Date: 30th January 2007 at 7:48pm
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More clubs should follow Bolton’s lead. FACT.

Now before you all start having a ‘dickie fit’ (as my old nan would say) I’m not talking about their style of football, oh no, I’m talking about their ticket prices.

For the up coming FA Cup replay at the Jinxed hell hole……I mean the Reebok, The Trotters have slashed their ticket prices, charging just £15 for adults and £5 for juniors/people of FatOldDave’s age.

Blackburn have been champions of the ticket prices this season cutting many prices for cup games and indeed giving away tickets for free on ocassions.

Indeed the Blackburn board plan to use the new found Premier League tv rights wealth to give something back to their loyal supporters rather than line the pockets of players, agents and fat cat big wigs by cutting their ticket prices.

For too long now the true football supporter has been ripped off by money grabbing football clubs across the country, and while it’s more likely we will see Satan ice-skating to work before we long term price cuts it’s good to see some clubs trying to do something. It’s well worthy of note.

Well done Bolton & Blackburn.


15 Replies to “Clubs Should Follow Bolton’s Lead”

  • I think the big problem is that these two clubs are not filling their stadiums, whereas we fill ours every week, which means if we sell out with the prices so high, the board would never agree to a price cut. We pay the price for our great loyalty to our club.

  • spot on Rocky, our club will never agree to a price cut, and why should they? they know that we’re gonna sell out every single game, and although this isn’t good for the fans, it’s great for the club..

  • Very true. I think the PL should only give the cash to the clubs to use to slash ticket prices. IE, if a club earns an xtra £20million, they only get it if they agree to slash £15million from ticket prices.

  • never thought that there would be a front page article on the arsenal forum praising bolton and blackburn :). but good move, if it can make games cheaper for the fans. For a club like arsenal, slashing prices for some football games isnt going to cost us in the transfer market, surely!!

  • Luckys, I refer to the extra revenue generated by the recent windfall the premiership recieved after negotiating the rights for overseas broadcasting. The cash will be distributed among the PL clubs on top of what they would usually get depending on their finishing positions. By doing this the club would be no worse of, and the smaller clubs would benefit from having fuller stadiums and in turn would make more money from matchday products such as programmes, hotdogs, beer etc…….It time we started thinking about the sport in general, they sport I love, as a colective rather than as individual clubs. Something needs to be done before football dies, because if the rest of the teams go bust, it doesnt matter how well off we are, ultimately we will suffer as the interest in the game dies off.

  • Before singing their praises, understand that there have been thousands of empty seats at the Reebok this season. I like your idea about the extra revenue, though. If they just gave the money to the clubs, I could just see transfer prices skyrocketing again, wages getting more out of control than they already are, more clubs going bankrupt at the bottom end of the table, etc.

  • It will be very difficult to control unless they stated very clearly upfront that the additional funding cannot be used for transfer activities and player wages etc but for specific aim to reduce ticket prices & facilities for the fans. Otherwise we all know where it will all end up.

  • fair point Rocky, never thought about it that way, but i dun think the big clubs will think of it this way, they will keep milking the fans till as long as they can..

  • It is nice to see Rovers’ efforts being recognised in the world of football. Indeed this is a scheme that is influenced by our poor attendances but nevertheless, it is a great initiative. Just take tonight for example. Us Rovers fans are going to have to pay £45 for a ticket. It is disgusting and diabolical!!! Shame on Chelsea. Hopefully we will win and restore some kind of karma.

  • we are filling our 60,000 becuase this our first season at AG, and everyone wants to come and see our fanastic new stadium, but next season and the season after..? as we continue to be successful and have great football and great players to watch its fine, but Arsenal must be aware that it comes to a limit.. i pay £1800 odd for my season ticket, i would ceiling that at £2000 and although there are loads of corporates that would snap up season tickets, arsenal must be aware of the atmosphere it will create by out pricing die hards and having these prawn sarnie munching , arrive late leave early fans who have no idea about football and what it is to support your club…..rant over, and congrats to balckburn and bolton for doing this 🙂

  • One good idea I read is that clubs should use a small portion of the TV windfall to subsidise, or pay for, away travel.

  • intresting article and yes i believe the ticket prices are ridiculous in this day and age … but the main problem is that now days money is evaluated alot differant … £30 million chelsea payed for shev is he worth that ??? no but if they didnt offer that they wudnt of got him …. same with thierry … lets b honest the price players have got is not worth it and the wages they get … not only in football but in all sports in the world … this will not stop until there is a lock on the cash drawer and u cannot go over the ammount it says … until that stops ticket prices will keep getting higher … its for the FA to put Price Caps on all different types of money situation from ticket prices to Transfer Fee’s

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