Date: 18th October 2008 at 10:20pm
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There has been a fair amount of conjectured debate about the central midfield pairing and in particular the effect that the changes have made to Cesc`s game. I was interested to read an article in today`s match programme, in which Denilson gives his view on the role that he plays.

In response to the question as to whether he has more defensive duties than Cesc his quoted reply is “Yes, this season, yes. I am playing the role that Flamini and Gilberto had last season.”

Apparently he is aware that he needs to work hard to develop the defensive side of the game with Wenger pinpointing marking as an area on which to concentrate.

“That`s very important for the team and the manager has said that I need to think about the opposition more, rather than just looking for the ball all the time” he says, adding “I need to improve marking and look at the man who is running”

So that`s it then. He is a defensive midfielder. Or is he? He also tells us in the same piece ” I think it is important to score goals if you play midfield” as he continues “I need to score goals or make the final pass for the strikers as often as I can.”

That attitude is also expressed when he says “I don`t always play behind Cesc though, sometimes I can go forward, he can stay back. We swap and can change. I think it works well for us.”

It seems he is clear as to what his primary role is but having been described by Wenger as part Rosicky, part Gilberto he also seems keen to bring more than one dimension to his game.

“?I work on all parts of my game in training because I want to stay in the team this season and in the future.”

He put in a good stint as the holding midfielder in today`s game. He has the class to add more to the role, which, in the game of Wengerball can be no bad thing.

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