Date: 1st September 2007 at 9:39am
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You think that after ten years in charge of my beloved Gunners that it would be impossible for Arsene Wenger to spring a surprise on me wouldn’t you?

Well after Le Boss informed us that coming up to the close of the transfer window there would ‘be no players in & no players out’ the sneaky Frenchman sprang a surprise.

My usual deadline day ritual is to sit up till around 3am clicking refresh on the home page waiting for news of the impending signing of Samuel Eto’o or Kaka, but on this occasion I went to my bed early after believing Arsene and his lies.

So it was a lovely surprise to wake up this morning (bright and early thanks to my son and his nappy) to find Arsene has gotten the dusty old cheque book out of his pocket and nicked the impressive Lassana Diarra from the lotto Russians.

After being reliably informed by our loving friends over at Vital Chelsea that he was going nowhere, Diarra has made for an exquisite Saturday surprise.

I believe Diarra will be long term replacement for the invisible wall, and Wenger himself see’s him playing through the middle despite being more than capable at right back.

Arsène Wenger said to “Lassana is a multi-functional player, making him a great addition to our squad. Not only is he hard working, he has a creative edge and is comfortable playing in the middle of the pitch or at right back.”

And the Frenchman seemed more than happy with the move. “I have great respect for the manager Arsène Wenger and am attracted by the style of football that the team plays. Of course I am excited by what the future holds and keen to play my part in helping Arsenal fight for trophies this season and for years to come.”

As usual, the fee was undisclosed.

Happy Saturday dudes.


50 Replies to “Diarra And The Saturday Surprise”

  • But the ‘no player in and no player out’ statement was accompanied by a cheeky smile :). Now we know why. I wonder how Diarra will fit into the short term plans of Arsenal, what with our already congested central mid-field. But I am willing to wait and see what Wenger has planned. After all, a lot of us were surprised at the Sagna signing considering we thought there was no immediate need for a RB, and thats worked out quite well.

  • Always seen Diarra as a Makelele type defensive midfielder, but far more skillful than Gilberto. A good addition.

  • Good addition to the squad, espically as our right back position is prone to injury during this early part of the season. Our gain is Chelsea’s loss!

  • haha at Arsenal becoming our dumping place.. God luck Diarra but with a 3 year younger and 100 times better player infront of you you just wouldnt stand a chance. Mikel is just to good. Not to mention the other players you where up against. Essien,Lampard,Makelele,Ballack. You will have a better time at Arsenal where the quality of players is much lower then at the Bridge

  • Do I sense a touch of bitterness the makelele? Everyone at the Bridge rates Diarra extremely highly and wanted him to replace your namesake…….well he will, just not at your freakshow of a club 😛

  • All jokes aside. I really thought he would replace Makelele but after some seasons at Chelsea his improvemnt has been zero. He didnt evolve into what I expected to be honest. For a DM he isnt stabil, he get caught out of position a lot of times. And also his passing isnt good. All in all he is very much like Flamini, a utility man. And when you allready got a Flamini then why get another one? Chelsea have Mikel, someone thats improving every single game and really showingsign of becoming world class by the minute.

  • Dont understand this deal really, he is not better than any of our current mids apart from Song. This will only cause congestion, he complained at chelski he didnt get enough game time in the middle of the park, it will be harder for him here me thinks.

  • He’s such a bad player Chelsea didn’t want to sell him to us, eh?. The Chavs had to sell cos he would have come to us for free in January if they hadn’t. Chelsea’s problem…as that Jose can’t remember how many players he’s got, there are so many surplus to requirements.

  • I thought that also hazza, but there has obviously been discussions somewhere along the line that has convinced Diarra somehow. And his development may not have progressed at Chelsea but Wenger has a history of improving players when they have previously faultered. Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp etc etc…..improved these players no end.

  • Well this was bound to happen lads, young Frenchman who can play in different positions and his name sounds like lasagne. These things are the work of a higher power fellas 😀 Welcome to Arsenal Lassana..

  • Any press release from chelsea saying Diarra was going to score own goals yet chaps? Maybe we could conjure one up!

  • Good signing i think! Just surprised tha Chelski allowed him to go to Aresenal, makes you wonder if they know something the rest of us don’t

  • If you are that interesting in our left over you should have given us a call and we would have given you Johnson also:) Didnt see Arsenal as a left over team, untill now that is

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