Date: 18th March 2009 at 1:27am
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After a controversial FA Cup quarter final at Ashburton Grove, Hull City manager unleashed a rabid rant aimed at practically every person involved with Arsenal Football Club after his side slumped to a 2-1 defeat.

Former club captain, William Gallas scored a late winner against Hull from an offside position but replays showed (or should as say one replay, as most angles where inconclusive) that Johan Djourou did indeed get a touch to the ball which eventually found it’s way to Gallas. Unlucky indeed, but Hull City Gaffer Phil Brown let rip at match officials, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal fans for, apparently, cheating the Tigers out of a place in the semi finals.

“I can`t use that word I`m afraid ? but that`s the case. I`m glad you said that word . . . thank you. We lost the game unfairly. But I didn`t use the word cheat, you did.’ ranted Brown

‘It`s very hard to take. The game was turned on its head when the referee succumbed to local pressure. The referee bowed to pressure from the crowd and from Arsène Wenger. It`s an absolute disgrace, to tell you the truth. We`ve not been beaten by Arsenal, who are fourth in the Premier League, we`ve been beaten by the linesman. It`s disgraceful.”

The Tigers gaffer also slated Arsenal fans for booing his players for time wasting after only 15 minutes. What’s worse? Booing for time wasting after only 15 minutes, or time wasting after only 15 minutes? Arsenal fans paid their money to watch 90 minutes of football, not the the 60 dished out by Hull.

Brown then turned his attentions to current Arsenal captain, claiming he’d spat at the feet of City assistant manager Brian Horton.

‘Fàbregas spat at our assistant manager,” Brown claimed. “I was there, I witnessed it, he spat at my assistant manager down the tunnel. That`s their club captain. Hopefully he`s proud of himself. He spat at his feet. My club captain wouldn`t do that and I`m not bothered if he apologises. For Arsenal`s club captain to spit at my assistant shows you what this club is all about.”

Weirdly enough, this accusation that Cesc spat at Horton’s feet in the players tunnel came shortly after Brown claimed live on Setanta that Fabregas spat in Horton’s face on the pitch.

Fabregas strenuously denies the allegations, “I absolutely and categorically deny I spat at anyone and I cannot understand why Hull are making these accusations against me.’