Date: 27th March 2009 at 1:30pm
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You may remember on February 17th this year, I wrote an article expressing outrage at the Daily Mirror’s horrible misquoting of Nicklas Bendtner. Well it seems the Bendtner camp were similarly miffed, as today that most august of journals was forced into a humiliating climbdown.

Just Like Scarlett And Bill
Readers who a) regularly visit this page and b) can remember back as far as February, will recall that Mediawatch took The Daily Mirror to task over their ‘misinterpretation’ of some quotes from Nicklas Bendtner.

Just to refresh your memories, here is the way the paper reported his words on February 16: ‘I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team.’

And here’s how Mediawatch’s Babelfish aided translation differed: ‘I still believe that when I play to my best, I will play from the start no matter who is ready or injured and each time I try to show that I should play from the start.’

Therefore, we were delighted to read in this morning’s edition of the paper, the following:

‘On 16 February, under the headline: ‘Big ‘Ead Bendtner’, we quoted Nicklas Bendtner from an interview given to a Danish newspaper as saying: ‘I should start every game, I should be playing every minute of every match and always be in the team.’

‘Nicklas Bendtner actually said: ‘I constantly belive that when I am in my best playing form then I should play from the start, whoever is ready or injured.’

‘We are happy to make this clear and regret any misunderstanding.’

Worth recounting here because I know a great many Arsenal fans who dislike Bendtner have used the original story as a stick to beat him with. Doubtless this apology will not be widely reported and where it is reported, it would likely be ignored by those with an anti Bendtner agenda. Particularly the guy that sits four rows behind me at home games. Yes you sir, see the above, not true. Now try supporting the lad, he’s shown he is more than capable. More often than not he shows it best when he hasn’t got idiots on his back all the time- away from home.LD.