Date: 31st October 2006 at 11:44am
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Were you at the Everton game on Saturday? Did you hear anyone booing Thierry Henry? Were you one of the phantom boo’ers? Then we want to hear from you.

Much has been made in the tabloids over the past few days claiming that the Ashburton faithful booed their hero and captain Thierry Henry.

We all have eyes, we saw that Henry didn’t play well, but that happens to everyone, and surely we wouldn’t boo the clubs greaest ever goal scorer for one poor performance.

The booing was reoprted in three newspapers.

By Russell Kempson (The Times- Monday)

As the Emirates Stadium registered a record attendance of 60,047 on Saturday, it witnessed another, less memorable, milestone: the first time that Thierry Henry, the Arsenal captain, had been jeered by the home fans.
Henry is an Arsenal icon. Few could remember if he had ever been booed in his seven years at Highbury, the club`s former HQ a short hop from Ashburton Grove. Yet as he lazily lost possession in the 66th minute, wasting the good work of Tomas Rosicky, boos rained down from the top tiers.

By Antony Kastrinakis (The News of the World – Sunday)

‘Time and again Henry has delivered. But when after 66 minutes yesterday the Emirates crowd voiced their dismay at their captain`s failure to drive the team Wenger must have worried.

Because Henry had just given away possession for the umpteenth time yesterday, spoiling a wonderful run by Rosicky. And that was enough to make his adoring fans boo him. Yes you did read that right. Gunners fans yesterday booed Thierry Henry.’

Pat Sheehan (The Sun – Monday)

Wrote Arsenal fans gave Henry the bird for the first time since he joined Arsenal’.

Could it be coincidence that the three papers carrying this story are all owned by Rupert Murdoch? Maybe.

Now I didn’t attend Saturday’s game, but I did watch it, I heard nothing. I’ve spoken to members of the Yorkshire Arsenal supporters club who sat in the lower tier of the south stand, they heard nothing, friends of mine sat in both the upper tier of the South Stands and the Lower tier of the North stands, and they too heard nothing.

So where has this story come from? Arseblogger has an interesting view on the matter, which you can read Here.

So if you were at the game on Saturday, and you boo’ed Thierry Henry, then get in touch, and while you’re at it tell Lord Lucan to dismount Shergar and phone his mum, she’s worried.


17 Replies to “Did You Boo Thierry Henry?”

  • I was in the upper tier south east corner and heard nothing!
    What a surprise that the papers try & drag TH14’s name through the mud. They have to do something to create stories.
    Just ignore them, it’s the best policy by far.

  • I guess nothing would give them a better story than Henry wanting to leave because of a rift between him and the fans that persuaded him to stay in the first place. Lets hope we give him a rousing ovation before the game tomorrow!!

  • I was in the East Lower and there was definately no booing. I think they are referring to a collective sigh when TH14 failed to run for a ball that he considered closer to RVP, it is just sh!t stirring from the hacks.

  • I was there and nobody booed him.That’s it ,no matter what the Spurs and Manure loving press wish for it didn’t happen.

  • I was pissed off with him yes, but I absolutely did not and would never boo him, or any of our players. I sit in the upper tier and heard nothing but the standard groan when players lose the ball. More press s**t stirring and another in the cavalcade of reasons stopped reading papers a long time ago.

  • We were in the Upper Tier, South East corner, and what was clearly heard when Henry failed to trap the ball, was a….groan. The kind of collective groan you hear whenever a player misses something you expect them to do. Time to boo the man who made up the story – stop buying Murdoch’s papers, they’re full of s**t anyhow.

  • The biggest concern is that TH14 believed the story. Although surely he’d have heard at the time that it was clearly a collective groan. It begs the question though as to why these w***kers make up these stories.

  • west upper block 93,my friend slated him for his laziness,but you needed to be sitting next to us to hear it,and like a lot of people,there was groans of disapointment at the frustrating displays,but i certainly did not hear any booing in the north west upper…

  • Can anyone see a pattern emerging here. Friggin news papers. I decided yesterday (before it got in depth with the booing with Henry) That I would stop buying newspapers after I read an article by Tony Gale, a man I usually listen to and think talks sense (on tv) said AW should grow up and stop whinging and if he had some britsish players in his team it would add some grit who wouldn’t moan. W@nker. I’ll just buy world soccer magazine and take that to work instead.

  • i was upper centre and heard no booing, yes i was frustrated, more with Hleb and yes groaned with miss after miss or breakdown in move, but i would never boo the greatest ever striker we have had. we do need to shoot outside the box more, i notcied in the second half when we did this, we caused howard more problems.. stop this fancy trying to walk it in and score the perfcect goal

  • In fairness I have a couple of real f***wits around me and even they wouldn’t have the nerve to boo Henry.

  • ruperts bog papers are the most biased piece of s**te known to man dont buy em and definately pay any attention to the turd they write every week you see a coloumn in there where they have to apologise for “misprinting information” if thats what you call it. I and my fellow gooners will be cheering on TH14 and the boys from start to finish tomoz come on the ARSENAL

  • East Lower. Im glad an Article has been posted about this because I thought I must have been the only person who heard no boos! Sh*t stirring of the highest order.

  • Fleet Street did something similar a few years ago. When Vieira came on to collect our ‘unbeaten’ trophy after a summer of intense speculation, idiot hacks reported that he was booed when he clearly was not.

  • Did you read any of what has been written? Serious? Even just a little bit? One line even (apart from the title)? If you had you’d realise how much of a tw@t you’ve just made of yourself.

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