Date: 2nd March 2007 at 1:10pm
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Ashley Cole seems to be regretting his decision to Leave Arsenal already in the.

The former Arsenal left-back left after months of lying, cheating and deception. He blamed just about everyone but the person responsible – himself! Like most Gooners, I was glad to see the back of him after all he did but I`ve got to admit, it hurt seeing him in a Chelsea shirt at first.

He was “delighted to have joined Chelsea” and glad he “would be competing for more trophies.” What he actually meant was that he was glad he would be getting a tidy little wage.

Anyway, Cole isn`t saying he regrets leaving but he is trying to get the Chelsea fans onside. He told Chelsea TV: ‘I feel a part of it at Chelsea now. The fans seem to like me and I love the fans.

‘I’m enjoying life, the manager’s good and after six or seven months here I’ve already won a medal.

‘That’s why I came here.’

Yes Ashley, the fans at The Bridge that can be heard singing “GOOOONNERRRR” when you have the ball, they really seem to like you!

He also had something to say about his move from Arsenal to Chelsea: ‘Life moves

on. I loved Highbury, I loved the fans but I’ve moved on.

‘I’ve seen myself in a red shirt all my life and then I’m in a blue one. But it happens, players move from team to team and it doesn’t mean I’m a traitor.

‘For me it’s been a move for the better.’

Well Cole, we loved you too, that was until you went and did the dirty. You are no Gooner, in truth you never can have been a Gooner. What fan could do what you did to their club? The fact that you moved on doesn`t make you a traitor, the way you did it means you`re a traitor.

Enjoy your Carling Cup medal, and enjoy anything else you might win this season because as of next season you`ll be playing second fiddle to The Arsenal.

Ohhhh Ashley Cole, is a?I wont, I`m better than him.


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  • At the end of the day with most players it comes down to money, Loyalty doesn’t come into it.

  • You know I had no problem with Cole moving too Chelsea, it was the book, the book did it for me. He should have left and shut his mouth.

  • Gunners, good point I think this was just the icing on a drawn out sage It was all the b******t that happened along the way that makes me use the word traitor, cash whore etc
    Looks like he’s trying a charm offensive, or was that ‘something else’ offensive?

  • yeah ashley cole won a medal cos he played in the game ? NO ashley you had your bum on the bench cos wayne bridge is preffered, and you only got a medal cos thats the rules of the comeptition. but you didn’t techincally win anything cos you didn’t play in the game muppet !

  • Yeah, I never have a problem with players moving to other teams. If Henry had left last summer, I wouldn’t have had any issue with it. It’s the way he refused to accept responsibility for his own part of the mess while blaming almost everybody else under the sun, and then wrote that book while he was still with the Gunners that bothers me. I think Cole is a decent guy underneath (well, I’d like to think so), but unfortunately allowed his agent to get far too close to his ear the last few years.

  • To be honest, I think Arsenal got the better side of the deal anyway. Gael Cliche’s been superb from what I’ve seen of him, and in William Gallas you’ve got a truly world class denfender who can cover anywhere along the back.

    On the other hand, Chelsea have really suffered without Gallas’ versatility. With Terry and Carvalho having both been injured, they’ve shot themselves in the foot by not replacing him. Add to this the fact that Wayne Bridge is a decent enough left back anyway, and you can see where I’m going.

    It’s a credit to Arsene Wenger that Cliche has the potential to be every bit as good as Cole was for you.

  • The boy’s a money grabbing ***** and I honestly beleive that he’ll regret, if he doesn’t already, leaving us. We did get the better deal with Gallas, as Clichy has proved this season that he’s equal to Cole in every way

  • K_Chelsea…..has Gallas come out & slagged your club off repeatedly?
    I seem to recall it was the club who had a pop at the player concernign the transfer the other way……something about refusing to play & own goals……

  • actual i thought this article was going to talk about his arsenal exit and what comes out of it 😛

  • Gallas is was injured most of the time anyway, huth was injured too.Actually 916995, gallas said he thanked god he left chelsea, he was the one starting the whole thing.First he didn’t show up for pre-season, wich is a total disrespect to his team mates.Then, he lied to everyone saying he wanted to play in another league.Finally when he left, he started saying bad things about chelsea, bad things about Jose.Funny enough, when he went to arsenal, he had to play as left-back.He can’t do it for us, but can do it for you.Not really the kind of atitude you’d expect from a guy that his previous awards before chelsea were a 2 division french championship.

  • k_chelsea, I’ll agrree there was some conflicting stories concerning Gallas. I don’t however recall a published book denouncing the club

  • K_chelski, wasn’t Gallas stripped of his shirt number with the arrival of Michael Ballack, and not even told about it? That’s not really a sign of a club respecting their player, and I can see why Gallas would react angrily to such a gesture. Wasn’t he also on far less money than the majority of his team-mates, despite being equally as important to the squad?

  • No, you’re wrong Bubba, Ballack was given the number 19.However, after the utmost sign of direspect by gallas, not showing up in pre-season, he was punished by being stripped of his number 13.Man, Jt gets less money than Ballack, you don’t see him b1tchin about our club.

  • 916995, the first thing Gallas did after leaving our club is talking sh!it about it.We loved him, now i have no feelings whatsoever for Gallas.He was nothing before he came to chelsea.

  • Even if we still had cole id still rather see the cliche play ahead of him. hes had an outstanding season compared with cole’s performances, albeit at a new club. its led to uncovering yet another talent under the age of 24. and dont forget about the prospect of traore! we defo came out on top in this one.

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