Date: 23rd September 2007 at 3:03pm
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Apologies for the lateness of the report. But it`s been a week of celebration for the good ship Stillman and as is usually the case following an evening of raucous celebration, I`ve awoken in foreign territory. Nick Hornby writes at length in Fever Pitch about the fortunes of Arsenal becoming intricately linked with his own personal fortunes and whether or not this is a psychosomatic symptom of the obsessive. It`s a theme I have had occasion to revisit on these pages and one that rises inescapably to mind this week. Arsenal top both of their respective leagues following hefty victories at our much loved neighbours, as well as the midweek crushing of Seville in the same week that my sister announces an engagement, doubles her salary at work, I get myself a new job on the same day that Jose Mourinho loses his. So the nerves were really not forthcoming upon my arrival in the Arsenal Tavern early yesterday afternoon, for what was always a home banker.

Arsenal began the match very much in second gear. But second gear would always be enough against a Derby side who, and I apologise to any Rams` sympathisers, were quite embarrassing. Dean Leacock and Claude Davis in the back four had more leaks than a rusty colander, whilst the front two of Kenny Miller and Stephen Howard had less teeth than Shane McGowan. So it was inevitable when Arsenal took an early first half lead, Abou Diaby cut in from the left hand side, side stepped two Derby defenders before unleashing an unstoppable right footed drive in off the post and into the top corner. It was perhaps the only goal we scored yesterday that Stephen Bywater could have done nothing about. Oddly enough, as Diaby shimmied past the stricken Rams` backline, the `shoooooooooot` brigade were conspicuous in their silence. Yet, to my right, Jon, usually as fond as I am of mocking said vocal chorus, was heard to cry, “have a f*****g dig.” It proved to be sound advice.

It was not long before Arsenal added a second. Toure`s searching ball sliced through the ramshackle Rams defence with an ease usually reserved for knives through butter, and Adebayor skipped around Bywater before slotting into an empty net. The game surrendered itself as a spectacle from that point on, with Derby doing a poor impression of a damage limitation exercise. Diaby nearly produced a carbon copy of his earlier effort, sidestepping a Davis challenge, but Bywater beat out his low drive from the edge of the area. Around me, conversation between supporters broke out with this corpse of a match struggling to hold the attention of some. (Not me, I might add).

The second half began in an errant manner, until Claude Davis tugged Eduardo`s shirt in the penalty area as the Crozilian shaped to shoot. The tug looked to be a gentle one, and a harsh penalty, but to the letter of the law it was a correct award. Adebayor stepped up to slot the penalty home low to Bywater`s left. A note of concern would be that all of Adebayor`s penalties thus far have been replicas of one another and goalkeepers tend to be conscientious students of this kind of thing. Kolo Toure came close to adding a fourth, charging forward to meet Fabregas` right wing cross, but heading just wide. It would have been a richly deserved goal for a man playing out of his skin (but then again, doesn`t he always?)

With twenty minutes remaining, a small capsule of our current fortune arrived in glorious Technicolor. Cesc Fabregas picked up a pass from another surging Toure run, arrowed it goal wards and it swept in off of Bywater`s fingertips. Needless to say, last season, Bywater`s butter wrists would have been sufficient to turn the ball around the post. While Fabregas enjoys the purple patch of his career, it`s worth remembering that fortune is a fickle mistress, it can desert you as quickly and deftly as it finds you. Let`s hope Fabregas` rotten luck in front of goal last year, sees fortune recredit his account accordingly.

It was his last contribution of the match, as he was replaced by Denilson. Mathieu Flamini was replaced as well, and I`ve a feeling the standing ovation he received was not solely out of good will with the team four nil up. His contribution was outstanding again and I reiterate, Gilberto will have his work cut out getting back in there. Another bread and butter long ball found Adebayor, he muscled the hapless Dean Leacock off the ball, chesting it down before collecting his composure to steer into the corner for his first Arsenal hat trick. In the end it was a resounding win that will swell the already sky high confidence of this side, but ultimately, Derby will be on the end of these score lines with impunity I fear. It was men against boys at times, and I have seen Arsenal play better and lose. The Rams looked beaten before the first whistle, but Arsenal did exactly what they had to do. With news of Liverpool being held at home to Birmingham, it proved to be a most satisfying end to a glorious week.LD.


