Date: 16th February 2016 at 1:05pm
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Arsenal`s injury woes have carried on for so many years now that most fans are jaded by it, we don`t get frustrated anymore we just shrug our shoulders and think “meh”, so to have a whole host of key players returning from injury at just the right time is a rare treat for Gooners and could be one that propels us towards PL glory.

Our latest returnee from serious injury is Danny Welbeck and as we all now know the English striker marked his comeback with probably the most important goal of the season so far. ‘Dat Guy Welbz` hasn`t had a smooth transition in to life in London but with his injury behind him he will look to play a big part in Arsenal`s season, though truth be told if Sunday turned out to be his only game he`s already done his bit.

His team mate Per Mertesacker says the returning players are extremely important to Arsenal`s title challenge.

“We need players coming back, we have long-term injuries, which gave us a bit of a struggle, especially in January, where we played in December and January with almost the same team.”

“The players gave us great energy and stepped in for other players but now we need players to come back and make the difference. That`s very important, as you could see against Leicester.”

“We are happy to have Danny now and a few others are not far away. We need our players – you could see that that makes a difference. We`re happy to have at least him back and there`s more coming back as well.”

“For Danny to go through a bad, injured period where he kept believing in himself, when everyone maybe doubted him, it was a great chance for him to come in and show he was ready to give everything for the team. He was always integrated into the team but when you feature on the pitch, give the team such a great goal and energy, it gives him a big lift.”

“Also, that winner at the end gives you something. We hope that we stay focused on ourselves because how we defended in the first half was good. We limited them, [prevented them] from countering and that was the important thing. We kept believing that we could score against them.”

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