Date: 12th March 2007 at 5:23pm
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Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas believes the Gunners can climb the table and pip Chelsea to second place in this season’s Premiership.

After a series of questionable results at home this season, Arsenal find themselves someway off the pace of top club Manchester United.

But Fabregas believes it’s still not too late to clinch an all important second spot and all important automatic qualification to the Champions League.

Arsenal currently lie 11 points behind Chelsea with a game in hand. However Chelsea still must play Manchester Untied and the face a trip to the Grove. Coupled with the added pressure of Champions League and FA Cup football to contend with and Fabregas thinks we can catch them.

“It is difficult for us to take [the exit from 3 competitions], but we are professional and we are Arsenal so we have to try to come back as strong as possible.’ said Cesc

“Let`s see if we can get second place. I still feel we have a chance to do that if we win every single game. We will see what happens.’

“We just have to come back now, play as a team and try to get that second place. Chelsea still have to play Manchester United as well so I think it is possible.”


19 Replies to “Cesc: We Can Pass Chelsea”

  • I love this lad, He is Great,but i will disagree with him for clinching the second place.
    We are going to finish 3rd By God’s will!

  • well with chavs playing more games and an eye on europe could be for us to deffo get 3rd and maybe 2nd, would be funny, but then with chavs and united looking like they will meet in the final of two cups, is that conselation ?

  • Fantastic! I don’t think it will happen but as the new Adidas ‘Impossible is nothing.’

  • 3rd is cool.. 2nd would be fantastic.. though a bit improbabale.. i wouldnt bet on arsenal for second spot right now.. but if it happens.. its gonna be simply awesome..

  • obviously cesc is taking the psv fans at their word when they sang ‘always look on the bright side of life’ last week. Reall ycan’t see chelski dropping a large enough amount of points – they are somewhat of a machine. But i am pleased at his desire and outlook, that’s what we want from our players. »»Arsene Knows««

  • its great to here cesc talking like this the team is aiming high which is good for morale. this is not as impossible as we make it sound. think about it if we win all 11 remaining games and chelsi lose to manu, us and 1 other team…(hey if we cant dream whats the point) then we will end up second. the reason it is unlikely is coz we are missing soo many players and even if we weren’t we just havent been consistent enough so im not sure where a run like that would come from, but it would be welcome. We finished strong last season why not this season. Then again chelsi seem unsettled on the inside with rumours of contract fallouts with JT and maureen talking about Real Madrid anything is possible. so honestly its more in the top 2s hands than ours. we just have to get the results and hope for a miracle. and if we aim for 2 we’ll surely secure 3

  • There’s so much good things to say about Cesc. However, there’s one thing I’d want to see from him some GOALS. Goals will bring us the Team’s Targets and ambitions. He has got everything that Veira has except the GOALS. Keep shooting Fab.

  • Well we still have to play Chelsea and Liverpool, plus i think we wont do well in the next couple of games due to the CL exit….so 3rd place would be a good target.

  • The weird thing about Cesc is that he scored for us last year (including that big goal against Juvi), and scored two goals in our first game of the current season in that CL qualifier, and hasn’t found the net since. While scoring isn’t his primary concern, he should be good for five to ten goals a year. Just chalk it up to one of those things I guess.

  • it will feel like winning the league, if we finish second. we will have fresher legs than chelsea till the end o the season. Very high possiblility. I can see it happen. its not a guarantee, but..

  • Does anyone remember when after scoring 2 against Zagreb Cesc said he had set himself a goals target at the start of the season? He basically said – maybe not word for word, but – i have set myself a high target, I will not tell other people because they will think i’m crazy, but i have an ambition I personally want to reach. I’m taking a guess considering the crazy comment that was anywhere between 15 and 20 goals this season. He wont reach it clearly but if he could start working on it now, it couldnt hurt, and 9-15 from him next season could really make a big differenc to our title hopes. At least he has the ambition ey, he actually has a similair shot to Gerrard or Lampard in terms of power and where he likes to shoot from, now all he needs to do is be as accurate as them!

  • 11 points in not many games ambitious, maybe been a footballer means you dont have to be able to count very well.

  • well well something for us fans to look forward to, I suppose till the end of the season. Looks like highly unikely, but stranger things have happened :). Its good though, that players like cesc arent listening to all that tosh abt this being the end of our season. They’ve set themselves targets even now, which is a healthy sign of the mental strength which will serve us well when the going gets tough at times.

  • Doesn’t sound as if Gallas shares Cesc’s enthusiasm. So Cesc has just 2 goals to Lampard’s 19 this season, weird.

  • Even I’m sick of listening to Gallas, “I told them to pay attention on freekicks” Wah, wah, wah. Where the ***** were you then, you being the experienced central defender and all.

  • And West L if you were to be totally Frank with me, between Lumpard and Cesc, who would you rather have in your team? I know I’m blinkered being a gooner, but considering Cesc is 19, is already playing as he does, I’d go for him over Lumps. Coz if Cesc was to score the goals Lumps does, he’d be oddles better than Lumps. Can he add scoring prowess to the rest of his game? He sure can. But we all know Lumpard is never going to improve his game into the qualities that Cesc currently possesses; the vision, the movement, the passing.

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