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  • Great write up. Only thing it was Fabregas long ball that unleashed Adebayor for the second arsenal goal. Anyways it sounds like its been a great week for you. Congrats 🙂

  • Just think what delights must be in store for you if we do manage to win the premiership and the champions league!!

  • What a week, and I’m stuck in Thailand nowhere near a TV. Better just have a few more drinks and celebrate anyway. Love it!!!!

  • Your usual stuff LD. Couple of things I saw. Walcott needs to add body strength and needs some luck , the lad has got pace but his final ball is not there. MOTM for me was Toure, his positioning, drive was second to none and he was willing to bark at the troops. The lads did well but in all honesty, Derby were awful. They will be drop down this year. As for the Carling cup, I hope Dudu and Nic lead the line on Tuesday against Fat Sams boys and I wonder if Bert will play on Tuesday along side Diarra.

  • Tactically, we are not as one dimensional as we were guilty of last season. Two of the goals from Adebayor were from direct long ball cutting through the middle, the type of Drogba-Lampardesque combination that we almost never score in our previous seasons. I am also surprised by the number of screamers from outside the box that we scored this season. Now opposing teams would be wary that they can’t just park a bus in front of their goal anymore

  • I know its still extremely early, but I really believe that Eduardo needs a Premiership goal soon. Once the first comes, i’m sure many more will follow swiftly, but its really important to get one as soon as possible.

  • I think we can take a moment from our celebration of yet another comprehensive victory to applaud the Spuds in holding on for a point against fellow relegation candidates Bolton. They must be relieved.

  • I bet they are. 5 points from 7 games is surely a step up from what they were expecting. 27 points at the end of the season going at this rate, surely will put them in the top 4, dont you think?

  • MOM was Fabregas who was our heartbeat. Did anyone ever think we’d be sitting here so deliriously happy by the end of September? I never predicted this much spirit and so many points. Things may be shifting behind the scenes, and I don’t know how long this is going to last, but while it does last, I am loving it so much it hurts… like a pig rolling about in you-know-what, it’s damn good to be a Gooner!!

  • thanks for write up LD, congrats on new job etc, I’m sure I heard the slightest sounds on the MOTD muppets eating their words last night, what does anyone else think ? all of a sudden Ade is the best thing ever according to king muppet shearer!

  • For those who stayed until the end (the pillocks were leaving with ten minutes to go around me) git was a reat feeling to be walking out chanting “say we are top of the league, I say we are top of the league!”. Great contributions from Ade, Cesc and the Flamster, + Toure, Sagny and (as usual) Clichy. Can’t make up my mind about Theo – he gets in great positions (the interchange with Cesc was devine) but isn’t making the most of the, Will it change? I also thought Eduardo had a fine match, I love the way he drifts across the front line and he works really well from the wing. So what sort of side are we going to put out on Tuesday? Clearly Bendtner deserves a run out, probably with Eduardo up top, Theo, Denilson, Diaby and perhaps Gilberto as the elder statesman, or maybe Diarra? Fabianski in goal, with Traore and Hoyte? Who for centre back? Come on you gunners!

  • I’m not living in the UK but I see the MOTD all the time and I just want to say that it must be painful paying the fees for BBC knowing some of it will be used to pay the muppets shearer, hansen, lineker etc etc.

  • Armory, good shout, their comments about us when we played man citeh was some of the worst punditory I’ve ever heard, even Keys/grey couldnt do any worse, I think Rocky put a piece on here about it actually, its funny how shearer loves ade now! anyone would think he’s top scorer in the premiership ! fickle w–kers

  • forget the C*nt Howards stamp on fabregas’s head in the first minute the scum derby got everything they got and i hope Howards banned for such a disgraceful act

  • great title LD 🙂 love it 🙂 and great write up, i was unable to go yesterday due to religous holidays, but caught MOTD, and hansen was creaming about Cesc and Adebayor ! haha chelsea lose and spurs are bottom 3, liverpool drop points at home, pretty good weekend i would say 🙂

  • Lol, we’ll be having Totterighams day in November at this rate, I guess theres always “next season” for them!

  • Well a tough game next up against west ham…lets hope our good form can continue away. Agree with other peoples thoughts that bendtner and eduardo should start against Newcastle and also denilson and diarra in the centre.

  • Well, i think the turn of ALL fortunes for us Gooners (what with Maureen leaving, the league forgetting Bolton existed, Spuds flushing 40 million quid down the lou, whatever personal good news we may be boasting and much more) brings a new meaning to the term ‘winning in style’.

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