Date: 18th June 2006 at 1:18pm
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Arsenal fans awoke this morning to find yet another story in the press about Arsene Wenger jumping ship and running off to the Bernabeau just because some geezer, who isn’t even president yet, reckons he will bring in Le Boss as part of his election promisies.

Pardon my French, but that’s complete bollocks.

I’m getting sick and tired of these muppets using our players and staff as pawns in the presidential mind games. Wenger would never join a joke of a club like Real Madrid and we all know it.

A few points that should put your mind at ease if you’re feeling a bit worried that the most important man at our club may be packing his bags………..

In his whole career, Arsene Wenger has never failed to fulfill a contract. His current deal keeps him at Arsenal till 2008.

He recently said he can see himself finishing his managerial career at Arsenal.

I’m sure that Wenger gave Tomas Rosicky a few assurances that both himself and Thierry Henry would still be at Arsenal next season.

Why would any manager spend so much time bringing together the cream of world youth football only to walk out on it just as the team starts to come together?

We move into our new home in one month’s time. Wenger has dedicated so much of his time into Ashburton Grove. He has overseen so many aspects of the project from dressing rooms to the air flow around the stadium, surely he would want to see the finished product.

The crowning glory into why Arsene Wenger will not join Real Madrid actually came from the mouth of the man trying to poach him in the first place. Villar Mir said ‘If above the manager there is a sporting director, the coach will no longer have real authority over the players.’ Can anybody real see Wenger accepting this?


Wenger has always maintained he loves running the club from top to bottom, thats what he does, he’s a manager not a coach, he runs Arsenal, plain and simple. That is something he wouldn’t get at Real Madrid, in clubs like that you get bossed from the top, I’m sorry but it’s just not Arsene’s cup of tea.