Date: 9th May 2006 at 10:46pm
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Ok ok, so Cygan didn’t exactly say that Henry is crap in the air, but Cygan giving advice to Henry is similar to the Pope giving sex tips.

To be fair to Cygan he is praising Henry as he speaks to Sky Sports, but picks out what he says is his one fault.

Cygan starts by urging Henry to stay.

”I don’t know if Thierry is going to stay but I am sure he would like to play at the Emirates Stadium,” Cygan told L’Est-Republican.

”Real Madrid or Barcelona’s offers can wait, they will still exist next year!

”Thierry has only one fault on the pitch, he is not the best in the air with his head.

”Anyway, I still give him 10/10 in every aspect. Titi is the best in the world.”

Sorry for the ribbing Pascal, you are an Arsenal cult hero!!

I had to write this lame article as it is the only chance I’ve ever had to use the Cygan picture, and I would hate for Pascal to leave with the picture unused.


9 Replies to “Cygan: Henry Is Crap In The Air”

  • Henry may be crap in the air, but Cygan is crap in the air, crap on the ground, crap on the ball and crap in defence. I was actually hoping we might get rid of him this summer, but he speaks like he’ll be with us next season… damn.

  • Henry is A+ on nearly all crucial departments and as such more than adequately compensates for any slip. He is incredible. Cyan’s comment is unwarranted.

  • They may sound unwarranted, but I think he was taken out of context – he was effectively saying that Henry is the greatest at everything, but he’s not the best in the air. It was praise as opposed to criticism.

  • Henry is great and the whole team wants him to stay, he is just saying henry is great but is human.

  • Martin Jol in the Upton Park dressing room…’Whoosh ***** on the floor?’
    Mido,,,’I am boss, but I’m not bad in the air!’

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