Date: 6th May 2007 at 6:03pm
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Despite being very happy at helping halt the Chelsea steam train, you can’t help but respect their resolve.

It’s no secret that I despise Chelsea, I hate what they stand for, I hate how they act, I hate the arrogance of some of their fans, but the boys got fight.

I’m actually fuming at our inability to finish off the Chavs, finishing our home season as it began, with a 1-1 draw, but as a football fan, I can show nothing but admiration (absolutely shocking challenge on Denilson aside) for the determination Chelsea showed in the second half.

I can’t help feeling if our boys had shown a bit more of that fighting spirit this season this game may have had a bit more bearing for us aswell as Chelsea & Man Utd.

So while I’m laughing inside, I’ve also got a little more respect for them this afternoon than what I had this morning.

However, you better make the most of it Chelsea supporters, because tomorrow I’ll be back to take the piss.


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  • Preciated, I honestly didnt think there was much of a chance one down to 10 men against Arsenal at home n losin, but what an Effort from the Chels, might of even won it in the end, great game

  • i love adebayor, but u must start finishing it!!! We should of put it away early in the 2nd, but what a preformance by essien. Hes got heart. We should of won though.

  • yeah rocky, that article summed up exactly what I wanted to post. I still think we should have won it though, we created a lot of chances (again) but we couldnt finish it off. I love Adebayor but he needs to learn to finish more of his chances.

  • Arsenal players showed their inexperience in the second half, gave Chelsea too much space. Question, Why don’t your players shoot the ball when they are in a good position? Why do they try to make the killer pass when a shot would be a better option? Very frustrating.

  • Thanks lads.The game would’ve been better if the manchester player didn’t get sent off at the first half.But what can we do…

  • Good article Rocky… much as I despise some aspects of their team (especially Terry’s big effin mouth) it’s hard not to respect their resolve after they played it out with 10 men. So well done to them, and well done ManU in winning the title. Finally though, the taste that remains in my mouth (like ptv) is a bit like we lost, and reflects good chunks of our season. I will always love the Arsenal though!

  • Feels like a defeat to me. Chelski had more than half a team missing. Wenger didn’t even have the bottle in a meaningless game for us to put a young striker on the bench. A Goalkeeper & 3 Defenders on the bench in your last home game of the season is an utter disgrace. No doubt more of the same next season because Wenger has already stated again & again that we aren’t signing any players with experience.

  • hey ashburton your so negative sometimes thats the last thing i would have thought coz we have no one…who do you suggest he puts on the bench?????? you forget everyone is injured including theo

  • Enough with the fluff…I think Moronho can take care of that on his own. Chelski players are all “heroes” because they are the only team in the Premiership to suffer through adversity….what a load of crap. Good match, yeah…but how is Denilson?

  • yeah why does this happen first diaby now denilson players should recieve heavy heavy fines for tackles like that it was so unnecessary

  • After the traitor cable guy cut off the match in my TV, had to go out to a bar to see the rest of the match. I am glad i went though, just got the remainder of why Chavs are in second and we are in 4th/3rd. I just want that spirit to be imbibed by our players. As Rocky said I have a little more respect for them than this morning. There were 2 players who stood out for me. Essian for them and Clichy for us. When everyone were dropping off, he ran tirelessly and was grt in interception. Without him I am pretty sure we would have lost. Sorry to say, Gallas was not up to the mark. His mistake gave them the goal. I hope before he criticizes the teammates he should acknowledge his contributions as well.

  • i wouldnt worry bout gallas too mush he is just as quick to criticise himself if i remember correctly. next season we must improve our mentality we can clearly beat the best we just need to learn to concentrate for 90 mins and kill off teams by 3 or more if anyone can do it we can.

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