Date: 2nd February 2007 at 1:24am
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As I’m sure you’re all aware, most Vital sites run polls. Before our carling cup tie with Spu*s on Wednesday, Vital Spurs ran a poll asking Spurs fan’s what they thought the result would be.

The majority (56%) thought Spu*s would win in the 90 minutes. They were wrong.

So, as you can expect they would not be too keen on the results being published for all to see so they were instead put on the spu*s forum.

And I quote:

‘No way am I putting this on the front page for the Gooners to rip apart, but for what it is worth – which is nothing – here are the results of yesterdays poll.’

Prediction for tonight?

Win in 90 mins 56%
Win in extra time 8%
Win on pens 1%
Win on away goals 1%
Lose 34%

Spurs didn’t want to be ripped apart, ther were in the match so I think it’s only fair it be done after the match…enjoy ripping Gooners, enjoy!


57 Replies to “Cocky Spurs Deflated…Again!”

  • 34% of them seem to know the name of the game. The rest are as deluded as they come. When will they learn?

  • ach, it’s like beating a lame dog though, isnt it. let’s face it, the spurs have been torn up more times than paris hilton’s quim. »»Arsene knows««

  • I’m still basking in t’glory of wednesday night. A spurs mate of mine Ive known for years came online tonight on msn, and i tried to speak to him, but he said he couldnt talk as he was still too upset about the game. »»Arsene Knows««

  • G4L, unfortunately, that’s more quim than i’ve had a for a good while. Goddamit. If sexual action was success on the football pitch, for the past couple of months I’d have been a sp*rs fan… 🙂 »»Arsene Knows««

  • :-)))) I have a friend who is (unfortunately for him) a sp*rs fan, and ever since the game all he’s been able to produce is a something like ‘mwbah…’. says it all actually.

  • True enough, Simmy. Though there’s nothing like 90 minutes of end to end action 😀 »»Arsene Knows««

  • LOL…two thirds thought the Spurs would somehow break Arsenal’s home run and the hex they’ve had on them for seven years, when they couldn’t even finish the job at home after being up 2-0? That’s just sad. Then again I bet two thirds of us will pick the Gunners to win at the Reebok, heh…such is the state of mind of a fan.

  • You can bet your life that most of the 34% that said lose were not Spuds fans. Bearing in mind this is the same breed of half wits and hybrids that genuinly believed that this was their season to overtake us. They’d be funny if they weren’t so f***ing dumb.

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