Date: 29th October 2006 at 12:39pm
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After another display of defensive football from a visiting team at Ashburton Grove yesterday, Arsene Wenger has spoken out about the negative tactics that are threatening our beautiful game.

All too often teams come to Arsenal knowing that if they take the game to the Gunners then in all likelyhood, they will get ripped apart, but if they can sneak a goal and the build a preverbial wall in front of their goal then at the very least they can earn a draw, which lets be honest, is a great result for anyone coming to the Home of Football.

Can we really blame them?

Speaking on behalf of myself, I go to football because it’s exciting, even in the old George Graham days when the football wasn’t that great there was always that air of ‘anything could happen’, especially with Wrighty, Merse & Anders Limpar on the pitch. But now it’s getting all too predictable.

Arsene Wenger takes the wheel,

‘Every game we don’t win is a massive disappointment. ‘

‘It was very frustrating against a team with zero shots on or off target and when you have 70% of the ball. From the first minute to the last the goalkeeper was placing goal-kicks from the left and then moving them to the right.’

‘They were standing in front of the ball at free-kicks. It was negative but that’s the way the game is going at the moment.

‘It’s like a film you have seen 10 times. It is becoming boring.’

I’ve been asked many times by Chelsea fans visiting this site if I would prefer boring football and many trophies or exciting football and be ‘always the bridesmaid’, and after many hours contemplation my answer is……

As long as my team leaves me feeling fullfilled then I’m happy.

If I am entertained and I feel the money I’ve paid for ticket and travel has been well spent then I can bide my time for trophies.

I don’t want to be one of these people who must win at all costs, especially if that cost is ultimately the main reason I watch football in the first place. Excitement.