Date: 15th April 2007 at 10:28am
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It was a day of shirt sleeves and shades (try saying that after eight pints of abbots), making my way to the Tavern for a couple of jars in the searing heat I had a good feeling about the game. ‘2-1 Cesc to score the winner,’ I declared boldly, ‘of course Anelka will score for the Orcs.’ Those doubting my powers of prophecy need look no further than the prediction league 🙂 Though there was a small sense of trepidation as the Guiness was knocked back, Jon was to miss his second consecutive home game and the good luck charm was missing. Being that he is a bookie, he couldn’t really get the time off work. (A bookie taking Grand National day off is a bit like Santa Claus throwing a sickie on December 25th). Football was made for days as glorious as yesterday, I would absolutely love it to be played through the summer, a season running from February to November, that would suit me. It would give me more opportunity to stand outside the Tavern, with my shades masking my wandering eyes analysing any passing talent.

There was immediately a sense that the atmospehere would be different today, for the first time in living memory singing started BEFORE kick off at a home game. The chief’s rallying cry earlier in the week (Gooners YOUR club needs your voice) appeared to manifest itself in the larynxes of 60,000. From the very first minute of the game, Bolton were trying to waste time, Ricardo Gardner took an age to take the first throw in of the game, Jaaskelainen dragged his feet on goal kicks. Later on, amazingly, he would verbally lambast a ball boy for not returning the ball to him quickly enough. It was almost as hypocritical an action as Diouf hauling Eboue down and accusing him of diving. However, there was a sickening inevitability about what was to happen in the ninth minute. Campo lumped in a long free kick, Davies outjumped Eboue, leaving Nolan free on the byline. Nolan headed goalwards and Lehmann could only palm the ball back to Anelka who blasted the ball in. Gallas attempted to punch it out, but failed. Happily, the referee had the common sense to give the goal, rahther than send Gallas off. If only a certain Norwegian official had done likewise in Paris.

The Gunners’ looked shaken, with Anelka’s pace terrifying the back line. He received a Speed pass and veered goalwards amidst a back peddling Gunners rearguard, but dragged his shot wide. Bolton’s set pieces saw the Gunners’ wracked with nerves, with Gilberto tucking into left back to protect Clichy from the wayward elbows of Kevin Davies. At this point, I would have gladly accepted the draw, but Arsenal had other ideas. Given some shocking form of late, it was amazing that they could show the mental capabilities to react. We have a side of unquestionable talent, but whether we have a side of winners is an altogether different conundrum. Chelsea and United demonstrated in the week a refusal to lose, an inner determination insulating them against defeat. Well Arsenal also showed that yesterday, they refused to be ebaten. Rosicky was the catalyst, he took responsibility, receiving the ball in dangerous positions and drawing the ‘oohs and aahs’ of the crowd with a couple of range finders. Freddie began to dig in and do battle, making penetrative runs that put one on mind of 2002. He dispossessed Faye and made a beeline for goal, played in Adebayor, who could only blaze straight at the keeper from close range. Ljungberg arrowed a free kick that he won narrowly over. Toure launched one a couple of missiles from range, stinging the palms of Jaaskelainen.

It was a matter of time before the equaliser, and it was a gloriously un-Arsenal goal. Hleb’s probing pass found Adebayor in space on the edge of the box, Ade chipped in a sumtuous cross towards the back stick and Rosicky took a Piresesque gamble, marauding into the area and barging Hunt off the ball, before scrappily tucking it beyond the reach of Jaaskelainen. There could not have been a more apt goalscorer. Game on. The Gunners’ were straight back at it after the break, Gilberto’s calm assurance, together with Gallas’s steal and Toure’s pace made for a comfortable second half at the back, but Gilberto went all creative on us with a delightful slide rule pass to Fabregas, he deftly touched it past the sliding Nicky Hunt (sounds like cockney rhyming slang doesn’t it?) and collected himself. It seemed to take him an age to take another touch, make sure Ljungberg and Faye weren’t blocking his view, before calmly firing into the net. He showed a coolness in front of goal that has deserted Arsenal all season. There was nothing composed about his celebration as he boxed the air in delight, his veins throbbing with relief. I always enjoy seeing Arsenal players celebrate like that. Once again, there could not ahve been a more apt goalscorer. Cesc grabbed this game by the proverbials, slammed it up against the wall and demanded it’s lunch money. He was sensational, tough and committed in the tackle and gracile and balletic in possession. The change in his physical approach to the game makes St. James’s Park and Goodison Park last season seem a different lifetime ago. He has gritted his teeth and sharpened his resolve, Arsenal don’t get bullied anymore and this is down to Cesc and his huge desire to improve. The fact that he physically mastered Bolton to the point that Kevin Nolan was replaced perfectly chrystalised this new facet to his game.

