Date: 26th March 2009 at 10:09am
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In an interview given to Uefa magazine the quiet man of the team, Bacary Sagna, has spoken of the teams prospects in the competitions we are still involved in.

On our chances in the Champions League he says “We have to give 100% and we have to play Arsenal football. I know we can go very far in this competition and we will try to do it. The atmosphere is very good at the moment and we are very confident for all competitions.”

The secret he feels is in a gradual return of confidence and belief . ” We just have to enjoy it on the pitch. I think we trust each other. We give everything on the pitch. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But at the moment we are working as a team. You can see that we are doing quite well and we just don`t score. Sometimes maybe you can think badly or you can miss some confidence but, at the moment, everyone is confident we can win something this season and that we can go very far.”

The challenge to retain qualification for next season`s Champions League competition is, unlike many supporters, not something that Bacary is overly worried about. Though he demonstrates a good command of English in his interview the use of the word ‘pay` to indicate the teams willingness to meet the challenge may not have been the best. “Personally I am not scared about it because I am very confident and I think we`ll pay [do it]. We`ll pay it and I think we`ll come back.”

Explaining the difference in current form from our early season performances Sagna says “Now we conceded a lot of goals at the beginning of the season and we dropped a lot of points but for a long time that has not been the case. We came back and now we are not losing anymore. So we just need to score goals and we`ll be back soon. When I come on the pitch I always trust my mates and I know we`ll do the job properly and, as I said, I am not thinking about bad things or about what will happen, if we score or not. I`ll just give everything and when you give everything you have the belief on the pitch and you know you can score goals.”

Given the earlier stories of dressing room discontent it is good to hear that the French defender is enjoying life at the club “I love playing for Arsenal at the moment and I will do it. I will give everything for the team and I think this is the case for most of the players. We have to play for the team. We have to play as a team on the pitch and we are doing it.”

Bacary comes across as genuinely interested in the collective good and progress of the squad. It`s encouraging to see that not all players are concerned only with themselves.

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