Date: 22nd August 2006 at 1:17pm
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Not that any was needed but Arsene Wenger has added fuel to the Ashley Cole transfer saga by leaving him out of the squad to face Dinamo Zagreb at Ashburton Grove tomorrow night.

Many rumours have been flying about over the last 12 months regarding Ashley Cole’s future but surely now this sorry mess should be coming to an end.

The latest reports suggest that Josie Maureenho has offered William Gallas in a cheeky straight swap transfer offer, which is unlikely to be accepted by Arsene Wenger.

While the offer does appear to be ridiculous I wouldn’t be too bothered to see this go through. Gallas is a top class player, Ashley Cole is a little twat who obviously wants away from the Gunners and if the Arsenal board continue to keep a high transfer fee for Cole then we risk losing him on a free altogether.

At first glance you might think I’m talking rubbish but even if we get 15 million for Cole, how many central defenders of Gallas’ quality are out there and available for that kind of price?

Anyway, regardless of that it looks highly unlikely that Cole will feature between now and the end of the transfer window. Once that date has past if no transfer has been concluded, then and only then will a possibility of Cole taking the pitch in a red and white shirt.


22 Replies to “Cole Out Of Squad To Face Zagreb”

  • I always thought this match was the acid test. Make no mistake, he’s definitely out of here now. Expect Gallas in an Arsenal shirt by the end of the window. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Ahley Cole is also a top class player that this Arsenal narrator no longer likes, Gallas will want to play at right back, can you accommodate that and not drop a player? If so Gallas plus a bit of cash, no more than 5 million.

  • I would be happy with a streight swap. There is no point recieving 10 million if we do not need another player appart from a CB. Maybe a DM but Alou Diarra would onlt cost 4 million.

  • No I think we should continue to play hardball. We can’t let Chelski, or anyone else, think they can tap our players and that good old Arsenal will relent and let them go on the cheap. If Cole has to sit tight till January, so be it.

  • Cole’s market value for a player of his age and quality is around £25M. It is clear that Chelsea are dragging this out to the end of the transfer window on the assumption that we will give in on the price. Bearing in mind the amount of money Wenger allegedly has available to spend and the fact that he is not spending any of it (and in my opinion, is unlikely to) Arsenal don’t need the money. Without a doubt, they should hold out for the full fee. If it doesn’t happen it will be worth losing the fee to see the player squirm back into contention and take the abuse he so richly deserves.

  • There isn’t another club in the world that has to put up with this much destabilizing tactics EVERY pre season. Real Madrid are the number one culprit (and I thats more of a reflection on Wengers scouting talents). Now it’s Chelsea, but it’s for a far more sinister reason. You see, Arsenal are a massive treat to Chelsea. Not in terms of the title, but in terms of footballing respect. They are far more appreciated by the neutral and that p*sses off Mourinho. So him and his little bald money grabber Kenyon, brew up these meetings and achieve nothing but bad press for both the player and Chelsea. Sooner the better Abramovich takes an interest in Basketball or seal clubbing and takes his ill gotten gains elsewhere. Ashley Cole was arsenal through and through, a future captain and a fans favourite. Between him, Chelski and his agent he’s ****ed it up and I for one bet in years to come he’ll regret this period more than any other period in his career.

  • How would a straight swap be acceptable? Gallas only has a year left on his contract & is 29 years old cole has two years & is 25. If arsenal were quoting 20-25 million for cole & accepted a straight swap deal they would look stupid. Gallas at most is worth about 8 million under current circumstances. I am sure there are many excellent cb’s we could get for under 15 million ie mexes. Anyway its doubtful wenger even wants gallas because that would mean djourou being fourth choice after toure, gallas & senderos. Djourou would then want to leave as he is 19 & a current international player, alongside the fact he is far too good to play reserve team football all season. He also only has a year on his contract & I would prefer him to get a chance rather than get gallas & then lose djourou who’s 10 years younger.

  • What about the fact that Wenger made a cheeky 5 million quid bid for Gallas, surely that shows that Wenger is more than interested. Under new rules Ashley Cole will be able to buy himself out of his exisiting contract at the end of THIS season, he has a two year contract but it isnt worth much. I’m not saying that Wenger should accept straight away, of course he should try and get the best deal possible, but I wouldnt be to bothered if it was a straight swap!

  • i think gallas would stop the continuing growth of both senderos and djourou. he would obviously be in the line up whenever fit, and senderos and djourou will not like this. if we buy someone younger like davies (just an example) it wouldnt necessarily mean senderos and djourou will not get games.

  • cole is a very gd playa but he isnt very loyal so gallas would be good. n gallas will be very loyal as he is french n french players have showed what they can do

  • I think a bit of competition will do everyone the world of good. It’s a long season and they will all get games. I just hope that if he comes, Gallas is willing to be a back up left back.

  • gallas would be a good addition to the team but i don’t think chelsea will sell him to us even though the papers say they will. i reckon AW and arsenal board want straight cash, if chelsea don’t give the money we ask for then cole will probably stay, but he could leave depending on how wenger feels his prescence will have on the squad, but i don’t think it will be that bad if he stayed. he has no problems wiv the players, manager its just the board and david dein he don’t like. this matter will be resolved either later this week or early next week, so not long left 4 chelsea. we will rightly continue to play hard ball…

  • Cygan had a lot of games last year so i doubt Djourou and Senderos would not. Carling cup and FA cup would be thier games.

  • personally i wouldnt mind the swap deal at all. you see, as an arsenal fan im very frustrated the way chelsea has been unsetling cole. yes cole is (probably) the best left back in the world, but remember also that gallas is chelsea’s best player and this would be a big blow for the club and the fans. imagine gallas and toure in diffence and clichy on the left. clishy will be the best in the world after two seasons if he plays reguliary. gallas will be the experience we need to balance the squad. cole will sooner or later leave. he has to go now or we will loose money and a good player (gallas). gallas is 29 but he still has 5 to 6 years left and he is not greedy player. cole is making the biggest mistake of his life. he’ll follow the footsteps of anelka and the others. chelsea is now arsenal is the future!! god bless the queen and the gunners too!!

  • hey, i was just wondering if any one knew anythink about the trialist we took in, the ghanian defender??? anyone know if we are signing him or not???

  • R7- If that rule about buying out the last year of a contract is true then why hasnt Gallas bought his out? He hates chelski & desperately wants to leave, which he keeps saying on french tv. He is on around 40k at the moment to he could clearly afford to buy the remaining year if there is such a rule. Also wenger may have made a bid for Gallas but does anyone really believe thats anything but show. He said in that same press conference that if gallas comes he will have to accept less wages than he is getting now, so hardly the comments of a manager wanting a player. I think he is just trying to play chelski at their own game.

  • Why can’t you just sell him for the £20 million offered? Besides, Gallas is going to rot like the blot he has become.

  • bcoz he is worth more than 20 and the fact we are selling him to big rivals is bad business unless we get a significant amount. bottom line we are holding back for the entire amont. pay up or shut up

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