Date: 21st February 2007 at 5:02pm
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A quick update on the Cut The Cost of Footie survey and campaign:

The Sun’s front page reports today that Bolton Wanderers have become the first Premiership club to slash new season ticket prices in response to the Cut the Cost of Footie Campaign.

Last week The Sun featured the results of the FFC ‘Cut the Cost of Footie?’ Survey showing 96% of fans felt Premiership clubs should use increased TV revenes to cut ticket prices and highlighting some of the sacrifices our members make to follow their teams: ‘Do more overtime’, ‘Not eating properly!’ ‘No savings :-(‘ and more… Click Here for link to Sun article

Bolton Chiefs will cut the price of seats, barring corporate hospitality deals, by an average 10% for next term. Manager Sam Allardyce said: “The Sun’s been at the forefront of the campaign to reduce prices, and we are delighted we can show the way to do it and put something back into the game.’


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16 Replies to “Cut The Cost Of Footie Campaign”

  • My 1st season ticket cost £110 13 years ago and is now nearly a grand! I do hope we can at very least freeze the price of tickets at Arsenal but the silence from the club is deafening!

  • 10% – wow don’t go overboard Bolton. “Slashing” the price by 10% will more likely earn them more money, their average attendance this season is about 5,000 short of capacity, lower price might mean bigger crowds.

    That said, it would be nice to see teams make real reductions on ticket prices and prices on replica kits.
    £11 for some white socks with Arsenal written on them? It’s a ******** joke. £45 for a shirt?!
    It’s hard to believe that clubs appreciate their fans as much as we do the team when week in week out they’re ******** everyone in the arse with their ridiculous prices.
    …Maybe I’m just being naive and cynical 🙂

  • bolton’s effort might only be 10%, but it’s a welcome reduction, 10% cheaper is 100% better than no reduction at all (showing incredible mathematical progress there…) »»Arsene Knows««

  • a 10% reduction wold see my usual ticket fall under the £30 barrier, ok so it’s not going to make me a millionaire it would be very welcome indeed. Howeverour stadium sells out for almost every single game, why would the club drop the prices when they don’t need to?

  • The club could reduce prices to show fans that in fact, they do care and to encourage people who can’t afford £35+ every other week to go to more games.

    Of course, 10% is better than nothing, it’s a start. Maybe if UEFA or the FA started lookin at ways to reduce some of the silly wages some players are paid clubs might be able to afford to lower prices a little more easily.

  • For us foreign fans who can’t go to live matches, there is a virtual untapped market. The EPL should open a North American or Asian specialty channel or something so that revenue can at least be generated from the non-local fanbase and help subsidize ticket revenue. Right now aside from a few selected matches, you pretty much have to run an illegal satellite signal and leech broadcasts….this does nothing to financially support your team or the league. No wonder they charge so much at the gate when they could be making a little something off us fans and wonderful people who live across the big dirty lake…oh and the Americans too! My satellite provider has Fox Sports for selected EPL matches, but mostly Serie A…and a new “soccer channel” was just released but it is only Italian, Spanish and North/South American league matches. Tap this market and I guarantee it will be easier to knock more than 10% off ticket prices. For all the ridiculous hype Beckham is getting for moving to the MLS, you know that “soccer” is gaining popularity in the US, and I know it is big in Canada already (soccer is really just hockey without a puck, pads, skates and sticks kids)

  • I don’t think we need to cut the prices but a freeze on the ticket prices for the general public would be just fine. Oh they can increase the prices for the corporate boxes they wont mind.

  • Where do you live SUX2BU? In southern Africa we get every single premier league match, sometimes 3 of them live at the same time. I’m sure the clubs get revenue from this sort of deal.

  • yeah in asia also we do get almost all of da matches including ( cc )…but i agree wit u, betta marketing of da club will help revenues……cos here if ur lucky at most ul be able 2 get a jersey dats it !!…dat cos a huge market full ,of fake duplicate jerseys n club wear…

  • True SUX. Someone (Sky?, Clubs?, FA?) gets the TV rights money. We also get every single match of the PL here in Kenya, but you have to pay a fortune and your Grand Daddy’s watch for Satellite TV.

  • Good point about the marketing Henry14. The cost of official merchandise should be lowered and the distribution improved to make them available worldwide. There are loads of us out here in Africa and many other parts of the world willing to buy if the original (official) kit & other memorabilia were available at something resembling reasonable prices. The increased numbers of buyers would make this decrease in prices possible

  • I think the way it works is, Sky buys the rights from the FA, and then sells territorial rights to broadcasters from around the world, including south africa. so the clubs only get a part of the money paid by sky.

  • I live in Toronto (Canada) where hockey is our football…I’m a Leafs fan – in many ways the equivalent of an Arsenal FC in my town. We also have the best support; the oldest tradition in the sport; and the best support, especially on the road where we are noticeably louder than the home fans. Hockey like football is also having a problem with ticket prices and the live games becoming too ‘corporate’. I can’t even afford season’s tickets anymore (over $5000)…and good single game seats can run upwards of $380! It is literally cheaper to see my team play away to smaller market clubs.
    I now subscribe to a cable/satellite channel called LeafsTV that costs me $2/month on top of regular satelite fees. I now get to watch every single game and the proceeds go to the club. Not a bad deal for those that can’t afford to go to every live game.

  • Keith Endleman:”We have a fine facility which was expensive to build and the money we generate from that can be recycled back into the squad and also in terms of holding ticket prices.” hmmmm we’ll see!

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