Date: 27th July 2007 at 12:50pm
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Gael Clichy has spoken out about Freddie Ljungber’s comment slamming Arsenal for not showing enough ambition to keep the has-been winger.

Upon signing for West Ham Ljungberg said: ‘Two years ago when I signed my last contract we talked a lot about the future and about bringing great players to the club,’ said Ljungberg. ‘Despite building the new stadium we wanted to stay top in England and do well in Europe.

‘For me that didn’t really happen.

‘I stayed because I wanted to stay loyal to Arsenal. But when Henry left this summer it felt like the end for me unfortunately.

‘I felt like all the unbeaten players (from the invincibles) had left. I wanted to be loyal but I felt like it was the right time.

Well in fact Freddie, the following players were at Arsenal during the unbeaten season, and are still here: Clichy, Lehmann, Toure, Gilberto and Hoyte. That’s 5, 6 if Ljungberg had stayed.

Could it be more to do with the fact that Ljungberg would have started the season as 4th choice winger, and West Ham were offering crazy money? I think so.

Anywho, Clichy disputes Ljungberg’s claims. Speaking to The Evening Standard Gael said: ‘I don’t think Arsenal lack ambition. I don’t know why Freddie said that.

‘He has had nine great seasons with Arsenal and he’s entitled to his opinion but I’ve got a different opinion.

‘For two years we hear Arsenal are not competitive any more but last season we won both matches against Manchester United and drew both against Chelsea with what is supposed to be a young team, so I don’t know what’s wrong with that.

‘We know we’ve got the quality, the strength. Everyone is confident, we have signed great players and we are going to have a great season.’


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  • he didnt say arsenal lacked ambition – peple are just reading more into his statement then is actually there.

  • The key is that the players are confident. As Wenger said a short time back really good teams can look very average when confidence goes. Get off to a good start and with the players believing in themselves and the supporters believing in them anything is possible.

  • I agree that this story is a bit overcooked. Anyway, it’s what he did last year that caught the eye – rising to a challenge, and exceeding expectations… he fought, he flew and also bit – laying into tackles terrier-like. Having demonstrated his ability to step up to the plate when it matters, Gael (at 22!) is surely headed for greatness.

  • Uh, two wins against MU and two draws against Chelsea mean nothing compared to the overall result. We beat you and United twice last season, does that say we were competitive?

  • Yeah, selling two injury prone 30 year olds, what a regression. springy, remind me how Chelsea’s last 30 year old acquisition turned out.

  • He doesn’t say “Arsenal lack ambition.” but saying that Arsenal promised big players, then didn’t deliver, is just about the same thing, just being a little more polite about it.

  • When have we ever bought ready made big players? Ljungberg wasn’t exactly high profile. But to be honest, I think these comments are being over egged, I’ve got no problems with the guy personally.

  • Exaclty LD, so that just discredits his comments further. I don’t dislike the bloke, how could I after 9 loyal years? But those comments, among others, have rattled my cage a bit.

  • Even as a spurs fan, I have to say he lacks a bit of class. Just read Henry’s comments, compare his to Freddie’s. Dispite being responsible for some of my worst moments aa a spurs fan, Henry is a class act. LondonGooner I’M not sure how a side that’s gone from mid table obscurity to finishing 5th 2 years running, and pushing for 4th spot. Can be described as sinking ship

  • Topspur1, I salute you. Although you’re one of ‘them’ you certainly have some class. As for Freddie’s ‘broken promises’ – Wenger answered it all today. He made no promises to anyone – including Freddie. It will be funny if WH sign Dyer, which will push him down the pecking order there as well. And if Faubert did not get injured I strongly doubt that they would have been so eager to sign him. As for our sinking ship and springy’s LAME digs, I will refer to the ever clever LD who pointed out the regression analysis in an eye-opening manner.

  • it is true to say that some of our young or more recently signed players seem like they have been with arsenal for many years clichy, fabregas, rosicky and more seem all so passionate about arsenal already. this and the quality they have i think will mean that this new supposed fantastic generation should not let us down in years to come.

  • 49ers! your obviously a glass half full kind of guy, I have said on our message board that I don’t believe that the gap between 1st & 6th place will be anywhere near as big. Even with the money spent by M.U. IMO the gap is closing, it?s starting to look like Citeh; Toon & WH are plashing the cash. In an attempt to make top 6, this means that their will be fewer dare I say it “easy games” I really hope we can make top 4, and quite frankly I don’t care if it’s at your expense or the pool’s. What?s developed over the past few years with the same team in the top 4 I would argue isn’t good for the PL. Despite monies spent by the Pool, I don’t see too much between them and you guys. IMO we are on your heals, should either of you or Liverpool do not perform to your full potential, we will swallow you up. So “be afraid, be very afraid” lol!!!

  • Yeah topspur, I am with you on this one (stranger things have happened eh :). Arsenal or Liverpool have to slip up for a new entrant to the top 4 and that is a possibility, though a remote one. IMO its actually going to be harder this season for Spurs to hold onto your 5th spot, coz like you pointed out, a lot of other teams have been strenghtening.

  • As far as Freddie’s comments are concerned, we should just let it go now. They dont hurt as much as they did 4 days back, no need for Clichy to respond to them (though I am happy to hear positive comments from players). Wenger responded very well to them in his press conference today, and that was aimed at both Henry and Freddie, with a lot of class. Chapter closed, as far as I am concerned. Lets look ahead.

  • The thing in our favour is the teams mentioned have all got new managers, so usually you would need to give them 2yrs to get squad the way they would like. This will be Big MJ 4th season in charge, that in my view is our trump card.

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