Bolton shrunk like a flacid cock thereafter, unable to cope with Arsenal’s new found exuberenece and aware that they couldn’t kick us off the park anymore. Campo was switched to left back because Gardner just couldn’t get to grips with Hleb, who was the orchestrator of many of our best moves. He could have killed the game off, as a Hunt clearance fell to his feet, he shimmied beautifully past Campo but pulled his shot agonisingly wide. Unfortunately, Ljungberg was to go off injured, Murphy’s Law because this was his best display since the Tottenham game in December. Diaby came on and should have scored almost immediately. Adebayor collected Rosicky’s pass, flighted in another precise cross only for Diaby to approach it at an awkward angle and head it wide. The odious little so and so Campo was to again see red against Arsenal after two poorly timed tackles saw him receive his marching orders. Bolton have now received seven red cards in six seasons against Arsenal, an insight into the ‘tactics’ the fat one adopts. Them in the Champions League? It would be a travesty. The chance that was to follow was pure folly, Fabregas split the creaking Bolton backline for Diaby to run onto. Bafflingly, Baptista tried to shrug Diaby off the ball when he was in an offside position, if Baptista had been allowed to receive the ball he would have been flagged offside. Diaby managed to shrug him off, but with his concentration having been robbed of him, he shot tamely at Jaaskelainen. Bolton went straight up the other end and won a corner and I really felt the sucker punch was coming. Hearts flew into mouths in injry time as the ball jumped up and hit Eboue’s hand in the area. The look of guilt and the hasty hook into touch said it all, I think it was a clear penalty, but my heart doesn’t exactly bleed for Allardyce right now. Thankfully, the final whistle sounded to a huge sigh of relief. The mental faculties of the performance, together with the quality of the football were especially pleasing. But that age old problem of finishing proved to be our hubris, we should have run up a cricket core. That is a conundrum that will have to be remedied in the summer. You want my two cents? I think we should re-sign Anelka. LD.


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  • Excellent read Tim (as usual) and an excellent day out at the Grove. Beautiful weather, beautiful football, ******** beautiful result.

  • buying Anelka would be a good bet, I also heard that that a certain Michael Owen might be on the market… Anyway, yesterday’s win and especially Fabregas scoring the winner was a HUGE relief. Come on you Arsenal!!!

  • Beautiful women as well. The adavantage of the front row of the upper tier is the opportunity to peer down on club level and, well, I think you get my drift!

  • God no, anyone but Owen, peeeeuw. Lazy, would miss training to film the latest lard flavoured sweets. Selling obesity to children ain’t a good look, plus he’s lazy. Anelka I would have back in a second.

  • true true…but Anelka doesn’t come without baggage himself. Though, i just hope he has learnt his lesson; not to listen to his *****e-like brothers. Btw Bendtner scored yesterday…

  • can;t help but think that we need a fox-in-the-box and a good goalkeeper…as much as I love Mad Jens, it seems that he’s been off the pace recently…

  • I think Anelka is a clinical finisher and I could see him finishing our good work, I can see him linking up with VP, TH and Ade. If he signed for us, it’d be an acknowledgement on his part that he’d made a mistake. I think he’d come back as well, AW has unfinished business with Anelka and he’s at a good age now.

  • I was at the game yesterday and the article sums up the day perfectly. If only the atmosphere can be like that in every home match. For the first time I was really losing my patience with the team when we went 1-0 down and didn’t think we could come back. The Arsenal fans to their credit kept up their support for the team. I also agree about Anelka – I think he would be an excellent buy for Arsenal right now.

  • But the problem has been that nearly all our current players seem to drop back or tend to go over to the left side à la Thierry Henry, thereby leaving noone in the middle. But, if Anelka can do what Titi did for us then no problems for me. I’d take any good striker who can do the job for us.

  • ooooh anelka eh ? not a bad idea to be honest. I think wenger has too much pride to bring him back though.

  • I think Wenger would take him in a second, he was quoted a few months ago as saying that Anelka was his biggest regret, there’s unfinished business. I think the board would be less than chuffed, but if AW wants him I’m sure they’d relent. A bit like when Sugar took Klinsmann back.

  • I somehow doubt it, LD. Wenger has never re-signed a player and I agree with hazza. But Cesc – man of the match for me, fantastic performance, and I was chuffed that he scored, and boy, did he look like he enjoyed it. I love it when a goal means so much to players, and it was very evident that this goal meant a lot to cesc.

  • Wenger has the most open mind in the PL. If he thought Anelka could propell us back to champions he would sign him if the price was right. His sole objective, by his own words, is to make Arsenal the greatest club in the world, and if he wants Anelka, he will get him.

  • These games are the ones that show why Rosicky and Hleb are at the Arsenal, i like both and thought rosicky was particularly good. How un-arsenal like ey, two mid-fielders scored and Gilberto played a through ball. Bizarro world. Oh yeah and Hleb and Tommy haters ***** off.

  • hand ball in the box….i would like to know how the ball hitting eboue on the hand nowhere near the goal and moving in the direction away from goal constitutes a penalty….indirect free kick maybe,but c’mon a penalty thats ballacks.i know everyone seems to think that it is a pen,but what about common sense.

  • The thing is, the media have distorted the view of handball in the area. It doesn’t matter that the ball was going away from goal, it doesn’t have to be intentional. If Eboue had tripped Davies in the same area, would it not have been a pen because Davies was going away from goal? Bottom line, the ball struck his hand from a long distance, the contact came from his hand, it was a penalty. Because Andy Gray is teeling everyone the rule is different, handball has become a controversial point, it never used to be. That said, I’m very glad it wasn’t given.

  • Isn’t there a difference between deliberate handball and ball to hand, when the ball hits you and there’s nothing you can do about it?

  • Was ten out fo ten for me, he covered every blade of grass. How does wenger get these players spotted.

  • Sometimes you don’t mean to trip a player in the area, but you do. Unless the ball is blasted at your hand, which is down by your side, from close range, it is a penalty. Eboue’s arm was out and it was hit from long range, as usual sky have made a different rule and eveybody has followed it.

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