Date: 13th September 2006 at 3:57pm
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Upon William Gallas’ arrival at Ashburton Grove, the French defender said he was looking forward to being cheered on by ‘the best set of fans in the country.

Ok, so maybe he was just trying to win over the ever present Gooners by saying all the right things, but the blue bunch over there at ‘Vital Chelsea Towers’ (honestly how annoying is that?) dared to question the standard of our support by suggesting, and I quote ‘he`s seriously having a giraffe!’

Now last night I sat bored with nothing much better to do, so I decided to watch the Chelsea game. So imagine my surprise when I switched on the ol’ goggle box at ten past eight to find plenty of empty seats in the ground. ‘Surely the kick off hasn’t been delayed’ I thought to myself, and imagine how I laughed when I realised it hadn’t.

This team are the, and I use the term loosely, the top team in England and they can’t even sell out the first Champions League game of the season.

The lack of attendee’s wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye last night either. The thought crossed my mind that even though the crowd was a small one, the Chelsea faithful still seemed to be in good voice, I couldn’t quite understand what they were singing, but loud nonetheless, that was until I realised all the noise was coming from the Bremen fans when Ballack was felled and up went the jeers. Only when Essien scored the opener did I hear anything more than a small round of applause. They were embarrassingly out sung.

Indeed the Chelsea fans were so quiet, when Ballack took the penalty (I didn’t have full view of the TV at the time) I honest to god, swear on my mothers life, thought he had missed.

Ok, so Highbury was not the loudest stadium in the world, but since the move to AG, the noise level has improved ten fold, and Carling Cup aside, we have ALWAYS sold out our matches.

Indeed the Chelsea members of the vital network have hinted that should our ‘poor run’ continue, we too will have a few empty seats in the ground. To me however this seems unlikely seen as we have recently ‘sold out’ a CL qualifier in which we were already 3-0 up, and league games against Watford and Sheffield United without it even going on general sale.

In the extremely unlikely event that for some reason or other we had 7000 empty seats at our new home because of a poor run of form, that would still be a whopping 23,000 more than the Champions of England managed to muster up when they are in the best form of their life.

Hypocritical is putting it politely, I believe the word embarrassment is a more apt description.


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  • So that’s what happens when you are sat at home with nothing to do! You need to get out more! Mind you some of the observations you make are spot on about our No. 1 team!

  • I’d been on the 6-2 shift and couldn’t be botherd undertaking the more pleasant task of scrubbing the gusset of the local tramp’s longjohns!

  • …Backed by Arabs, run by a Frenchman, not an Englishman on the pitch perhaps an Arsenal fan could tell me whether or not I will have to take my passport to get into the new stadium…

  • Theres certainly no danger of them having to build a new ground for all their fans! Wonder if Liverpool will be able to raise £215m for their new one? I am sceptical.

  • or backed by filthy Russian money, run by a paranoid portugese, and infested with thick, greedy Englishman. Coupled with “***** ground, no fans”, I know where I’d rather be…

  • You bunch of sad punters were on about ticket prices being too high for the Feyenoord friendly and I pointed out that less tickets sold at higher prices benefit the club more than cheaper ones at a lower price. You lot were convinced cheaper tickets would’ve resulted in a sell out crowd. What do you think now?? The Russian is setting his prices based on 75 -80% capacity, coz you can’t fill a 42,000 seater stadium. How do you only sell just over 32,000 tickets for a c/l group match against Bremen with players like Frings, Borowski, Klasnic, Klose, Diego etc. Pathetic. You’re welcome to our former #3, you fit well together, Judas’.

  • As Gazzap has pointed out, the roots of our club are as English as they come, and the Hill-Woods have been a major part of this club for years and years. The money which we recieve from Fly Emirates is soley for sponsorship, and as it seems your memory is very very short, this is the sponsorship money comes from the exact same company that funded Chelsea for all those years. Complain much then did you? I think not. Just more proof that you are the biggest bunch of hypocrites around!!

  • Rocky – I’ve finished me shift. Noticed you’re posting – not gone to Hamburg mate, would have thought you’d fancied a night in the Reeperbahn 🙂

  • I strongly suggest that you take out a dictionary and look up the definition of the word ‘hypocrite’. You might find that your use of the word is completely wrong.
    At no time did Merlin declare that Chelsea fans were the best in the country or that Stamford Bridge is a cauldron of noise. His only comment was that to describe your lot as ‘the best fans in the country’ was laughable.
    Indeed, you agree that Arsenal fans are a tad quiet.
    So in what way are Chelsea hypocrites?
    That’s before we start on the fact (obviously lost on you) that the Vitals Chelsea site is not a representation of Chelsea FC, so your title is totally misleading.
    All in all, a very poor effort. A bit like your start to the season.

