Date: 4th September 2006 at 10:14pm
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Tonight it seems that we have further confirmation that Ashley Cole has joined the perfect club for him. Cole, a man of impeccable character, has joined a club which simply oozes class and strong ethical sensibilities. To exemplify this, Chelsea have issued the following statement.

‘Chelsea believes it is important for our supporters to be made aware of the full facts regarding William Gallas and the lack of respect he showed to the fans, the manager and the club,’ read a statement on the club’s official website.

‘Despite leaving he continues to attack Jose Mourinho and this cannot be left unchallenged.

‘Chelsea made William Gallas a very substantial and attractive new contract offer to stay towards the end of last season. This was rejected.

‘The issue was purely one of money, despite his public comments that he wanted a new challenge, to play abroad and so forth. These were just a smokescreen to cover up the fact he was hawking himself to the highest bidder.

‘Having failed to secure his demands, his position became increasingly intransigent and unacceptable.

‘He initially refused to play against Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final last season in an effort to force an increased contract offer.

‘As is now well-documented he refused to join up with the team in Los Angeles during pre-season, despite agreeing the dates for his return as the other World Cup players did, with the club.

‘When Jose Mourinho generously offered him a way back into the ‘family’ after the American tour, this was thrown back in the Chelsea manager’s face.

‘The manager told him that, even if he did not agree a new contract but returned to the ‘family’ and abided by the rules, he would still select the best players available and would not punish him playing-wise.

‘However despite meetings to try to resolve the problems Gallas made it clear to Jose Mourinho he would never play for Chelsea again.

‘Before the first game of the season against Manchester City, when only four defenders were available and John Terry was doubtful with an injury, he refused to play.

‘He went on to threaten that if he was forced to play, or if he was disciplined and financially punished for his breach of the rules, that he could score an own goal or get himself sent off, or make deliberate mistakes.

‘Clearly this was a totally unacceptable situation for the manager, the team and the club. So a collectively-agreed solution in Chelsea’s interests had to be found, hence his departure.

‘Chelsea has a wage structure in place that is valued not only on the contribution of the player to the manager and the team, but also on a player’s respect for the club and contribution to the promotion and image of the club off the field. Every player is expected to play their part in this.

‘William Gallas rarely recognised these responsibilities. He also failed to recognise the role Jose Mourinho and Chelsea played in helping him become a double Premiership champion for a player whose only league title prior to that had been in the French Second Division.’

How insecure does a club have to be to engage themselves in a public slagging match that would be better suited to the playground?


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  • Rest assured a lengthy article will be written by myself on this matter tomorrow in which I will vent my full spleen. Needless to say, if ever a statement encapsulated the image of a club, this is it!

  • I couldn’t agree more. The actual content of the statement (though laughable) is of secondary importance, the fact that they would choose to issue it at all is the strongest indication yet that Chelsea is fundamentally insecure and those who run the club are of low character indeed.

  • Chelsea, what an absolute spaff of a club.

    Never in all my puff have I read such a petulant, childish and classless statement as that.

    They’ll never live this down. Oh to be a Chelsea fan tonight!

  • I like the wage structure comment, pure class there! I don’t think we need to get into a slanging match with chelsea, people are smart enough to see how we have handled the departure of Cashley Mole, releasing a nice little statement on the clubs website, and leaving it at that. Bring on Gallas, he will be immense for our club. just hope he can score the winner at stamford bridge, after nutmegging cole in the process!!!!

  • What a complete joke of a club. They also fail to realise that with each statment made againsy Willie G, he becomes more and more of a hero to us Gooners!!!

  • Just contrast to that.. with all the back stabing Cole did to Arsenal, Wenger had only good wishes and good words for him. Thats called class.

  • unbelievable. they are unbelivable thats all i can say. they sound like little children that regret giving us their best defender or they just cant stand him being happy

  • what can you say about it – by relasing this statement, they just drag their bloated fetid carcass further through the mud. I wouldnt be surprised if players (with scrupals and a sense of decency) were put off going there… however cashcowcole wasn’t, i’m sure he’s sipping on his gin and juice, counting his wad regardless, cos he can’t read…

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • If they are so desperate for their fans to know the ins and outs of the club why did they try to hush hush the whole tapping up affair in the 1st place! If this type of statement was ever released from within our magnificent institution the man who ok’d it would be picking up his p45 in the morning. All that b*** S*** trapsing around America to try and improve their image blown to pieces by 1 stupid statement on a web page, you have to laugh!

