Date: 11th July 2007 at 7:32pm
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Ajax’s Dutch international forward Ryan Babel is set to join big spenders Liverpool after agreeing personal terms and completing a medical with the Merseysiders.

Arsenal have been linked on and off with the wing-wizard for the last 18 months until January when Arsenal’s interest seemed to come to something when the youngster was seen visiting Arsenal’s Ashburton Grove stadium and training ground.

Indeed, the youngster himself said on several occasions that he wanted to play for Arsenal, but not until he had completed one last season with his current employers, Ajax.

He was rumored to have a £6.5Million release clause in his contract, however, Ajax’s asking price of around £13Million would seemingly rule that out.

Could that be the reason that Arsenal haven’t moved for Babel? Quite possibly as manager Arsene Wenger isn’t one to pay over the odds for a player.

Earlier today Liverpool Chief Exec Rick Parry told Liverpool’s official website: ‘We’re not quite there with Ryan Babel yet, but we’ve now been given permission by Ajax to talk to the player.

We hope to reach an agreement with Ajax very shortly.’

However, Sky Sports News broke the news in the last few minutes that the Dutchman had infact already agreed a deal and passed a medical.

Where next for Arsenal?


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  • how surprised am I that we didnt sign another player that is in any way famous…not at all is your answer. Cheers for dudu….. sigh

  • It’s a shame as he looks a pretty good player. Nevermind, I’m sure the wizard has got somebody else in his sleeve. Just as long as that somebody isn’t Gus Caesar, Stepanovs, Cygan or Jeffers shaped, I’m not moaning 😎

  • i think either we seriously didnt need him.. or we have no money at all…. i think hes the perfect arsenal player; fast, skillfull and young…. im gutted to be honest.

  • IN ARSENE WE TRUST !………..wenger buys who he wants 2 buy….NOT who we want him 2 buy AND NOT who the media wants us 2 buy……!! ps- have we officially signed bakari sagna or not !!!! (Cos he excites me as a gr8 prospect !!)

  • How much credence do we give to transfer gossip? He was supposed to have a £6m release clause yet ‘pool are bidding £10m plus for him. So much of this is invention. Often the same people complaining that we have missed out would be insisting that we need proven experience. Could this be available in a 20 year old?

  • I’m afraid you guys are losing your appeal, the rumours are out. These players believe your club are moving in the wrong direction, can’t say they are wrong.

  • As a Liverpool fan Im very happy with the signing of Babel should it be completed. However, Wenger is a fantastic manager and is building a young squad which will grow over the next few years. Unlike Mourinho (we all know what Chelsea have spent) and Ferguson who has bought his new squad: Ferdinand 30m Rooney 30m Saha 14m Ronaldo 13m Carrick 18m Anderson 17m Nani 17m Hargreaves 17m Tevez? 20m?, not to mention Smith 6m, Evra 6m, Heinze 6m. That is around 200 million pounds whereas Wenger has assembled his new squad paying reasonable amounts. Liverpool havnt spent as much as Chelsea and ManU but theyve spent more than Arsenal. Wenger has always done a brilliant job there without breaking the bank.

  • Well the spuds never had any appeal & still don’t, hence the only signings you can make are players that are self confessed arsenal fans who aren’t good enough for us & end up at the s*** hole!! Defoe, Bale, Zokora, Bent, Kabul etc etc etc!! Before anyone comes back with the very predictable & very boring ‘Berkamp was a spuds fan’, no he wasn’t he was a Hoddle fan & followed his career not the spuds!! As for Babel, who really cares if we didn’t sign him. Apart from the final & about 20 minutes in the semi final of the u21 tournament he was dire. An excellent prospect? yes, but how many of those do we already have, we need players like sagna who can bring some experience. I’m sure Wenger has his targets & we will all know when they eventually sign!!

  • Redman, he’s a great little player. topspur, Babel has said 3 times he wants to play for Arsenal, not quite losing our appeal.

  • Nice one Trader! Good luck for the new season, and let’s look forward to some more excellent battles 😎

  • Babel will be World Class!! Great ability and Eye for Goal. Way out of Arses League. When the big clubs get involved The ARSE cannot compete. Very Sad Times At the Immigrants.

  • I realise it’s only natural to get offended by my observations, but i can assure you their was no malice intended. Surely you must recognise that in the last 5yrs you’ve gone from going unbeaten in 40 odd games, to finishing 4th 2 season running. But maybe you believe that?s moving in the right direction, not sure i would.

  • Topspur, when you don’t have the millions of Chelsea or United you have to take a step back in order to move forward. I have absolute faith in Wenger. The crop of players at Arsenal are so close to becoming a force again, all that’s needed is a bit of fine tuning and 1 or 2 more additions and we will be back at the top of football. That’s not my rose-tinted opnion, it’s my absolute honest opinion.

  • Cockeril, we don’t need to spend £18Million on a player like Carrick when we can snap up a raw talent like Fabregas and turn him into one of the best midfielders in the Premiership. Or take an average winger and turn him into one of the best strikers in the world. Or take a half decent midfielder and turn him into one of the best defenders in the Premiership. £30Million for Ferdinand, £18Million for Carrick and £12Million for Saha OR £150,000 for Toure, £500,000 for Fabregas and £10.5Million for Henry? Hmmmm.

  • Like yourself I’m a football fan, and like yourself i believe we are moving in the right direction. Much I would like to say we will finish above you guy’s i think it’s too close to call

  • As you know Tops, football is like the tide. It ebbs and it flows. Our low tide was the 2005/6 season (even though the C/L final helped to cloud that), but it is definately turning again (check out Andy Gray’s comments after the CC final, for what it’s worth). For teams like Utd who can afford to splash (excuse the pun) out, the cycle of change is much shorter. For us it has/will take a little longer as we, due to the financial implications of the stadium, have been forced to take the long route by replacing the old with the young, and we have to wait until they mature. Sorry if that sound a bit patronising, it’s not intended, it’s just the mellowing result of a few wind down bottles of Abbot Ale after the daily slog.

  • Sorry, I was a bit slow Sim, you kind of already said it for me. It’s a real drag being E.T. sometimes 😎

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