  • EuroBlue – I have read more than a enough article on the VC website to know that you think you’re the bee’s knees, I’ve even read an article slating the Liverpool fans. And with regards to the article title, I won’t give you any grief because you not being a VN editor, you weren’t to know that there is a limit on the number of characters you can use in the title!! But thats ok, I dont hold it against you!

  • i would like to clarify that aswell as the hill-woods, deins and Fizman ( his is athe largest stake ) there are the carr brothers also. the stadium sold its name, which doesn’t mean we are owned by anything BUT british, and the stadium was financed by Natwest, another british bank. chelski can’t really talk about foreign moneyh, when all of it from dodgey dealings in mother russia, infact was roman forced to sell most of his assets or face a lengthy time at the KGB’s pleasure locked away like the other two corrupt so called business men ?

    as for last nights attendance, i have never known arsenal to offer tickets on the day ( last night and against charlton ). infact its a constant grip that i can’t get extra tickets for my kids to go, we rarely go on general sale and thats with an increased stadium.

    you see it is very easy to answer, because arsenal of full of history, the fans have been loyal for decades, tradition is another word you could use with arsenal too, and thats what people like. with chelski all you get is high flying “new money ” prawn sandwich eaters who aren’t interested in football.
    and without Roman, chelski wouldn’t be were they are, i reckon the bubble is gonna burst soon and its going to be expensive.

  • Merlin – Having to work and a lack of funds means I won’t be attending. I take it this is revenge for the remark I made last night? Well just to let you know it wasn’t a dig at you, more of the poor turn out from your fans in general. You see thats the difference, for each Arsenal fan who can’t get to a certain game for whatever reason there is always another fan to take his, or indeed her place. Something your club can not boast!!

  • Really? I have admin rights on the Chelsea site, so I am fully aware of the limits. I also know that ‘Chelsea fans are hypcrites’ would have been an acceptable title.
    As for the Liverpool fans, are you still labouring under the illusion that they are ‘special’?
    NEXT UP: any comments about the misuse of the word hypocrite? No? So that’s sorted: it was just wrong.
    P.S. I’m flattered to see that you are a regular reader of my prose. I do hope you won’t turn into some kind of sicko stalker, though. I hate it when that happens.

  • The word hypocrite is more than appropriate. You consider yourself great fans (don’t deny it, I’ve read it), and in the same breath slate others for being of poor standard when it is plain to see that yours is one of the poorest around considering you have just won back to back titles. As for the article title, it’s my job to bring as many people to the site as possible and my title IMO does the job better. Also as a fan I would consider myself part of Arsenal, maybe you just don’t feel part of the club as we Arsenal fans do 😛

  • Poor old chelski, they have the richest backer in football, they sign big name players as opposed to the relative unknowns that wenger signs & yet they are still only the fourth biggest team in london. I cannot disagree that we have had a poor start to the season though, luckily for chelski they have only suffered the 1 defeat thus far otherwise they would only be getting 10000 fans in the stadium by now. But dont forget they are going to break even by 2009!!

  • It has to be said that it’s not right for the defending champiopns to not fill a 42,000 seat stadium in their first CL group stage against a Bremen side considting of the likes of Klose, Frings and others, especially so soon after Germany 2006, where Klose and Co. got to the semi. Didn’t they want to see how well their new boy Ashley Cole would shut up the world cup’s top scorer? If that doesn’t tickle their fancy, then what the ***** does?
    Yeah, “hypocrite” is a bit off. But “embarassing”, and it makes a cameo at the end of the article, is entirely on the money.
    But never mind Chelsea. Lets hope we do well tonight, and on Sunday, coz you can imagine what Merlin and Co. are gonna sya if things don’t go our way this week.

  • Yeah well said rocky. i don’t see the chelsea chairman (or owner) with a double-barrel surname. In fact out of the board room and management u have 3 englishmen.

  • HA simon, nice comment dude ! maybe chelski are saving themselves for sunday which apprently is a sell out, so lets see how many turn up, because i bet there isn’t an attendance of 42,000… which them would beg the question, if their site says sell out, why isn’t it ?

  • let them talk we all know the truth. thats just a hint of jealousy. absolute rubbish. i saw the stadium and how empty it was and i also saw how they was outsung. . . what i also saw was that bremen should HAVE SCORED.

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