Date: 24th January 2013 at 12:32pm
Written by:

Arsenal are not the force they once were and I`ve stared to accept that.

I have been guilty of building up the team leading into the new season many times and this season I genuinely believed we would be more competitive despite selling RVP. How wrong I was. It`s been depressing at times, none more so than the embarrassing defeat to League Two side Bradford in the Capital One Cup.

But the shame of that night has been replaced with anger following the dismal first half performance against Chelsea. I genuinely thought we would get a result at the Bridge and I think we would of had Giroud not Gervinhio`d his early chance.

I don`t know who was dressed as Sagna but it was an awful imitation of a right back rated by many as the league`s best. As good as Sagna has been for Arsenal, I think he should have been made to win his place back from Jenkinson when he returned from injury instead of just waltzing back into the team.
Young Jenks was in-form and even earned himself an England call-up so why drop him for a player who is returning from his second leg break in three years?

We are currently on the lowest points total at this stage in the season under Wenger and look pretty certain of missing out on Champions League football.

Am I the only one thinking that could be a good thing?

It will give Wenger and especially the board a swift kick up the bum that everyone knows is needed for the direction of the club to change. They are so concerned with making fourth place but what is the point of playing Champions League football if we`ve got a team that has no chance of winning the trophy?
Some were saying we got a decent draw in Bayern Munich in the last 16, I am absolutely dreading both games and don`t think it will even be a contest.

But that doesn`t say much when I am full of trepidation about a trip to Brighton.

If you were to offer me a sixth place finish but an FA Cup triumph I would take it because I`m sure I wouldn`t be alone in wanting to enjoy the winning feeling once again. We`ve got money and will not be like Liverpool when they dropped out of the ‘big four`. Arsenal can rise again but it will be a case of going one step back to go two steps forward.

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