Date: 26th February 2007 at 5:20pm
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Following the superb performance of Arsenal’s young guns in the League cup final, future Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has warned our rivals that we will only get better.

The average age of the Arsenal team yesterday was a little above 20 years old, in a reletively untried line up, yet the Gunners controlled the game for almost the entire match without deviating from from Arsene Wenger’s silky style.

Fabregas beleives in a couple more years this side will be untouchable.

‘If I was in another team, I would be scared if you could see all the young players who are coming from this Arsenal team,’ said the Spaniard.

‘You can see that if we keep playing for three more years together, then we could do something really big for the club.

‘We have shown great talent here. I am also young and just try to do my best for the team.’


39 Replies to “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”

  • Must agree with Cesc but will TH14 be in the frame? I doubt it. As great as he is we do seem to play better without him. I keep harping on about the same thing – Thierry has not been the same player since he was made captain. I believe we have seen the best of him, but let’s hope I am wrong, as I really love the man.

  • He’s right, but I would like to know how Arsene plans to keep all his squad happy. It won’t be long before some of the youngsters, like Aliadiere, demand to play every week, and just wait to see what happens when other teams come calling waving handfuls of £50 notes!

  • Yes indeed you do look like you have a promising squad of younger talent however, given that we are expecting new legislation regarding fielding at least a certain amount of players from a certain country of origin in the next couple of years if I was a Filthy Gooner I would be worried that by the time this squad comes of age it will be obsolete. So you can talk day and night, including you PureGooner*****e (PUREGOLD) but know this, your squad is living on borrowed time, you boys don’t have the boolox that it takes to bring in the trophies – we have seen that in the last 2 finals that you lost in – Whcih I’ll just add for the record, were both very satisfying matches to watch. I think I’ll leave it there. The Future is Bright – you guessed it – Yes Its Berba White…………. Cxnts

  • Deary me Bullers (Name sums you up by the way) at least find out the laws in regards to homegrown players before posting that heap of steaming s*@t. Did you know that Fabregas would qualify for instance as would Djourou? The future is Berba white yet a decent bid from a top club will leave it Mido white (see Carrick last summer) When I look to my right I can even see your clubs name on the league table its very embarrasing, your 10 points behind us and we have 2 games in hand, deary me.

  • Bullers you’ve done a cracking job of making yourself look like a moron you knows nothing. The fact that you think the legislation will be passed, even if you have no clue about the propsed changes make me feel like you are just another knuckle dragging bufoon.

  • bullers,i really feel sorry for you,how can you live with all that bitterness inside,it must burn you up……… regarding the finals,you have to be in it to win it at least,where were you exactly???? down jjb sports buying your barcalona shirt,i bet that new drogba shirt looks very nice on you also

  • “in it to win it” more like in it. looks like another trophiless season for the scum shame you cant whinge a trophy into your clutches. as for fabregas it seems to be a case of arrogance rather then pride. what happened to reyes werent he your record signing. oh ye you swapped him for a 26 year old kid 2 play in the carling cup. thats a shame. whats to stop fabregas doing or reyes???

  • bullers, you are clearly a vacuous know-nothing. surely you know that these players will all be counted as assimilated homegrown by the time this legislation comes into place??? there yu go, hope that doesnt bring your buzz down any about your ‘clever’ comment. »»Arsene Knows`««

  • patspurs123 that 26 year old kid knocked you of the carling cup! He has also scored in the champions league this season have any of your players?

  • forget about the legislation about homegrown players they should bring in a rule stating you cant go on about the champions league if you havent won it

  • They should do the same about the premiership then we would only hear from stupid Scum supporters after Carling cup games and one week at the start of January.

  • patspurs, what’s to stop fab doing a reyes? hmm, good question. Probably not an awful lot, considering player power. But I bet he never does a Sol Campbell, leaving his club on a bosman free to move across town to their hated rivals, so he could actually win something. »»Arsene Knows««

  • reyes left when he was 22 years old after signing for a club record. judas left when he was 26 after coming through the youth system. spot the difeerences

  • The difference is Reyes didnt have Arsenal in his blood, he wasnt fully commited to the club. Sol was brought through your system, he survived and is the only captain to lift a trophy for you in the last 15 years, you were in his blood and he still couldnt bear to stay with you! oh dear!

  • blimey bullers how did my name get in here ? this team have already come of age, fine wins this season against west brom, evertone, liverpool and the SPUDS, they all took one hell of a beating.. the kids will be here cos Wenger is a genius, something you can’t call fat man jol can you >? what will spuds do this season except look over the road at their more successful neighbours, bigger stadium and bigger stars of NOW and the future. Bullers go cry elsewhere, jealously is always an ugly trait.

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