Date: 4th October 2006 at 3:02pm
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I fear the Arsenal future of Nicklas Bendtner may be called into question after he inadvertently issued an ultimatum to the Arsenal manager.

Bendtner has spent this season on loan at Birmingham and it has been quite a sucessful period for the Danish striker, but now it appears he is demanding at least a place on the Arsenal first team bench before he will return to the North London outfit.

‘It’s Arsenal who decide,’ Bendtner told Ritzau. ‘But I know that they will not call me back unless they have at least got a place for me in the A squad.’

‘I will not go back to play for the reserves. The least that I should get is a place on the bench.’

It is a shame that a few goals in the championship makes Bendtner believe he is a world beater, because there is no denying that the boy has talent, but as we know, the gulf between Championship and the Premiership is a large one.

Does anyone remember the last talented young player to demand a place in the first team?

Step forward David Bentley.


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  • I hope we dont lose this lad. He has massive potential as Wenger has already stated. Let him stay at Birmingham this season, spend next season on loan at a prem club then I think he will be ready for a place on the bench!

  • You have misread the statement. He has said that ARSENAL won’t call him back in Jan unless they have a place in their squad i.e. if we need him. Since we prob won’t need him back in Jan, he will stay at Brum. He is quite right to say he won’t go back to the reserves. Whats the point? He scored over 20 goals last season for our reserves and is proving to be more than good enough in the championship. I anticipate him spending next season on loan to a premiership club – if he scores goals there too we have a selection dilemma.

  • No disrespect to Adebayor but from what I have seen of this lad, he is a better finisher and stronger in the air.

  • Magichat – I think you over estimate his grasp of the English language. That is him TELLING Arsenal they won’t call him back unless they have a place for him. Whether he is good enough or not, that is not the point, the point is, we should not have players dictating what they are and are not going to do. He needs to get his head down, work hard and see what the future holds for him.

  • I think bentder is the best striker I have seen in the CCC , I think he would do a job in the Premier league myself and you could do a lot worse !

  • The statement seems a little contradictary actually, first saying it’s up to Arsenal like he’s been told he won’t get recalled unless it’s for the 1st team and then issuing a “warning” that he won’t play for the reserves. Personally, I don’t care how good he is, no one is bigger that the club……………….. right @untly !!!! He can go too, play for Chavscum. I’m sure he’ll start there ahead of Shevchenko.

  • this is just some sensationalist bs. if u knew anything about whats going on at arsenal u would write with a bit more sense… i.e. going back to the reserves would be a step back rather than forward in his development… utter tabloid bs.

  • ‘It’s Arsenal who decide, I know that they will not call me back unless they have at least got a place for me in the A squad.’

    How is that him telling Arsenal Rocky7? Looks very much like him saying that Arsenal won’t call him back unless there is a space in the first team squad (which there isn’t). Presumably because his development will be faster playing first team football. And if you had listened to any of his interviews last season on ATVO, you would know his English is probably better than yours or mine, much like most Scandanavians.

  • Would be a shame to lose him and to be honest if he plays on loan with a Premiership club next season then I’m sure we will. These days it seems to be getting harder and harder to bring players up from the reserves/youths rather than just buy some proven talent from a big club. Whether thats down to frustration on the reserves front I’m not sure. It seems to me that Bendtner has shown both in the reserves and Championship that he’s worthy of a run in the first team

  • It’s his last line that tells me it’s him doing the telling “The least I should get is a place on the bench” Why is that the least he should get? What has he done that makes him so sure he should start ahead of RvP, Adebayor, Baptista or Aliadierre?

  • So he should just leapfrog Theo the Wonderkid if he returns? Sounds as if he may be surplus to your nrrds.

  • The lad has to let his feet do the talking. As a young player talent is only the first step, attitude is the next. Bendtner will have to prove himself in the first team before he can expect to be chosen. *****ing on the championship is one thing, but what about the Champions League knockout stages? If we are drawn to play Barca say? Different game and Bendtner must realise this before he starts getting ‘the big time charlies.’

  • Its a shame that he might be knocking an Upson/Pennant. Let’s hope his head shrinks and he concentrate’s on playing well for Birmingham and the reserves before playing for the first team.

  • if hes got the quality i dont think that arsene will let him go. . .but if he refuses to fight for a place the way ALIADIERE is doing then he has no place at arsenal

  • “The least I should get is a place on the bench”…What has he done that makes him so sure he should start ahead of RvP, Adebayor, Baptista or Aliadierre? Rocky7

    A place on the bench is not starting.

  • bobc – Sorry, meant to say get in the squad ahead of them because after all you’d have to drop one to find space for him.

  • careless and lazy tabloid journalism with a sensationalist red top heading. surprised at you and your attempt to put pressure on a player starting out his career.

  • kI dont see how you can say that IrishGoon, NB has, in no uncertain terms, demanded that he be in the first team squad.

  • I guess the written word is left open to interprtation, and the way I read it is he doesnt want to be at Arsenal unless he is in the first team. Nothing has changed since he and his father both went on record as saying NB should have first team football, and the was BEFORE he went to Birmingham. So I’m sorry if a few of you believe I’m printing sensationalist nonsense, but this is my interpritation of what Bendtner said……like it or lump it.

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