Date: 12th September 2006 at 9:22pm
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Francesc Fabregas continues to leave me dumbfounded with his continued acts of loyalty towards the mighty Gunners.

The latest installment in the career of Fabregas see’s him ready to sign a contract for a massive 8 more years!

In today’s pre-match press conference, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger reaveled the details of the contract.

‘The real new contract is now. Nineteen plus eight is 27. There are not many longer contracts.

‘But when you are 19-years-old and are already a regular player in the team, I do not have a problem. It is a wonderful commitment from him.’

‘It is a reward for us because we brought him over at 16 years of age,’

Fabregas was reportedly targetted by Real Madrid in the summer, but this new revelation will see the young Spaniard go down as a legend in the eyes of the Ashburton faithful.


15 Replies to “Cesc Set To Sign Massive Deal”

  • how much appreciation does that show. his commitment is the best. and im looking forward to watching cesc become the best midfeilder in the world

  • our future is secure, we will be THE team in 2-3 years. now its time to up our performances for the time bring as we dont look anything like fighting for the league

  • Unbelievable…he could teach c-ashley a thing or two bout loyalty and commitment…He definately will be the best midfielder in the world..Future looks bright for the gunners…

  • sign him up, sign him up, sign him up… he’s not yet the world’s best, but if he carries on maturing at this rate, he will be one of the topfive midfielders in the world within the next 2 years… we must rememebr that he is STILL only 19, and this is the reason why he’ll occassionally put in a performance which is as interstellar as those that we know he can. We must all rememebr ti be patient with Cesc, he’s still a boy, though playing with the maturity and skill of a man most games. »»Arsene Knows««

  • Excellent news for all gunners. For me there is only 1 word I can describe this – Loyalty being rewarded for his committement by Cesc and Arsene rewarding him for his loyalty.

  • it is great news, but i do wonder if they ever think about honouring it, yes perhaps he does now, but what if he goes and has a great euro 08 or world cup in 2010, maybe he will then be poached, or arsenal are offered 50 mill or some ridiculous figure. there is only one loyalty in football and that is the fans, we never change teams. i am very happy but i always wonder if the contracts are worth the paper they are printed on.

    When is a cup half full or half empty. Have faith, I believe and have said we have the team of the future. No matter how much is offered if they are true gunners they stay as long as we want them., and then some. To Cesc well done mate we will be cheering you on for many many years.

  • Congratulations on securing a very talented player. I doubt Wenger will be there for the next 8 years though?

  • i know awaysgunner, it is a good thing and i also believe wenger will be there another 8 years, yes the future is bright !

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