Date: 21st November 2006 at 10:57pm
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Today all the early leavers got their just desserts as Manu Eboue & Julio ‘The Beast’ Baptista scored late goals to see Arsenal through to victory.

Throughout the season the debate has raged over the so called fans who leave the home games an astonishing 15 minutes before fulltime.

Indeed on Saturday a fellow Gooner in the south stand passed me with 16 whole minutes still left to play, well tonight the players got their own back.

With the game on tenterhooks, our Champions League campaign hung finely in the balance as the minutes ebbed away. As usual the fans started to leave their seats and leave the stadium to ensure they got home in time for Corrie. However instead of petering out into the usual 1-1 draw the Gunners staged a late fight back, and before the early leavers would have even reached the Arsenal tube station, Eboue & Baptista had both netted to give Arsenal a great 3-1 victory.

Hopefully this may pursuade a few of these so called Gooners to remain in their seats until the action is over, because next up is Spurs, and lets face it, who would want to miss wiping the smarmie smiles off their silly midtable faces.

Nice one boys.


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  • When I go I can never ever even think of leaving earlt and I hate the fans so much when they leave 10 minutes early!
    Hope they got the just dessert today and think twice next time!

  • Crazy, why would you leave a game early? If for nothing else it costs a fortune to watch football so you want you money’s worth! I’ve NEVER left a game early no matter what is happening, win, lose or hammering (on the wrong end of!) Two late goals in a quality Arsenal showing tonight proved those fans who leave early are crazy!

  • I have to get back to my supporters club coach immediately otherwise they will leave me (and have left others in the past) so all I do is leave my seat 20 seconds before the final whistle, go up to the back of the stand, find a vacant seat and watch from there or stand in the entrance to the block. Once the game is over I can get straight out and on my way. Simple.

  • may i also say, if you forgive him a couple of occasions when he turned into opposition players and lost the ball, hleb was nothing short of magnificent. He was a constant threat, and one display of close control with 20 mins to go, when he danced his way down the right hand flank, quick-footed close control taking him round his marker, who was left wafting a foot at a ghost where once had been the arsenal number 13. This is something that is becoming an increasingly regular display from Hleb, he’s really becoming a real force in the midfield, and is a joy to watch. All the highlights that folk woudl have seen on youtube from his days in the bundeslige are now being transplanted onto the pitch at ashburton grove.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • A question I need answered: is a draw enough against Porto if CSKA beat Hamburg? We’d all be on 11 points, Arsenal with a head-to-head advantage over Porto, Porto over CSKA, and CSKA over Arsenal. What happens then? Goal difference?

  • according to ITV, a draw would see us through, as we beat porto in the corresponding fixture at the grove, thus giving us advantage over them due to our head-to-head results against porto.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • All three goals were fantastic quality…Fabregas with his usual accurate feed into van Persie who made a sweet finish, Eboue’s stunning quickness to blow by a defender and smash it through the keeper’s legs on a tight angle, and my boy Theo Walcott with the vision of a man as he crossed the ball into Beast for an easy header. Brilliant stuff by the lads.

  • Sky were interviewing the early leaving “supporters” and they were happily laughing as they heard the 2 goals go in. My message to them is please dont come. By staying at home and giving your ticket to someone who will watch the whole 90 minutes it will actually make you more of a supporter, right now you are harming the team by de-motivating them as they make the transition to our new surroundings. Thierry doesnt want you there, Arsene doesnt want you there and the majority of fans dont want you there. On the pitch we expect 100% commitment from our boys and they expect the same from us. Obviously this message is not for the majority in the prawn circle as they wouldnt read it and I would also exclude the family enclosure but everyone else should be staying until the end.

  • Hey lets not take away the focus from the fantastic performance (in the 2nd half) to talk abt fans leaving early. I thought we were insipid in the 1st half, surprisingly so. we hardly created any chances (except for 2), and things didnt look good for us. Hleb lost the ball too often in the 1st half, but he more than made up for it later.
    The beast opened his scoring at the grove, and may it be the 1st of many. But did the gunners really need to make us sweat this much before burying the game 🙂 ?

  • i am getting sick and tired of these early leavers, i had 4 differentg conversations with 4 different friends, the first they spoke about was, yeah great seats, but we get tired of the muppets who come in late and leave early !

  • the late arrivers were just as bad yesterday. I mean 10 or 15 into the match and you are still getting a steady steam coming down the steps and blocking the view.

    A draw in enough for us, but Porto will be trying for a win otherwise they go out if CSKA win. If CSKA dont win then both us and Porto go through regardless of our result and it would just be who wins the group then. if we win in Porto then we win the group regardless of any other results, while a draw could see us win the group too. Its certainly interesting.
    The sun have misreported it this morning saying Porto and Arsenal could agree to draw and go through but thats not true. If CSKA win and our game is a draw then Porto are out. It will suit us that Porto will be playing to win NOT draw.

  • That isn’t right because Porto have a far better goal difference than CSKA and beat them on the head to head. If it comes down to all 3 teams having 11 points it goes to GD. So if we draw, CSKA would need to beat Hamburg away by 4 goals.

  • How much do your tickets cost … if I was stumping up £40 plus I’d stay until the end unless transport needs meant otherwise. Ok, if your team is getting thumped 3-0 then maybe fair enough, but ManU won the cup in the last couple of minutes, you were only 1-1 and there was time to get another goal or maybe two. Indeed if the support isn’t there cheering on your side, your team could have been distracted and in another situation the opposition could have sneaked one. It is clear that fans who leave early are too found of prawn sandwiches.

  • it is simple Harry, at highbury we had 30,000 hard core arsenal fans who knew what it was to support a team, now we have an extra 30,000 of new fans who have no idea what it is to support a club.. i also would like to mention arsenal gate attendance, last night was 59,950 or something, thats 500 short of our capacity, i thought i could see more than 500 seats empty so where does arsenal reckon on that figure ?

  • It was always going to be the case when you increase the capacity by 50% … it makes it much easier for everybody/anybody to attend. I always think that if there is a need to expand or relocate, a new ground should be built to say 50,000 with an easy option to add another 10,000 if the club genuinely think there is that need otherwise token fans may end up creating the wrong type of atmosphere which can be detrimental to the team. When us lot up the road expand I hope we approach it this way. Its too much about the easy money to the point where what is best for the team and atmosphere takes second place.

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