Date: 7th May 2007 at 1:35pm
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This might just be the most melancholy article I have produced for vital, but in the interests of sportsmanship, I feel dutibound to offer Manchester United congratulations for claiming a ninth Premiership title. It’s a fantastic achievement, anyone wresting the title from the moneybags of Chelsea really does so with the odds stacked against them.

Feeding on the pain of season’s past, United hit the ground running this season and carried the momentum through all the way. Having failed to really usher in an new era to replace the Golden Genration, Ferguson got a great campaign out of them, aided and abetted by a sprinkling of new acquisitions. Vidic has formed a formidable partnership with Ferdinand and the emergence of Patrice Evra at left back has reinvigorated the backline. The subtlety of Michael Carrick has offset Scholes’ genius delightfully. If Scholes was a more egotistic attention seeker, he would probably be held in the regard he deserves on the pantheon of world footballers. Great players are able to reinvent their games and nobody confirms this more than the evergreen Ryan Giggs, who has used his experience to emerge as a real leader.

Rooney has flattered to deceive at times, but as with every title winning team, the quality of the squad comes into it. The likes of Solskjaer, Smith, Brown and O’Shea have performed brilliantly when called upon. I always refer to players like this as administrators, the people that do the behind the scenes work. Of course, the star turn has been Ronaldo, the player that can win games on his own. Simply, Ronaldo has been to United this year what Henry was to Arsenal in the unbeaten year, the lace in the nightgown, the gravy on the chips. The weekend game at Manchester City elucidated his season. Stamped on cruelly and hystrionically at the outset, he used his flamboyance and class to usurp the sharpened studs and acid tongues. There is still hope for Arsenal here though, I don’t see a great longevity in this United side, the likes of Scholes, Giggs and Neville will need replacing and that will be a thankless task. But for now, congratulations United and we look forward to giving you a stiffer challenge next season. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to light a few black flamed candles, chant a backward mantra and pray for forgiveness from the dark overlords.LD.


19 Replies to “Congratulations to Manchester United”

  • Ouch man, that must have hurt. Still credit where credit is due to Alex’s dad’s army.

  • It only hury because I am now officially self harming. Now, where are those scissors?

  • You live in Bolton don’t you goofle? In which case, I forgive your reluctance.

  • Well I have a couple of Man Usa freinds and they started to bother me after they won the title so I say that Man U fans suck,
    But to be honest they played good and efective football this season and worthy winners

  • No doubt they were good this season but it hurts so much to say congrats to them. It should be us next season without fail.

  • I wudnt mind congratulating man utd.. but their fans in India are pathetic. They think that they have some god given right to win as they’ve been fans only since their glory days. Its pathetic for any club to have such pompus and arrogant fans…
    I think we should all be big enuf to give credit where credit is due.. and Man Utd deserve the title.. certainly dont deserve to have such pathetic fans tho!

  • We still beat em twice…and Chelski didn’t win their third….that’s all that matters. Bring on next season.

  • I already said it once on their page. I think it is enough. Still, Vital Arsenal shows its CLASS again. Well done LD

  • Yep it makes me a bit ill too, but well done ManU and Alex Ferguson on a great run, and some good football. I hate to see the redness of Fergie’s nose come Saturday when he gets to lift the cup again, but it is DESERVED – I think that’s the word Mourinho struggled with on Sunday (him and his mouthy arse of a captain)

  • yeah, as much as it hurts to say it, ManU did deserve the title. Well done to them. LD – I could NEVER bring myself to write such a long article extolling ManU, takes a bit of doing. Well done !!

  • Would have been easier to swallow if nobody had won the title. Lesser of 2 evils I guess.

  • It’s like that old Rolling Stones song ‘Salt of the Earth’, I think there’s a lyric that says, “a choice between cancer or polio.”

  • Very true LD, also in Salt of the Earth ‘lets drink to the two thousand million’ perhaps referring to RA’s Rubles.

    Didn’t think Utd would win it this year i must admit, honestly can’t see them retaining it. Am v concerned about Arsenal though, Chelsea’s 2nd half performance against us was like watching us during the invincibles season, was so so hard to watch.

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