Date: 28th July 2006 at 11:56am
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When discussing the draw for the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League, Double D told the world that there has been ‘civilised talks’ with Chelsea of the transfer of Ashley Cole.

It has long been rumoured that Ashley Cole will make the move acroos London in what will make him the most hated Ex-Arsenal player ever.

Dein stated.”As we speak now he is an Arsenal player and until you hear otherwise he is an Arsenal player.”

“We have had a couple of very civil conversations with Chelsea and there is nothing else to say on that.”

“He’s our player. He started with us when he was 16 and if something else happens we will wait and see.”

“If something happened and we decided to take an offer that’s another story but at the moment he is under contract to us.”


32 Replies to “Dein: Chelsea Talks Are Underway”

  • In other words “we’re getting shot of the money grabbing little s##t and we’re gonna rob the Russians blind in the process.”

  • erm……he has won two Premiership titles, three fa cups an couple of Charity Shields and been to the Champions League Final. But now he may p*ss off.

  • I thought we were supposed to be a big club? obviously not, we are nothing more than a feeder club for the big boys. Do we even have a squad anymore or we just going to raid the local schools for anyone who can tie their own shoelace.

  • No, he wants to go to a club who will gratify his enormous ego and pay him what is described in my area as “bare dollars bruv.”

  • **** off Ashley! You have no respect for both arsenal and the emirates stadium. I heard wright-phillips and gallas in trade for ashley. and that’s good. Ashley don’t deserve a chance to stay in the champions leage finalist team.

  • We are a big club. Cole aside, you show me an Arsenal player who Wenger has sold who has gone on to do anything??? Cheer up AG……sheeshh!!

  • How in the name of satan’s portion could we contemplate keeping Cole Ashburton Gooner? We ARE abig club which is why no player is bigger than us and why we don’t have to stand for this s##t from jumped up little twerps like Cole. He’s a good player, but he’s taking the Anelka route, you’ll see where he is in five years time. Overmars, Petit, Anelka, Vieira, Wiltord all thought the grass was greener, all ended up winding down their careers. (I still rate PV, but the fact is he can’t hack the Prem anymore).

  • Dont get me wrong I want cole gone as much as anyone else but the fact is whenever rich clubs come calling we sell. Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus & now chelsea have all taken the players they wanted. Arsenal had agreed a deal with madrid for vieira & it was only vieira changing his mind that stopped it. If we were a big club we would be able to take top players off those clubs but it never happens. We just bring in youngsters, make them world class & then sell them. How can anyone honestly believe we are going to be better this season with all those experienced players gone & with youngsters who played a fair few games ie Gilbert out on loan? We couldnt cope with the squad then but we are about 8 players down on that now.

  • If Cole goes, and Scumball goes, and Pires has gone, that only leaves Lehmann who’s a first class ****. It’s about time you signed some more d1ckheads!

  • I don’t know who you people are but let me interfere you. I agree with Rocky7 and Little Dutch. Cole is chosing his way to the end of his glory and championship. And we are a big club. Don’t you respect Arsenal captain henry. if you are an arsenal fan i hope you do… Shut your *** ashley. Arsenal is made up of quality player. HENRY, FABREGAS, GILBERTO, VAN PERSIE, ROSICKY THE NEW GUY, HLEB. I could go on forever babe. So let me tell you arsenal friends. WE ARE UNITED TOGETHER AS A GROUP OF GUNS AND WE WILL HAVE NO RESPECT FOR CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cole, Campbell, Pires and Bergkamp: None of them played much last season anyway, so I don’t see that we’ve lost much.

  • I don’t care how many players we are down. I couldn’t give two *****s if we were down to 11 players in the whole club, I would still sell the little****! I really hope those stories of Chelski signing Roberto Carlos are true to! It would be lovely to see Cashley rotting on the Chelski bench next year!!!

  • I have already heard that Mourinho does not want 2 players on the park with Cole on the back of their shirts, so they will have J.Cole on one, and Cash Grabbing Little *****er on the other

  • Wham are releasing the new version of their old hit for all the new Chelski signings – “Tape me up Jose Mourinho, don’t leave me hanging on a wage that’s so low”

  • With the amount of russian rubeles will get that will fund AW’s “economic” transfer budget and sign us a few no names who will become household names in the process. Get rid of the moneygrabbing prat and send him packing. Remember Gooners the grass is never greener. Than the grass at Highbury (ashburton) Just ask Anelka, Petit, Overmars, Vieira

  • This guy has a nerve, he is a money grabbing little ****, go to a club that wins trophys, Cashly you are going somewhere that buys them, not earns them. For all i care now he is gone if he stays it will only be for a season or so, the fans are going to boo him and hes gonna get unsettled, if he dont go now we will be gone in january, all i can suggest for AW is that we keep hold of him till an play him in the champ league and thus not allowing chelsea to use him. Lets face it hes a gonner, bye ash mate due to all of this you aint going into the hall of fame, you aint going to be a arsenal legend, you are going to be a icon of hatred at arsenal from now on mate, Looks like them dreams you had as a child aint gonna happen are they

  • many of you doubt how big arsenal is,, well arsenal is the only club that has the ability to mould average players into world class players,young players into stars….we shuldnt cry over this ungrateful cole who we mould from a nobody into somebody chelsea myt wanna f@@K with….Well isnt that big that we spend 1mil to buy a player and 2 years later we sell for 26mil…remember football is business…and we seem to be the most profitable in that area,,,look at Chelsea they spend a lot and later sell for little why coz yu go there yu dont get better yu get worse….all im saying is despite being youthful arsenal got better quality,more longevity,easier to manage as well as profitable players business wise stadium best coach best suppoters huh what else can yu ask for unless yu dying to retire like cole…..

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