Date: 26th February 2007 at 1:01pm
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After the popularity of the pre-match interview with Vital Chelsea editor, Merlin, we’ve decided to go one better and get each other’s views ‘post-match’.

So without further ado, may I welcome Merlin, League cup winner.

1) Your thoughts on the game?

I thought it was a classic! It had everything, thrills, spills, skill, power and a thrilling finish. So what if the brawl deflects attention, it showed the commitment both sides had to winning what in reality is the lesser of the domestic trophies.

I can’t praise Arsenal enough for the way they started. We were chasing shadows for twenty minutes until we started to actually play. Your goal was sublime the way Walcott ghosted past his marker to finish in superb fashion. I thought, until the introduction of Robben, we lacked pace and a change of speed.

The substitution changed things around. Robben was a constant thorn in your side and the cross for the winning goal was class itself. I think the defining moment may well have been when Terry went off injured. Your youngsters looked shocked whilst our players decided there and then to win it for John.

Hopefully, the ill-feeling that erupted in the final minutes won’t carry over to the match at your place towards the end of the season.

2) Man of the match from each club?

I’m going to go against the majority and plump for Ricardo Carvalho. The Portuguese defender often gets over-looked when John Terry is playing but since John picked up his back injury Carvalho has come into his own. He’s keen to get forward when the occasion presents itself but he’s just a great defender. He plays the game as if he enjoys defending. He’s not built like a true defender but is incredibly strong and yesterday his decisive tackling thwarted several encouraging Arsenal attacks.

As for Arsenal, I’ll go for Diaby. He was immense until he was taken off with a foot injury. Can’t help thinking he damaged it on the head of John Terry. Apart from him, I’d go for Walcott. The goal was superb and he gave Wayne Bridge a torrid time in the first half. He faded in the second half probably due to the fact the occasion drained him somewhat.

3) If you had to choose one player to move to Chelsea from our squad yesterday, who would it be?

If I could take one it would be Fabregas. Although his temperament needs working on he has all the ingredients needed to become a world class performer.

4) What did you think of the ‘brawl’? Handbags? or something more serious?

To be honest it made me laugh. It was a throw back to the game of old when men were men and tempers came to the forefront. The sad thing was that it all came about through a simple shirt pull by Mikel. Then everyone got involved and it was always going to dominate the press reports today. Felt sorry for Mikel as he didn’t really get involved. Perhaps Eboue should be a worried man this morning once the FA gets to view the tape in slow motion. No doubt we’ll both get fined and Sir Alex Ferguson will scream for a points deduction.

5) Any idea’s why the Chelsea fans threw celery at Cesc?

He was just unfortunate to be taking the corners. Celery rained down on both corner flags and whilst admitting it didn’t do us any favours, it didn’t exactly harm anyone. As the famous song goes –

‘Celery, Celery, if she don’t cum I’ll tickle her bum with a lump of celery, Repeat, repeat etc.

6) But why celery?

It’s traditional amongst the Chelsea ranks. It goes back decades. God knows where it originated but in the 80’s I can remember wearing a ‘Celery’ t-shirt and we even had inflatable celery at one stage when inflatable’s were all the rage. Indeed, one of our site journalists had his collar felt at Villa Park when we beat Fulham before losing the final to you lot in 2002. Throwing a little bit of celery was deemed by the West Midlands constabulary as throwing an offensive weapon!

7)Any news on John Terry?

He appears to be fine. Less than two hours after leaving the pitch he was back with the squad having discharged himself from hospital. Not sure if he’s actually human. After the miraculous recovery from the ankle injury and this latest episode, I have this sneaking suspicion he could be an android. Did the doctors simply pull his head off and stick another one on? No seriously, it looked awful although no blame can be attached to Diaby. We here at Chelsea Vital would also like to thank the Arsenal medical team for their assistance, at a time like that rivalry has to take a back seat and preservation becomes a necessity.

8) Why did the Chelsea players turn their backs on the Arsenal as they collected their medals?

I wasn’t aware of that. I’d guess it was simply a co-incidence especially after Sky showed scenes of Henry, Gallas, Cech and Drogba larking around with each other beneath the Millennium Stadium some sixty minutes after the game had finished.

Anyway, I’d like to finish by thanking Arsenal for providing stiff opposition, a lot stiffer than Spurs would have provided if they’d have got through. Perhaps see you at Wembley in the FA Cup in May.


19 Replies to “Chelsea Fan Praises The Gunners”

  • You couldnt have gotten stiffer opposition if you were playing ‘team Viagra’! Good to see that this may become a regular feature its always good to keep a healthy respect for each other and each others clubs amidst the rivalry.

  • Again has to be said Cech kept you in the match on at least four occasions i think three in the first half so would have to be your man of the match merlin. None of you Chelsea lads seem to want to admit that but i suppose that would be like admitting you got lucky against the youngin’s. Prides a funny thing.

  • Lucky because our keeper , saved balls?lol, isn’t that what he does?i would say arsenal was lucky, two balls hit the post!Anyway, it broke my heart seeing denilson and baptista sad, oh well, they’ll learn from it.I honeslty wanted baptista or denilson to score your goal, but it was walcott, good for the lad.An FA cup final would be awesome.Thrilling final.

  • grt8 game, look forward to the re-match at wembley ! as for stiff oppostion, how you can say stiff and martin jol in the same sentence is beyond me 😛

  • k_c your two shots hit the post one when the game had evened up and one when you were ahead, i was talking about the first half you mug. If Cech hadnt have saved the 3 shots in the first half which were all very good saves, and diabys at the start of the second was too. If they all had have gone in your shots that hit the post both could’ve gone in and we still would’ve won. Thats why i said Cech was your motm, he kept you in the match so drogba could win it.

  • I know mate, but you said we were lucky.That’s not luck, that’s pure brilliantism by the world’s best keeper.I actually thought Carvalho was our best player.He did some great tackles.Cech is cech mate.Drogba is our goalscorer.Both are equally good.

  • Carvalho was good, I used to think he was a complete waste of space saved by Terry over and again but yestaerday made me reconsider that.

  • Okay guys – we’ll play Hilario in the FA Cup Final thereby giving you a chance of beating our keeper more than once 😉

  • It was a great final between two fantastic sides. The media’s hype can do nothing to detract from that.

  • thanks for that about hilario merlin, after all, we’ve been playing almunia 😛 Actually to be fair to him, he’s hardl;y put a foot wrong in the games he’s played this season. »»Arsene Knows««

  • Carvallho?? How can it not be Drogba?? He was the difference, singlehandedly. Without him, Chavs would’ve lost, pure and simple. Other than Fat Frank’s long shot, and Shevchenko at the end, when we were already beaten, Chavs posed no threat up front. On a different note, its obvious that Big Phil has no answer to Drogba currently. I hope the next time we play Chavs, Gallas gets to mark him. That will be an interesting contest. Stop Drogba, stop Chavs (if you can keep Fat Frank quiet, which we mostly did). Robben was also superb, but against Traore, who’s still very young and inexperienced, and Eboue, who looked very rusty, isn’t a great defender anyway, and Hoyte, who was injured. Cudos to Carvallho, but Baptista and Aliadiere were poor, and we had lots of opportunities to put the game away b4 Drogba’s intervention. MOM’s win matches. Drogba won this one. I still hate him!!!

  • Why did all the Arsenal fans turn their backs on their own players by leaving the stadium before the medals were handed out? I think it was a protest for losing to Chelsea again. Ten games since the last Arsenal win now in all competitions.

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