  • just a comment on the makelele thing. Chelsea accused the france camp of making ‘ill-considered’ and ‘deliberately inflammatory’ comments. ironic no?

  • Last week we had Bruce Buck (no really that is his name!) stating rules 11 point blah blah from the Premier league rule book (if you know all the rules why tap cashley?) after they were accused by old grey beard bates of tapping up players (again), last week it was slavery, today we have a statement talking about their strict wage structure! Tommorow peter Kenyon will be performing the human cannonball and next week they are putting on a freak show (apparently something to do with Didier Drogba). CFC=Chelsea Football Circus

  • I would really like to Jose Mourinho’s thoughts on Thuram and Domenech’s reaction to his stupid ‘slave’ comment. Coming from where Jose Mourinho comes from , I wouldnt talk about slavery if I were him.

  • Sour grapes maybe but they got their player and you got Gallas who from memory wanted out of Chelsea and back to Europe but ended up at Arsenal. I wonder what percentage of William Gallas actually really, really wanted to join Arsenal and you have also been for warned as to what you have bought if/when things don’t go to plan.

  • I love Gallas (I have his name on my CFC shirt) and am sorry he has gone. His departure leaves us considerably weaker in defence. I am frankly ambivalent about Chelsea releasing such a statement, and understand that on an Arsenal forum your views would be staunchly anti-Chelsea, but I would remind you that sagas such as these invariably have two sides. Billy has declared himself unwilling before (at Marseille) and has never been short of a comment when he has felt maligned by the club. The club have chosen to respond, as is their right.
    All the same I genuinely hope he finds happiness at Emirates.
    All the best for the season.

  • Public opinion and media assessments would suggest that this cozy group’s condemnation of Chelsea’s statement is right offside. Really enjoyed Matt Hughes’ piece in The Times online edition which ends thusly: “Gallas will be paid GBP80,000 a week by Arsenal, though after these revelation Arsene Wenger may wonder if it will be worth the trouble.” Stick to banking, gooner fans.

  • as a Chelsea fan I can tell you that while Chelsea obviously did 15 million better out of the deal based on Arsenals valuations, on a player perspective you are better off. Gallas is a fantastic player. He is also an inveterate complainer which also seems to coincide with any trip away with France to the local papers. JM won?t put up with this or any else that endangers team spirit. Im sure AW will be the same but he has much more practice controlling players whinging to French newspapers. You may consider Chelseas statement extraordinary but so was hiring their own drug test on Mutu, sacking him and suing him. The players know the rules, play by them, join in the team spirit, or leave. You should be thankful for this statement as you would now expect Gallas would do his best to be a model player (if things go well). Just don?t play him at left back!!! Actually please do, it would be wondereful irony. BTW, with Ashley Cole AW can?t have a go at him as he has *always* praised and thanked AW and the Fans. His was an argument with one individual (Dien) who Cole believed broke a promise made with a handshake and subsequent laughable reduction by a board he controls, all while Cole was being vastly underpaid. How Dein escapes any negativity from Arsenal fans ? I have no idea. When Kenyon fks up some contract negotiation he gets both barrels. Dein must be a deity?
    PS: Chelsea were silent at Gallas’s first and second statements after joining Arsenal. His third contained accusations against JM of player abuse and not caring for the players. That will get you a response!
    PPS: you honestly think Arsenal was his first choice? Laff! All of his initial statements were about playing abroad. A certain corruption scandal meant all the teams he wanted to go to had already raided the punished teams for full backs, so you can take “the best fans in the country” with a kilo of salt. There were zero bids from Europe.

  • Can’t really see the logic in Chelski releasing this statement…it could open a can of worms and start a new war of words between Arsenal/Gallas and Chelski, but nothing really surprises me what Chelski do any more, the danger now is if Gallas mistakingly scores an own goal…..accusations will fly!!

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