Date: 6th May 2009 at 1:58am
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As I sit drowning in ale from the inside, I can’t help but feel nothing but sympathy for Arsenal youngster, Kieran Gibbs.

Here is a young man thrust into the fray through injuries and sheer bad luck of this Arsenal squad, a player plunged into the deep end and asked to perform the duties of a seasoned professional when he’s still just a boy.

I recently made a claim for Kieran Gibbs to be voted Arsenal player of the month, and I still stand by that decision, I have nothing but the utmost respect for a young player trying to make his mark on the game on such a big stage for such a traditional club, and he has performed admirably.

Kieran may well be doing the exact same as many Gooners, myself included, sitting in a darkened room sinking a couple more beers before hitting the hay, drowning his sorrows after an unfortunate slip led to United’s opening goal that effectively killed off the tie.

I was sure Gibbs was about to burst into tears as he held his head in his hands, as I almost did myself. I wasn’t massively distraught at the thought of going out of the CL, as as soon as the ball hit the onion bag I knew the game was up, instead I was feeling great sorrow for this young player as I’ve seen such things break many a player in the past.

So I’d like to take the opportunity to let this fabulous young talent know that not one Arsenal fan holds him accountable, and urge him not to look upon this event as a negative, more as a right of passage, a journey travelled by all the greats, a moment of complete despair for you to draw upon further down the line in your career.

So chin up Gibbsy, we still love you 🙂