Date: 27th December 2006 at 6:04pm
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Nicklas Bendtner says that he will break into the Arsenal first team next season.

Bendtner has come out several times since the start of the season and said that he will leave Arsenal if he does not get a first team chance when he returns from his loan spell at Birmingham.

Bendtner was Arsenal’s top scorer in the reserve’s last season and the youngster has continued his excellent scoring record with 18 goals in 25 starts for Brum.

Birmingham, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea have all been linked with a swoop for the young Dane but he insists that making it at Arsenal is his priority.

Bendtner said: ‘The plan is that I will stay at Birmingham until my loan spell expires at the end of the season.

‘Afterwards, I will go back to Arsenal and break into the team there.

‘I feel my chances at Arsenal are good.

‘I am just as good as all the others,’ he stated, ‘and it’s only Thierry Henry who is certain to play.’

Although making it at Arsenal is his priority, Bendtner admits he would consider a move to Birmingham.

‘In case we get promoted, I might stay, but I would prefer to move on,’ he continued.

‘I have also heard that foreign clubs are interested in me, but I am just thinking about Arsenal.’


16 Replies to “Confident Bendtner Eyes Starting XI”

  • i like his attitude. making the right kind of noises, positive and wants to make the first team. frankly, i havent seen him play that much, so i dont know if he’s as good as rvp and ade as he claims but it will be interesting to see what arsene does at the end of the season.

  • This latest comment is a lot more positive but most of the previous ones have come accross as cocky and arrogant. He will need to b patient if he is to make it at Arsenal.

  • Do your talking on the pitch young man. If you are good enough, prove it on the training ground. AW is hardly the kind of guy to ignore a blossoming youngster!!

  • I would also like to say my commiserations to poor Chelsea, who have a lot of injuries. This now means they only have 250m worth of players at their disposal. Oh no, diddums.

  • Bendtner is growing a very very big head. Yes, he’s doing fine for Bruce in the Championship, but that’s hardly Premiership… Surely he deserves a chance in the Arsenal shirt, and I like his ambition but he has been way too many times in the headlines praising himself. It’s all a bit too arrogant for my liking. He has achieved very little yet he is persisting that ‘he is as good as everyone else’ – RvP and Ade? He should shut up and just play.

  • to become great player you need a certain amount of arrogance, self confidence and selfishness, look at Wrighty, full of all three and what a player. I think this kid will become a great player especially under wenger, who only sells them if he feels they are sub standard like Upson and Penant.

  • There is a difference between having a bit of arrogance/ self confience and blowing your own trumpet. Henry is slightly arrogant, Eto’o is slightly arrogant, Bendtner is being a bit of a t*t. Ld is right, he should let his actions on the pitch do the talking.

  • A certain amount PG, that is correct. I think even now he is beyond the ‘certain amount’. He reminds me of Le Sulk sometimes, and Anelka was way above standard of the EPL. Bad advising and bad attitude took him all the way to the Orcs team from Bolton. Bendtner hasn’t played one Premiership game and he is issuing threats to the club that he will leave if he is not played or if he is in the reserves. There is no ‘I will work hard’, ‘I want to prove myself’, just ‘I will break into the team there’.

  • yeah but i think you have to take the language barrier into account, the ” i will break into the team ” could mean hard work and forcing wenger to play him because of what he does in the reserves and in training. wenger sends players out on loan not lightly, he wants to toughen up bendter in the championship so he is ready for the prem, i think there is a long term plan there, and these threats are silly, i think its paper talk and false reporting, i always say unless i actually here the player say it himself and in which context i talk it with a pinch of salt.

  • For the good of the boy and of course for the good of Arsenal, I hope you are right PG. Many went out on loan and never made it at Arsenal, for different reasons. Bendtner has some serious competition when he comes back, and what for Lupoli and Stokes? I feel they’ve enjoyed more-less the same success as young Nicklas but I never heard so many bullish statements (true or untrue). If you count out Lupoli’s disguised admittance that he won’t wait for a chance at Arsenal since he is not prepared to wait at all, and thus he is willing go home to Italy or stay at Derby if they get promoted, there have been zero statements from the latter duo.

  • He is only 18. I’m going to find him an excuse, that he is still a kid and thus may not always know what to say. And pray, if Milan and Real are being linked with you, there’s gotta be something there.
    And I think he is perfectly in order in saying that if he doesn’t get a chance, he’ll look elsewhere. By saying if, he implicitly admits he knows it doesn’t go without saying that he’ll get the chance. And some people are simply vocal about their own abilities, which we often translate as “arrogance”.
    To be honest with you, I didn’t even want him to go on loan in the first place. I think he will deliver, and as long as he does that, he can be as arrogant as he wants.

  • I dont mind a touch of arrogance if it means a player is confident of their abilities. I dont want him to be my friend just play really well for Arsenal lol.

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