.

The retiring coach Kobi Kuhn got it with both barrels. “He is the coach and I respect that. But what was the ambition of Switzerland in the Euro? To be content with a good performance against the Czechs, another against Turkey? But ultimately we have failed to qualify. Then, in a friendly which could serve for the future [against Portugal], I think it was legitimate to give me a chance” he complained. “I do not understand enough, especially the lack of communication. The problem comes from the coach. There is no competition and that is not normal. We know four months in advance who will play.” Welcoming the new coach Ottmar Hitzfeld Djourou said “With him it will be something else. The man has experience with big clubs. He knows what it means to compete”

Prior to the tournament Djourou had put himself forward for a place in central midfield perhaps fearing that Patrick Muller would get selected ahead of him partnering Senderos. Maybe he is laying down a marker for next season at Arsenal? The 21 year old defender is getting impatient.