Date: 21st January 2010 at 11:09am
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Arsenal, however temporarily, once again sit high atop the Premier League table courtesy of a stonking 4-2 victory over Bolton in a crucial game at Ashburton Grove last night.

The game however was not without it’s controversy as William Gallas left Bolton’s Mark Davies with a suspected broken ankle after a 50/50 challenge went, shall we say, ‘wrong’.

To compound the situation the incident led to Arsenal scoring their second, and equalising goal that set us well on our way to securing top spot in the league.

Arsene Wenger apologised for the tackle (but not for playing on) after the game. ‘I am sorry if the tackle was not good, and I apologise. However, to complain that we went on to play, I think that is unfair. The players did not even know what was happening behind them, whether the player has got up again or not.’

‘I don’t believe you can kick the ball out every time a player is down when you win the ball. That is why they changed the rules.

‘Remember Everton, I did not think they should have kicked the ball out and it was a much more obvious situation because Denilson went down, they got the ball and might have gone 3-1 up. I said after the game that it was okay.

‘We got some tackles, some big ones, but we had to cope with it. I am sorry if it is a foul, but it didn’t look dirty from outside.’

Fair play to the manager for apologising, he’s a bigger man than I. Whilst I sympathise for the player personally and hope he makes a speedy recovery, you wouldn’t find me offering any apologies to Bolton for all the toffee at Everton.

Long have we suffered at the elbows, stud and hands of Bolton, indeed it has often been popular opinion that if Bolton get ‘in our faces’ we can’t cope with it, leading to a myriad of clubs adopting the rough house tactics and kicking us off the park and crying ‘Arsenal don’t like it up ’em’.

‘Pansies’ they cry, ‘Southern softies’ can be heard in the back ground ‘whingers’ also a popular tag, yet when we have to tenacity to fight back we’re labeled ‘dirty’, ‘cheats’ and ‘scumbags’.

‘HYPOCRITES’ I yell in reply. People complaining about Arsenal complaining? Fans and media crying like baby girls about Arsenal adopting the same shit-house tactics that have been used against us for years? Get a grip of yourselves, for we are at the dawn of a new era.

No longer will our ‘boys’ take your crap lying down, we’ll give what we get, we’ll fight to the end, our boys have become men so think twice before f*cking with them. They have become what they are through necessity, because of the incessant refusal of teams to play football, opting instead for kicking and punching our players into submission.

Apologise for a foul? Bollocks, bring ’em on.