Date: 1st March 2010 at 11:17am
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Every football fan in the country has had his say on the incident that culminated with a 19 year old Welsh kid laying on the football field with a shattered leg, and whilst there have been many differing opinions as to why this tragedy occurred, to a man (and woman) the unanimous opinion has been one for sorrow for Ramsey, and even when the most bitter rivals of the Gunners have conveyed their opinions, they have done so respectfully.

This this Monday morning I was fully prepared to try and move on to matters away from this horrible incident, however one article caught my eye.

I’m not usually one to read or listen to anything Stan Collymore has to say. He’s a bitter old has-been, a wife beater and morally corrupt idiot, paired with the fact that despite playing football for many years, this scum bag knows absolutely nothing about the game.

But an article titled: Collymore: ‘Deluded’ Wenger completely out of order with his post-match comments changed my stance for a change. I wished it hadn’t, for what I read made my blood boil.

Here’s what the moron said. “My thoughts are with Aaron Ramsey but Arsene Wenger’s bitter reaction to his injury makes me question how suited Arsenal’s boss is to English football. I have my fingers crossed for him that he will come back stronger in future following the incident with Ryan Shawcross.”

“But if Wenger, or any Arsenal fans, think there is a connection between Abou Diaby, Eduardo and now Ramsey all getting seriously injured, they are deluded. And I think Wenger was completely out of order with his post-match comments about Shawcross.”

“Despite the belief that Wenger is the professor, he has a real bitter and nasty streak. It is blatantly obvious the Frenchman wants to buck the trend and traditions of English football. But if he doesn`t like English working conditions, whereby players are physical and try to win the ball, then maybe he should disappear to La Liga or Serie A.”

“Shawcross was distraught after injuring Ramsey. He made an honest attempt to win the ball, but sadly, getting seriously injured is occasionally part of football. If Wenger wants to make football almost a non-contact that is up to him but it won`t happen in England.”

“These injuries simply can happen to anyone and are purely bad luck’

First of all ….. what post match comments about Shawcross? He simply said that he thought the tackle was ‘unacceptable’, and if you think it was then you’re a bigger idiot than I first thought. Wenger also asked to spare him the ‘nice lad’ articles, and he has a point. Whether Shawcross meant it or not, we shouldn’t be hearing about how Shawcross wouldn’t do this on purpose (despite this being his third offence), he did it, let’s concentrate on getting Aaron back in to football.

Arsene Wenger also commented on how he doesn’t belive in coincidences, and whilst each person can have their opinion on this (I happen to wholeheartedly agree with Arsene), to label Arsene bitter, and deluded and not suited to the English game based on a statement made only minutes after a game in which he witnessed another one of his players get a career threatening injury for the third time in four years is an absolute disgrace.

If Collymore is reading, and I know he will be, because he’s just the type of ego-maniac who sits around all day typing his name into google ….. take your opinions and fuck off. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. You weren’t even that good a footballer and your talent for sports journalism is even worse. If you think the league’s second most successful manager isn’t suited to the English game because he doesn’t want to see any more players with broken limbs … from Arsenal or any other team, then you’re a bigger bell-end than anyone first thought.