Date: 19th April 2007 at 11:41am
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Julio Baptista has admitted for the first time that he is finding it difficult to adjust to life at Arsenal.

The ‘Beast’ (doesn’t quite deserve that nickname after this season) can’t handle the weather or the Premiership (sound familiar?) and the beefy Brazilian now says he doesn’t know if he want’s to stay at Arsenal (again, sounds familiar, Reyes did the same things).

Baptista told The Times: ‘The weather over here is killing me. We get one day of sunshine for every 30 days of rain.

‘The Premiership is very hard. I enjoy making clever touches but the game is so fast I don’t have time to think.’

‘I could stay at Arsenal but right now I can’t see myself anywhere for definite,’ he explained.

Baptista went on to say that he would like a second chance at Real Madrid, stating that his girlfriend and mother also prefer life in Madrid (is he reading Reyes’ quotes from last season?).

‘But it is clear in my mind that I’d tackle a second chance with Real with far more maturity than I did my first.

‘My girlfriend and my mother are frightened about not seeing the sun in England. They miss being in Madrid.’

‘The teams from the north of England are terrible,’ Baptista said. ‘When we play them I have counted their centre-backs booting up to 30 long balls upfield per game.

‘The moment you stop to think, someone has taken the ball off you and knocked you to the ground.

‘Over here they value a corner kick more than a fancy flick. I am lucky to be with Arsenal, as they are a team that likes to play proper football.’

It was nice while it lasted, I just hope we’re not paying your wages this season Julio.


54 Replies to “Baptista Can’t Settle At Arsenal”

  • A little bit harsh there Simmo. Ok so he hasn’t set the world alight, but he hasn’t exactly had a susstained run in the team has he? With the exception of Henry & RvP he has the best strike rate at the club.

  • yeah simmo, i agree with rocky, a bit harsh there. But what is it with players from spain and the weather in england :)? I actually feel a little sorry for him, but I suppose this is indication enough that he is going back to madrid !!

  • He’s got the odd clever trick and bit of strenght but he aint half as good as the price tag Madrid want for him…£14m, money well spent if you sign him lads!!

  • The reason he hasn’t had a run in the team is because he hasn’t impressed enough when he’s been given the chance. And to blame his lack of sucess (I wont say failure) on the Premiership and the weather? It’s not on. Henry, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Zola amongst others have all adapted to using skill in such a fast-paced league.

  • its a shame, the one thing i liked about him was his attitude and now thats *****ed up. Oh well good to have you hear julio but not for another season im afraid.

  • I can’t see anywhere where he has blamed his lack of sucess to the weathr, he just said he doesnt like it.

  • nicknamed “the beast” more like “the fairy” – oooo its too cold, ooo i cant think, ooo i dont have time on the ball…. sounds like a ****** to me. Denilson isn’t moaning and he’s half the size of him. I think he needs to go learn that football isnt all about him and having as much time as he needs on the ball…..

  • He says he doesn’t like the weather (I think we can assume that’s part of the reason he can’t settle) so he is indirectly blaming the weather. He’s tried, I’m not denying that, but it seems to me that he can’t handle it. I hope I’m wrong, I’d love it if he went on and grabbed a load of goals before the end of the season and then went on to become a great player for us but it’s not going to happen is it?

  • i can understand the sentiment from arsenal fans when players like Reyes and Baptista say they dont like England due to the ***** weather and sunday pub league tactics of the lesser teams (spurs) – but you have to put some consideration into the fact they have a choice – most english people dont have that choice so live with the grey skies and yob culture, those that do have a choice get the hell out of there – i would rather they put Arsenal before the weather on their priority lists but i can sympathise – Note: both reyes AND baptista have stated they love arsenal, its England they dont like

  • oh, and expect more of this attitude whenever we sign ‘experience’ from south american, mediterainian or asian countries

  • Not all of them from those countries are like that. eg: Gilberto, Fabrigas and Denilson.

  • Those comments are a disgrace from the beast. Beast? He dont warrant that tag. ****** will do.

  • sorry for the double post. Blame it on my net connectivity. somehow it – his statement – seems like a case of sour grapes to me(not exactly a Reyes situation) but he may have refered to Reyes’s statements last year.

  • gilberto was experienced, but also without a club side when he was signed and took years to settle – fabregas and denilson are kids getting a chance to play first team football in the best league in the world, im sure they dont care about the weather when considering the alternative

  • People should lay off Baptista – just because he can’t hack it here is no reason to degrade him. He may not be beastly enough for his nickname in the UK, but do we really need anymore Robbie ‘Real Man’ Savages in the PL Jacky? He also has a right not to like the weather or the hoof-it style of play. I don’t feel he is betraying his club although I do wish he had waited for 3 weeks before speaking out.

  • No, i definately dont slate him for being kicked (i dont like it myself) but i do slate him for wanting loadsa time on the ball, and not being able to take a bit of rain!

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