Date: 2nd July 2007 at 2:01pm
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On the day that Arsenal fans got their second signing of the summer, there was some more fantastic news for us Gooners.

Cesc’s agent has confirmed that the little midfield man intends to stay at Arsenal, despite the departure of captain Thierry Henry.

Speculation over Fabregas’ future has refused to go away since last summer, with both Real Madrid and Barcelona said to be interested in Cesc.

Speaking to The BBC Joseba Diaz said: ‘These stories are normal but there is absolutely no truth in them whatsoever.

‘Cesc is happy for Thierry as they are friends. But he can’t wait to start the season, he is a key man for Arsenal.’

‘Thierry was a very important player for them and it is normal that now he is no longer there, everyone thinks it is very bad news for the club.

‘But Arsenal are going to buy a lot of good players and they are going to be a major team both in the Premier League and Champions League.

‘Without Thierry, Cesc is one of the best players at Arsenal and this is fine for him, he is happy with the responsibility.

‘At the moment Cesc is on holiday, but he is very excited about the new campaign.’


51 Replies to “Cesc Not Interested In Real Or Barca”

  • So, none of em wanted him then? Eventho his Agent desperately tried to sell him.

  • Cue loads of numpties telling is it aint true. Cesc seem to be intelligent, move to Barca/Real would be detrimental to his career atm.

  • yeh thats right blue,like you cant sell drogba and fat frank,they only want to leave before they die of boredom.

  • As a United fan,I hope your replace Henry with a quality player and I’m glad your your keeping Fabregas.There is nothing more boring than a two horse race.

  • Don’t want to sound like I’m teaching granny to suck eggs Simmo, but Da Silva is our third signing this summer. Fabianski and Nordveit were first and second. It’s great news about Cesc though!

  • Cesc is the real deal! Scary to think that this young maestro will get even better!

  • LOL Simmy… Take it like a man… Chin up. He is our 3rd signing of the summer! They are few enougjh as they are, no need diminishing them…

    Exactly where does Fabianski get off being a major signing and Nordveit isnt? Give the guy his due LOL

  • on topic, I am also glad Cesc came out and said that, not becase I believed he was actually going, but rather because its always good to have what you strongly feel is true actually confirmed as such.

  • Fabianski is 6 years older than Nordviet, and tipped to challenge Lehmann this season, that’s where he gets off being a major signing. 😛

  • LOL. Weeellll? I guess. but he is only tipped. As long as Almunia is still on our books, I doubt he will be number 2 this seasn. Just my thoughts though. I think he will take a season to learn his trade in the carling cup first off.

  • Cesc is the first name on our team sheet for the forseeable, the team should be designed around him

  • I like the fact that we are/will be seen as underdogs in the EPL this year. With the right attitude and preparations, everyone will be eating their own words – the press, Drogba, Fat Martin Jol…

  • Andy-Bayor, you started writing your masterpiece yet?? You know you’re going to lose this bet!!

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