Date: 18th August 2006 at 11:04am
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Ashley Cole is trying to weasel his way back into the good books of the fans by releasing a statment saying he’s available to play & doesn’t want the fans to be too upset.

What Cole doesn’t realise is that we are not upset with him for having a dig at the board, I mean who wouldn’t be upset if they’d been offered a pay rise and then said pay rise were to be cut, no thats not the problem. Neither are we upset because he wants to move from Arsenal. Most players move on yet they remain firm favorites among the fans. No, it’s the fact that he went behind all our backs and when he got caught he refused to admit he has done anything wrong.

The statement is a obvious attempt to try and win back a few friends, in a transparent mission to get back playing football.

Cashley said, “I have made myself available for selection this weekend and it is now up to the manager whether he decides to play me.’

‘I maintain I have no problem with the fans and the manager: they have both been very supportive of me throughout my career, in particular I hope the fans understand where my grievances lie.”

The statment suggests that no deal will take place between Arsenal and Chelsea and obviously it is important for any international player to be playing regular football.

I’m caught in two minds over this situation. As an Arsenal fan I want the best players in the world to be playing for my club, and even if he only plays till next transfer window he will still strengthen the squad. However, for me, this statement is hollow and holds no emotion whatsoever and it is selfserving and has nothing to do with the fans at all.

I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say if Cole were to issue an apology then in time the Gooners would forgive him and let him get on with his career.

But that aint going to happen, is it?


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  • couldn’t care a less, if he does want to play and puts all his effort in on the pitch…… whats the problem, he’s by far the best option for that position regardless of wether he wants more money.

  • I think the transfer window will have to close and cashley be concentrating on Arsenal and not a move across London if AW is to select him. So he has no chance for a few weeks, but after that, as you say he is one of the best left backs in the world and we are in the business of winning football matches.

  • Sounds to me like someone’s scared of playing reserve team football for a few months. Where were these sentiments a few weeks ago? The guy’s a weasel and I never want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again. A quote from Richard II comes to mind here, “And thus I clothe my naked villainy, With old ends stol’n forth of holy writ, And seem a saint, when most I play a devil.” Now please slide off into obscurity and don’t trouble us gooners again parasite.

  • LD- agree totally. I never want to see him in an arsenal shirt again either in the first team or at reserve level. Arsenal are going to lose out with regards to cash as chelsea are not going to up their offer but I would be happy for wenger to use this opportunity to ruin cole’s england career & put the bloke back into obscurity which is where he was before wenger gave him a chance. His latest statement is just more c**p as the truth is many people dont get on with their bosses. Cole claims he is fine with the fans & with wenger so that being the case there shouldnt be a problem. The board may have been partly in the wrong but they have shown they are now prepared to give him a pay rise so everything he says is just rubbish. Its time for arsenal & wenger to make a stand against these spoilt little brats & whilst it will be costly to arsenal in money terms I think long term it will prove invaluable as other players will know arsenal dont back down & wont want to take the cashley route.

  • If the guy has issues with the board, fine, just ask for a move. I’m certain that we’d agreed to sell him this summer anyway. But the greedy, petulant way he’s gone about it is unacceptable. He talks avbout not having a problem with the fans, well when you purposely try to destabilise the club to meet your own ends you make problems with the fans. When you take our season ticket/merchandise money to sit on a treatment table and then complain of being victimesed, you make problems. I think we should fly him to Lebanon and leave him there, then he’ll see what a victim is.

  • this is so confusing, he wants to go, he’s willing to stay. make up ur mind mate. i’m all for him staying coz he is one of the best left backs in the world and would make our defence quite solid, but only if he’s gonna be 110% commited while playing in the shirt. if not then we should cut our losses and sell him, but like i said if he is determined and focused on winning games at the club he should play. jesus said everyone deserves a second chance. u neva kno this could change him and his attitude and he could decide not to leave arsenal. maybe thierry said something that made him think seriously about how silly he was being and truly he should be arsenal player and not one of the Chavski’s. you play with ur heart on ur sleeve ash and everything can be squashed…

  • if he wants to stay and play then he MUST sign a an extension to his contract. no way can we play him all season then let him off to chavski for £4m (or something like that) next summer.

    I dont like the boy, but I rate him higher than any other left back at Arsenal. lets say he is worth an extra 2 points to us over the course of the season than say Clichy. what then if we lose the title by one point? what I am saying is that winning trophies is the most important thing here and dont cut off our noses to spite our face.

  • I agree in principle gazzap, but this is also about our reputation as a club. If we let Cole do this to us it will send a message out that players can treat us like dirt. Cole had a second chance after meeting with Chelski in the first place. It’s not just that he refuses to take responsibility, but the fact he is cashing in on it as well. I think his position at the club is untennable, we’ve got a marvel in Clichy- but we will need to sign a back up to him. In the words of Edmund Burke “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.”

  • Will he play against Chelsea?? Can you imagine watching him celebrate us scoring a goal with all those “foreigners” on the team? Every match we win will be bad for his future employers esp. if its in Jan. If he doesn’t think what he did at the meeting with Chelscum was wrong, then surely putting in minimal effort and going through the motions would be ok with him. He’s dangerous for our team, our morals and standards as a club and our goals for this season. GET RID OF THE LITTLE SCUMBAG, he should never play for us in any capacity again.

  • We should get rid, but only at the right price. I’m content for the sale to take place in January, that would only be a problem if we let it be a problem. If as I suspect Chelski are gonna wait till the deadline day to make their move, we should turn them down and tell them to come back in Jan.

  • i dont think that he is going to play another game in arsenals colours, hs a gonner, not a gooner, hes just like anyother greddy sh** in this world now out for money and nought else

  • Even if he stayed, AW should not put him back to the 1st team right away and he should play in the reserves for a while before allowing him back as a second chance suggested by LD. The biggest peace offering outside signing an extension would be to scrap his book altogether.

  • I am very disappointed in him after looking at him and saying he is a great player for so like it hurts to see him turn his back on the club he knows and loves … what sort of statement is he making for young kids ??? he has no heart ??? he has no time for the club he loves ??? and has no pride what so ever ! if he was sat saying he would like to progress his career abroad then i would not feel how i do now just the fact of the matter is he wanst to leave to go a stones throw away just for the issue of they will pay him better … he has a very big appology to perform … i hope he is a miracle worker if he wants to get back to being on the good side of many gunners fans

  • We want him, but you won’t sell him. Let’s see how Cashley and Galess hold up on the reserves this year.

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