Date: 24th November 2014 at 2:57pm
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Arsenal captain MikeL Arteta has spoken of his shock and frustration at the defeat to Manchester United on Saturday. Despite having had 7 shots on target, to United’s zero at half time, the Gunners were still left to chase a 2-0 deficit in the second half.

Arteta suggests Arsenal did enough to control the game, but their inability to capitalise on dangerous situations cost them, ”I`m shocked,’ said Arteta. ‘I think we played our best game this season in terms of what we demand of ourselves – the quality in the way we attacked, how we won the ball back, how consistent we were throughout, the amount of chances we created.

‘It`s not fair for the players and the fans. How can I explain the result? I can`t.

‘I am shocked and frustrated because we did not deserve this result considering the opposition we were playing against.

‘I can only but it down to bad luck on the first goal which totally changed the game, at a time when we were absolutely controlling and hammering United.

‘After they took the lead we had to take more risks to try to get back into the game and United have the players up frnt to cause you problems at any time.

‘But I feel so sorry for the lads and for our supporters because they were terrific and I don’t think we deserved this result.

‘It`s [a lack of] ruthlessness, for sure,’ he said. ‘When you are in the box and you can`t manage to score in that many situations, you can`t expect to win.’

There’s a fair bit of anger around at the moment so I imagine the comments will be pithily dismissed. I’d suggest it’s not an unfair summation of the game, but that he nails a big part of the problem with his final comment.

The biggest danger to Arsenal now is loss of confidence and you would expect the captain to try and mitigate against that by accentuating the things Arsenal did well in the match and, if confidence is low, our finishing is unlikely to improve, so all in all, it makes sense for the captain to try and reduce the damage to the squad’s confidence.