Date: 5th May 2007 at 3:01pm
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Ashley Cole believes he had the last laugh at the Carling Cup final after receiving a bit of stick from the attending Gooners.

Ash the Cash obviously believes being an unused substitute is a step from from being worshipped by Arsenal fans and playing for a team that is self sufficient and built from scratch by a manager who likes to play football.

‘At the Carling Cup final I was getting stick from the Arsenal fans, but hopefully I had the last laugh. It`s stupid that they`re still going on about it.’ said Cole

“But there`s nothing I can do and I`m over it now. I spoke to a few of the players and the manager afterwards. There are no hard feelings and it`s down to other people to forget about it and move on.”

Cole returns home (or more likely he’ll bottle it) for the first time tomorrow as Chelsea’s title challenge finally comes to an end, and Cole firmly believes (or he would like us to think) that his move to Chelsea was purely for footballing reasons and nothing to do with the Russian blood money.

“Sometimes you can`t stay somewhere and you have to move on. I`ve done that now and for me it`s for the better.

“My time at Arsenal was up and I`ve started a new challenge, a harder challenge because you`re at the champions and everyone wants to beat you. I`m enjoying it.”

However it will be Arsenal fans who have the last laugh by handing Man Utd the title tomorrow when the Chelsea fail to win at the Grove.


22 Replies to “Cole Thinks He Had Last Laugh”

  • Another classless statement by the c*** that he is. Amazing. As if the secret meeting with Fester and the Big Mouth from Setubal toppled by his hideous rants in that piece of garbage he called autobiography wasn’t insulting enough to the whole Arsenal community that had supported him for years. The last laugh? Just wait.

  • “yeah its great now, I used to have to make long tiring runs and go past people, now I just blast it up to Diddums, so I worked out – well actually Chezza worked out cos shes the brains – that I do far less work now and get paid more for it wicked innit?”

    A short extract there from the eagerly anticipated follow up to his best selling (5000 pppffffttt!!!) opus. tentatively titled ‘Hero to Hoofer’

  • Last laugh? Going backwards as a footballer and sitting on the bench to collect a medal? Last year he played in a champions league final. No class chav who f*@ked up John Terrys back in a bumper car.

  • He played in a CL final that he had no right to either, having done **** all to get us there, pikey little ref botherer.

  • Breaking news!! Newspapers today report Cashley is heeding his slapper of a wifes’ advice by entering the music business and releasing his own album, the title? “Pop goes the weasel”

  • Cole, I’m over you, but do us all a favour and shut your stupid trap, whilst enjoying playing for the ex-champions.

  • He really is a brainless idiot. He had the last laugh…………. by winning the carling cup against our youth team. Sh*t if that’s all he wanted I’m sure Wenger could have placed some first team players in to win it. ”Big things Ashley, you have moved on to a greater challenge”.

  • Players an idiot, he didn’t move to a greater challenge. He moved to a team full of stars that is the easy way out. Players like Henry took the greater challenge by playing along side up and comming youths. Playing in a already formed team full of stars isn’t moving on to greater challenges I don’t know why players feel this. If he moved to a team like Watford and tried keeping them up I would see that as him moving to greater challenges. In his eyes he saw Chelsea as a greater team ( which he is wrong in) and moved their for money and an easy ride.

  • on what i have seen this season he has got worse as a player, nothing like the player he was for us,we got the better deal with gallas, jose knows we all know it and clichy is proving what a better LB he is aswell.

  • all true guys… best of all is how much the chavs have missed Gallas, and I reckon Mourinho will remind his superiors of it before long.

  • Come on merlin you ahve to admit it – even cashley himself said that he moved to win trophies and for the cash. He got the cash, but as yet has yet to win anything of significance. We have to laugh at the guys predicament, as well as your defensive shortcomings this year… I mean you bought your way into three years of finishing above us, so excuse us if we have a little chuckle at seeing you guys flap around like a drowning man after the debacle of a season that 2006-7 has turned out to be for you!

  • Im a Y1d but i will say that Ashley Cole is everything that is wrong with football.A certain sentance in my paper this morning had me fuming “i didnt feel wanted there”……….Hmmm,if someone offered me £55g a week i would feel wanted ,wouldnt you..??He”s a nasty piece of zhit……..!!

  • It will be doubly sweet if chelsea end up with nothing but the carling cup this season. Plus thats probably the last silverware that **** will lay his hands on !!

  • He thought he was going to lift league champs with Chelsea and we did what the best thing – denying them that and oh how sweet. hahaha Cashley

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