Date: 25th July 2006 at 10:24am
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I wish this whole sorry affair would be over and done with, it’s far too unsavoury and to be honest, it’s getting a little boring now.

Cole claims he was ‘fed to the sharks’ and that he will ‘reveal the shattering truth’ in his new book. Well that doesn’t sound like some cheap hacks words at all Ashley.

Reports filtering through this morning suggest that Chelski have tabled a £16 million bid for the England left back, however, it was my understanding that Cole has a £16 million buy out clause in his contract that would enable any club offering that amount to talk to the player regardless. The Times claims that the £16 Million was not confirmed in writing but just a handshake deal that Cole is now astonished to see Wenger has gone back on his word. Hurts, eh Ash?

I’m not saying that any of these reports are acurate, far from it, because one paper claims Le Boss want £20M, another £25M, another says we want Gallas in part exchange and a fourth says Moaninho told us to get lost. Another paper suggests the Chelsea boss offered Shaun Wright-Phillips in exchange but we’re no longer interested in the little fella. I just wish it was over.

Many Gooners feel betrayed by what Cole has done, ok so he was harshly treated, but if he wanted a transfer why not just say? Surely we Gooners would have been able to understand that, but to go behind the clubs back and when you get caught still not admit it and further more you then go and slag the club off in your tacky chavy book………well thats just not on.

Come on Chelsea, swap John Terry for him, you know you want to.


20 Replies to “Ashley Cole Saga Drags On & On”

  • where is cashley, is he still locked away with that silly geordie tart? will probably stay i think, the wedding seems to have stalled everything!

  • Cashley has nobody to blame but himself, the whole sorry situation could have been avoided if he had been up front in the first place. ‘fed to the sharks’ by his ‘beloved arsenal’ the guy is not fit to put on our colours, he’s sounding like a Chelsea big time charlie already! I, like Paul, cannot wait for this saga to end so we can get on with the football!

  • Arsenal are absolutely right to try and milk Chavski for all their worth. Chavski and Cole did us wrong, so now it’s payback. We know they’ve got the money. Having said that I hope it doesn’t hinder us finding a replacement, Gallas would be a great addition.

  • If the papers are right and there is a buy out clause in Coles contract than it?s pointless for Arsenal to be holding out for more than £16m as they?ll never get it. If there?s an obligation to accept bids of £16m why would we pay £20m?

  • despite all of this,no one knows how ashley feels, he hasent requested a transfer to le boss, and le boss hasent said he is leaving.we have 2 try and keep ashley,despite all his wrong doings, as even if we got the 25 mil the papers say we want, wheres the replacement going to come from that money,with clichy injured and zambrotta having moved to barca?unless we stick with flamini….

  • We could do a lot worse than stick with Flamini, he was a revelation last season, although not a natural, he is more than adequate to fill in until Clichy returns.

  • I hope Ashley doesn’t go, he is the worlds best left back at this moment so selling him to chelsea wouldn’t be appropriate. He will stay as his girls papa doesn’t want her to leave england. And we will not sell to chelsea no way. we’ll keep him and if he still feels like leaving he can go on a bosman in 2yrs. But i think he will stay and get on with it. He does sti;; ;ove the club despite wat u read in the bulls**t papers.

  • There’s only one thing to do with Cole. Send him to the worst team you can think of, the lowest level of hell in the football firmament, the place none of you would ever want to suffer presence in. The place that would provide an ironic balance to recent events. Sell him to Spurs! Go on, have you got the guts for it?

  • spurs wouldnt take your crappy defenders, you turndecent defenders cole,cambell into emotional wrecks….must be all english spoken in your dressing room. camel jockeys

  • and you dont want to keep cole?? course u do hes had this going on for some time but has still performed on the pitch, he is the best left back in england and i for one cannot wait for you to sell him, but its a catch 22 its making chelski even stronger, anyone got the feeling that every club and fan is just a pawn in abramovich’s championship manager game???

  • Buckers – If your wife told you she loved you, wanted to be with you forever and would never leave you, and then went behind you back and cheated on you with a geezer who hate……what would you do? If you did accept her back, but then for some reason she starts to blame you because because she cheated on you and then start telling everyone in the world it was everyone elses fault but hers…..what would you do?!? You’d dump the b*tch.

  • right on rocky lets sell cashley for what he’s really worth 16 rupee to uzbekistan united and get on with football. if we can lose vieira and still rebuild then surely the disloyal ***** can be replaced. off with his head, if he wants to leave let him i aint fussed

  • right on there rocks mate, u have said what everyone is thinking, old cashley, as good as gone to me now, if he stays he stay if he goes he goes, i personaly just dont care about the jumped up little **** anymore, it is about time he took responcability for what he did and not pass the buck onto others. If he loves the club so much why did he go to chelsea for them talks? fed to the sharks, ha more like you jumped in coverd in blood ash mate you jumped, into the tank and in the words of a good mate of mine pack you bags, and **** off

  • well i’m starting to come around to the idea of cole goin but it would be a great loss. however that armound troare he looks like an exceptional replacement but hes only 16 but wat a great prospect. maybe we should cash in on cole and use the money to buy a quality centre back and a powerful defensive midfielder. hopefully mexes or davies and yaya toure. aw make it happen

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