Date: 7th July 2007 at 10:51am
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Gilberto Silva seems to be taking his captaincy duties seriously (we assume he’s been given the nod) after stepping forward and defending his players after ‘Team Evil’ striker Didier Drogba predicted Arsenal would crumble following the sale of Thierry Henry.

Bert leapt to the Gunners defence with some bold words, words which will raise a smile and will only serve to endear Gilberto to the Gooners and make him more popular than ever.

‘So Drogba said we are out of the title race, did he? Let’s wait and see what happens,’ he told The Sun.

‘What I do know is that last season Chelsea spent a fortune on new signings, but still couldn’t beat Arsenal once in the league. They didn’t defend their title either, so I think Drogba is talking a little bit too much.’

Drogba has always been one for letting his mouth get the better of him, even going as far as to admit that he dives during matches, live on national television.

Like we needed any confirmation.


79 Replies to “Bert Tells Gobby Drogba To Button It”

  • As long as the Boss remains in charge I have no fear for the coming season. We have stars all over the field and the ability to take all before us. I wait to see the comments when this team turns misses from last year into goals this year. We have a very strong defense a world class centerline and surprises in the forward department. I wonder how many chickens from down the road will be crowing or wanting to come on our site. We have without doubt the best manger in football today bar none. GO YOU GUNNERS

  • Good to hear Gilberto piping up! Maybe we should run a competition and make sure the vice-captaincy goes to whichever player is the first to arrange for a horse’s head to appear in Drogba’s bed.

  • Hah, the only thing I thought was lacking in Gilberto as a leader – tough talking, and he is now proving that he has that as well. I hope he HAS been given the go-ahead as captain, coz my vote was certainly for him, and it is nice to see someone put Drogba in his place.

  • What the hell is he doing? He should be focused on the game tonight, not defending arsenal. : P.

  • You forget the Rumbelows/Carling/Coke cup thingy they won in 1999 (Last century) masterminded by George Graham and Sol Campbell.

  • what is it about spuds coming on here obsessed with our club??? this secret infatuation with our club must be tearing cock-oral apart.

    Back to the subject matter, good on you bert. Tell that balding mug to hush his mouth. good to hear gibber protecting the club like he protects the back four without fuss, and with great effect. »»Arsene Knows««

  • He is just lost as his flock is getting ready to leave North London… and he wants to stay.

  • You guys really know how to put a brave face on, Considering the mess you are in…… Can`t wait for the season to start Another transitional season beckoning for the Arses!! Wingston I have a new catchphrase for you. < >

  • keep choking your chicken in your 46th transitional year cocky!, what are you doing for the up coming 50th year anniversary of not winning the top flight? don’t tell me… you’re having a hen night lol

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