Date: 8th September 2006 at 11:23am
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Man Utd’s Michael Carrick has admitted that he only joined Spurs because he proposed move to Arsenal fell through.

Carrick singed for Spurs from West Ham to use the second club of North London as a stepping stone to the big time after the move he wanted to Arsenal fell through when Patrick Vieira decided to stay.

It has often been rumoured that Wenger was close to signing Carrick but this is the first time the player has spoekn about it publically.

Speaking the Manchester United magazine, the player said, ‘There was interest from Arsenal before I joined Spurs,’

‘Vieira was meant to be leaving but at the time it didn’t work out.’

‘That is the way football goes. Sometimes it takes you down paths you don’t expect.’

So cheers Paddy, no only did we miss out on 12 Million quid that we would have made on your sale to Real Madrid, but we missed the opportunity of a life time to fleece Man Utd out of £18.6million for an overrated player.

That’s football eh!


61 Replies to “Carrick Would Have Joined Arsenal”

  • Carrick is a great passer of a ball, but the boy can’t tackle to save his life. He would only be cover for Fabregas.

  • Yeah, if we’d have signed him it might have stunted Cesc’s development. Good player, but if he’s worth £18.6m I’m a Dutchman. (Which I’m not, despite the log in name).

  • Shame, would’ve loved to have seen him with us. Tho it’s good of him now to have told all the Spurts****s that he wanted to join us rather than them haha

  • Indeed LD thank god we didnt buy him, fabregas is twice the player he is. And once again shows the scum tracking any player we do, and taking our rejects. And like smokin said of course he wanted to come here, poor guy probbaly wanted to win something. unlike spurs fans think, 5th place in one season in a decade of mediocrity doesnt make the team world beaters.

  • help win us a fa cup and get us to cl final ? two things you havent achived in a very long time and wont. what has carrick helped you achieve ? 10 man everton are good as well, and bolton. Your mediocre at best, did better last season cos you only had 40 games. Desperation buy of mido cos you realised you were rubbish and paniced. The proof is in the history, weve won loads, youve won nothing, and at the end of the day i cant be bothered to state it because your not even an arsenal rival.

  • listen, bore off with your ********* mate, we’re past all that on here, blah blah blah mediocre blah blah blah, ******** boring it is. i see by your name your probably a new member judging by your name, so i will let this slip this time silly *********.

  • oh and btw hes first choice in the spanish team, which as much as i love england, we all know are better than us. Carrick is barely a bit part player. maybe i renamed because i really like the new player we have ? who btw also rejected you.

  • he would have been a good addition but then again we like wha t we have now. we always “almost signed” this player or that player though. weird

  • I think people are letting their emotions talk l feel it was a big possibility thet he would have come but the only reason he did not do so was the progress of cesc

  • Artyb, Are you being serious……………? Why didn’t he join us……..? Errrrrm because Viera never went to Real so we didn’t need him…………..!!! anything else I can help you with………???

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