Date: 28th January 2007 at 12:57pm
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It seems Alex Fergusson doesn’t have the tactical nous to pull Arsene Wenger’s team to bits, or even common sense to shut his mouth.

The United manager made petty jibes towards the Arsenal manager after Mathieu Flamini revealed Wenger had told his boys they could still win the game in his half time team talk in the victory over Man Utd last week.

Flamini claimed that Arsene had told his squad that the Man Utd team tire towards that last 20 minutes of a match and tend to ship in goals in that time.

Ol’ purple nose responded with the classiest of remarks.

‘I am not sure what his point was; maybe he was trying to make himself look great again – ‘I am the great Arsène Wenger’.’

His point was Fergie, that your team DOES tire towards the end, it DOES concede late goals in an almost embarrassingly fashion at that point of a game and Arsenal HAVE scored more late goals this season than any other team in the league.

So I guess what Mr. Wenger was trying to get across was that Arsenal could still win the game, HEY, and guess what?! They beat you for the second time this season.

It’s called ‘man management’ Fergie, you should try it instead of shooting your mouth off before you blow your chance at a title for the first time in four years.


16 Replies to “Bitter Fergie Resorts To Petty Jibes”

  • It’s nice that things are getting back to normal though. Chelsea re sh** again, and Fergie & Wenger are taunting each other….and once again, Spurs are mid table!!

  • As much as i hope man u beat chelsea to the title, cos if we are honest with ourselves neither us or liverpool are gonna get there this season, i wish ferguson and mourinho would both be banned from speaking, with high court gag orders. Everytime either one of the two quacks open there mouth you just think that all the crap could’ve been avoided if they thought before they spoke (so thats where Beckham and Joe Cole got it from). I hate Man U, but hate chelski more.

    And anyways, ‘He is the great Arsene Wenger’, but still that doesnt mean something Flamini said in French is word for word what Wenger said in English, and it wasnt like he even said it to the press so maybe Fergie should worry more about what he’s saying to his team than what Arsene’s saying to the gunners.

  • How is Wenger making himself look great again by telling his players to not give up in the final minutes. It wasnt Wenger who even came out in public with the comment.

  • I say we should enjoy the Fergie – Wenger ‘wars’ while we can. Fergie is bound to retire in a few seasons and the older he is, the sillier he gets. Now he is replying to words that Wenger could never have said, and it could be that Flam is just taking the pi$$ out of everyone. This season saw Mr. Wenger raise a few eyebrows by losing his calm when provoked by the tw*t in charge of Charlton, which was something we’ve never seen before. With Jose in sh1te up to his ears, the reigniting of the rivalry between the two is just a blessing in disguise! And as Rocky said, it is a sign of things going back to normal. I bet Flamster is laughing somewhere…

  • I bet Fergie is on his way down to the Emirates right now…….Not to apologise or sort this argument out he just cant remember what week were in! He’s forgotten we played (and beat) United last week. Senile old fool. If you see an old guy sleeping on the piccadilly line smelling of whisky that’ll be Fergie!

  • Now now lads. He may be an “old” soak, he may be way out of line with his latest crap but he’s also (sob, sob) the same age as me. :o)

  • Lol, il have to stop my ageism! Fergie was probably just upset that his ‘meals on wheels’ was late!

  • fergie, mebbe he was trying to tell his team they could still whip ur a&$^. and u know what – we did just that. poor man sounds silly.

  • What a load of crap. United DOES tire, you say? They conceded goals (and lost points) in the last 20 minutes against Newcastle, Arsenal, West Ham, Copenhagen and Celtic. Scored important goals in the last 20 minutes against Boro, Villa, Reading, Charlton, Sheffield, Man City and now Pompey. So, do we tire or are we strong at the end? I believe it was Flamini who started all this with his nonsense claims. But of course his brain is not his strongest point. Shame his football is mediocre, too…

  • Still he could always be as average as o shea and fletcher! Anyway, your an old team, fact of course you are going to get tired more quickly than our team of youngsters, thats naturem thats life. Still if you all keep popping the sanatogen you may just drag those zimmers over the finishing line in front of chelski, arsenal or the micky’s!

  • United have conceded more goals in the last 20 minutes than anyone in the league, Arsenal have scored more i the last 20 than anyone else in the league, statistics say that Arsenal would score, and of course we did…..twice. Wenger was merely pointing out this, and it turned out correct, so how you can argue with it is beyond me.

  • Mind game are Fergies strong point, he will always come out on top whilst he is winning, but bitterly quiet when his team are not top dogs.

  • Wenger was bemused by the suggestion that a remark to his players in the privacy of his team’s dressing-room was an attempt at self-aggrandisement, but, while even Ferguson acknowledged that United have been conceding too many late goals in recent weeks, the Arsenal manager felt that his comments had been taken out of context. “It was 0-0 at half-time and I said: ‘Continue to play until the last minute because at Old Trafford [in September], we scored in the last five minutes,’ ” he said. “I didn’t say they crumble in the last 20 minutes. Maybe they do concede more goals in the last 20, but what people forget is that they’re often 3-0 up. That’s why they’re top of the league. They don’t collapse.” – That was Wenger’s response to Fergie’s ill-timed tirade. Instead of turning it into another war of words, he simply clarified his stance, gave credit to Man U for being top of the league, and moved on. Why Fergie got so worked up about something a player said about a dressing room comment is beyond me. Frankly I found it hilarious that United conceded in the last ten minutes AGAIN, and damn near coughed up a late equalizer to boot. If Fergie’s getting that anxious over the comments of a manager who’s team isn’t even in the title hunt anymore, then he’s clearly not nearly as calm and collected as some people make him out to be. And that’ll be to United’s detriment.

  • Its ok having a pop when your on top of the league points clear, he was not this gobby for the last two seasons was he!! Lets just hope things stay fine for him … NOT

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