Date: 19th July 2008 at 10:38pm
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Arsene seems intent on keeping everyone guessing what actions he might take in terms of the transfer market. Earlier this week he had dampened expectations somewhat by indicating his reluctance to ‘kill young players` by blocking their path into the first team with new imports. Having invested time and money in recruiting and incentivising young players he was naturally keen not to undermine assurances he had given them that they would get their chances earlier with Arsenal than other teams.

Today he has told Setanta Sports after the pre-season friendly against Barnet that he still expects to recruit this summer. Giving his thoughts on the type of player he said, “We can get one player with experience, yes. It could happen yes, one, maybe two maximum, but one certainly. I cannot give you any names but we still think to bring one player in.”

Explaining his dealings so far he said “We lost two good players but we bought two players and we have good young players coming through. We don`t live in an ideal world. Flamini was at the end of his contract, Gilberto I gave him the opportunity to leave because he was 32 and [was offered] a three-year contract and that was in a strong position.”

There is an attraction to join Arsenal, believe me, because we have more demands than players who want to leave us he continued I think Flamini was free to leave last year and nobody cared about it, you know. He had a good season and then he left. But he was free to go last year and that is part of football.

The Boss also believes that Adebayor will stay at the club, Adebayor is under contract. We expect him to turn up on Monday and practise with us. I am very confident he will be here at the start of the season.

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