Date: 24th November 2006 at 3:51pm
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The Gunners travel to Bolton on Saturday in search of a long overdue win against The Trotters. The Gunners were beaten 2-0 in this fixture last season thanks to Sam ‘slip us a bung’ Allardyce’s anti-football tactics.

Do you think the big man got football confused with the American version?

Vital Quotes:

It would seem that the fat, vile creature that is Sam Allardyce is proud of the fact that he can’t actually manage a football team: ‘It is wonderful to hear Arsene Wenger slaughtering our tactics.

‘It is a great honour for me to hear any manager slagging Bolton off, particularly when it is one of the big boys.

‘Rafael Benitez has had a go at it, Arsene Wenger has had a go at it and Jose Mourinho had a go at it in his first season. Long may it continue, that’s all I can say.’

Arsenal’s midfield star Cesc Fabregas says that Bolton’s brand of football will not intimidate Arsenal as it did last year at the Reebok: ‘It is a big weekend for us, especially if we can get three points in a difficult stadium.

‘This year we are physically much stronger, we are playing so well and I think we can do something.

‘We need to be ready from the first minute, have to do our best and score first – even if that is in the last minute.’

Arsenal Team News:

Both Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie will be missing in attack leaving Jeremie Aliadiere, Julio Baptista, Manu Adebayor and Theo Walcott to fight it out for the starting place(s).

Both Tomas Rosicky and William Gallas will miss this game but both could return as soon as the away game to Porto.

There is some good news on Lauren though, the right back is now back in training with the team and will return to action in early January. Abou Diaby is still on being treated for his injury but should return to training early in the new year.

Player to watch: Julio Baptista

The Beast could prove to be the difference in this game. His power may just come in useful and he will be high on confidence after his goal in midweek.

Bolton Team News:

Kevin ‘poor mans lampard’ Nolan returns for Bolton after missing their last game due to the birth of his child. Man United reject Quinton Fortune returns but Ricardo Gardner misses the game.

Player to watch: Le Sulk

The little girl hasn’t got a Premiership goal yet this season so he will be up for this one.

Match Facts & Stats

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Wingston75: “Fat sam, the one time moustachioed pie crust munching, swill supping grotesque lump of dough who made history by becoming the first Ork to manage a premiership football club, and more recently of late, the alleged bung-taking backhander mechant, has been bragging in friday’s mirror of being the man who taught the premiership how to ‘beat up arsenal’.

in between fipping a ball up on his tail and clapping his fins together, the walrus of football (no relation to the walrus of love, the late barry white…) opined, “Most Premiership clubs have followed what we have done since our success against them and they have been successful too.

“We’ve got a good record against Arsenal and we know the type of football we’ve got to play against them.”

yes, that type of football being lame, negative, boring football, if you can call it football. Football is meant to consist of the ball being played predominatly with feet, not lumping it into the air, or launching long throws into the box, and clattering the nearest opposing player in the hope of breaking his ribs.

Fat sam, we salute you. Not for being a walrus or an ork. Certainly not for your team’s brand of football. No, we salute you for having the audacity to be proud of your team’s style of play. Leyton Orient play better football than Your mob.

Here’s hoping we stuff his trotters down his throat come Saturday evening.”


13 Replies to “Bolton V Arsenal”

  • It would appear that Arsenal now wish to present a volley of personal abuse hidden as preview rather than intelligently speak about how they can present team that can beat Bolton on their patch. Let us not forget that the reason that they don’t win every game 10-0 is entirely the oppostions fault. Name calling is really quite pathetic, and the moment teams play with defenders its immediately christened anti football, as if there was the expectations that somehow other teams don’t have the right to protect their own interests. Without Henry and Van Persie it is going to really really tough. Would have had more impact if the author could have spelt orc correctly. It is funny how the All Blacks hid their fear of England by describing them as orcs on their way to losing to them … history repeating itself?

  • we’re gonna win this time around.. think wenger will start with baptista and adebayor.. for that extra physicality..

  • SH – It’s called having a bit of fun. There is no malice intended. You may want to go along with the Chelsea lot when Abramovich buys them their free sense of humour, I think they’re getting their next week.

  • SH, If your that concerned with rugby then I would suggest that you find a rugby site to discuss it. Besides, it was a fan, not the team calling Bolton orcs.

  • It wasn’t the team calling England orc either, it was the press and the fans. It is still a statement that smacks of fear whatever sport it is used in

  • That must be why Spurs fans are always on here taking the p1ss then eh!?!?!? And WSV must be scared of everything and everybody in the world.

  • Do we call you ‘orcs’? Its a fear of the physical threat a team presents … I’ve never heard of you lot described as a physical side.

  • So it’s ok to take the mickey out of a team or player as long as you dont use the word ‘orc’ or use the word against a team who is non-physical. What rubbish. I usually respect your opinion but this is complete nonsense. Mickey taking is mickey taking which ever way you look at it, so either accept it, because lets face it, your fans do it more than any, or I’d like to see you condem yourown fans.

  • SH im sure you can find a statistic that tells you how many players have been sent off in the Wenger era? up until a couple of years ago we were a very physical side, you dont go 49 games unbeaten without being tough. You need to go to the sp*rs vital site and see the poison that comes out of some of your fans mouths, thats what fear aligned to a lack of success does to you not the use of the word “orc”

  • HAHAHAHA!!! Anelka was awesome, just brushed off ALL the booing and scored two GREAT goals!!! AND YET AGAIN YOUR FANS WERE SILENT AND STREAMED OUT EARLY!!!!

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