Date: 4th July 2006 at 6:04pm
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It appears that Cesc Fabregas’ agent has been seeking a bumper pay day by trying to negotiate a deal for Cesc to move to Madrid, aparently without consulting him first.

Joseba Diaz reckons that Fabregas would be interested but the agent does not do the dirty on Arsenal. Errr……right then.

‘We had meetings before the elections and there would be no problems on our side, but now they have to speak to Arsenal and see what they say,’ Diaz told Marca.

‘We have always said we are very thankful to Arsenal. We would never try a dirty trick on Arsenal and whatever has to happen will happen.’

‘I don’t think Arsenal would want to let the player go for all the gold in the world and we’ll have to wait and see now.’

‘If the player wants to go to Real Madrid I don’t think the negotiations will take very long. The situation is not easy, but in life nothing is impossible.’

‘I can’t answer for Cesc because imagine if I say he wants to play for Real Madrid and he then has to stay at Arsenal or if I say he doesn’t want to play for Real Madrid and then he signs tomorrow,’ he continued.

‘You have to be intelligent.’

‘It’s very difficult when the best team in the world comes knocking to say no.’

‘What’s obvious is that Real Madrid have come knocking at Cesc’s door and that Cesc obviously thinks Real Madrid are a great team.’

‘He has always said that he would like to return to Spain, but whether that will be this year, next year or in two years’ time, I don’t know.’

For me, this is one of two possibilities. 1. This is Fabregas’ greedy agent trying to engineer a move that would see him pockets millions. or 2. This is more fabricated nonsense from Real Madrid’s very own daily rag in an attempt to unsettle the lad.

It’s safe to say, that having only revealed his new number yesterday (not to mention saying countless times he is happy at Arsenal)he will be a Gooner this coming season.


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  • To be fair, if you we’re a youngster in England and never actually got to play 1st team footy for one of your own top clubs, no matter who you play for in any country, you want to go home to play the footy you’ve watched as a kid. Also family and friends mean a lot to people. You’ll get a fortune for him anyway so whats the problem ? Hope he goes to be honest, you nicked him in the 1st place anyway

  • What is the agent doing to a young boy fabregas.Fabregas choose your path(ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Boony the sp*rs fan just wants Cesc to leave because he is better than all of there players anyway.

  • Hmmm… if you look at the flip side and Fabregas was interested in joining Madrid, this is how you would expect his agent to break it. I am getting more and more concerned about the whole situation to be honest, but I take heart that it will take a hell of a lot of money to prise him away.

  • now do you see the benefits of buying English you suckers.
    Anyway you still got diaby oooopps

  • Agents are what they really are! Money comes foremost as millers4eva rightly stated. Howhe ever, at of the day, it’s the subject (Cesc) that hishould have the final say. I bet he happy with Arsenal at this stage and will remain so for a while.

  • I don’t know what Fabregas is really like, but he owes a huge debt to Arsene Wenger who got him into first team football and onto the world stage.

  • to think fabregas is better than every spurs player is a bold statement and a little naive if you ask me super cesc! he’s a good player and definatly one for the future, but behave!

  • I’m not getting into an argument with anyone on this one Elmo, but as a matter of interest, which Spurs players do you think are better?

  • Lennon is not better than Cesc. Fabregas has proved himself on every stage of football at a consistent level over a sustained period of time. Lennon IS a very good player, played well in the PL last year, either didnt play well or didnt play in the cup games as your results show and has never played in Europe. He did look good when he came on for England but had so little time you couldnt possibly use that in your argument………………….I think Real would have to shell out between 25 and 30 Million to get him from us.

  • Cesc is a very good player but id say he has played at every level not proved his self at every level .He had an ok World Cup but Viera gave him a footballing lesson in the france game and just Because he has played at every level dose that make him a better play

  • He has proved himself at all levels, he was awesome in the Champions League, he ran riot against Real Madrid & Juventus (he gave Vieira a footballing lesson long before the world cup) and he is obviously proved domestically plus he had more impact on his national team than Lennon had for England (even though I have said before I rate him very highly)

  • Dont be silly! he played well when he came on for Spain but when he started he was sh*t ! Everytime Lennon came on he changed the game for England. As for the Champions League i cant really argue because Lennon aint had that chance yet but you cant say Cesc is a better player just because he has

  • I dont see how Lennon changed the game when he came on for 3 minutes against Equador I think it was, and he was pretty anonymous against Portugal, it wasn’t his fault but he still wasn’t involved much. I just dont see how you can say Lennon is a better player from a few minutes here and there for England and half a season for Spurs. Cesc played in over 30 matches for 2 consecutive seasons and filled the void left by Vieira which is no mean feat for a 19 year old. Lennon MAY become a better player, but at the minute Cesc wins that battle.

  • In one season Lennon has came from a squad player at Leeds to playing 29 games for Spurs and then on to the World Cup where if we had had a manager who had some balls he would have shown everyone what he can do! Also why dose playing more games make him better ?I think this might be something we have to agree to disagree on

  • You’re probably right (that we will agree to disagree not that Lennon is better than Cesc) We’d be here forever otherwise.

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