Date: 23rd November 2006 at 10:34pm
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Gunners Boss Arsene Wenger has admitted improper conduct after a touchline scuffle with Alan Pardew in Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat at Upton Park.

Both Wenger and Pardew were charged with improper conduct, yet only Le Boss admitted the charge even though Alan Pardew apologised to Arsene Wenger and Arsenal Football Club for his actions after the game.

Both managers have requested a personal hearing.


19 Replies to “Arsene Pleads Guilty, Pardew Doesn’t”

  • Wenger may have been wrong to walk off like that but Pardew was wrong to celebrate right in Wenger’s face like that. At least Wenger has the bottle to own up to it!

  • there is a strong train of thought here that pardew issued a racial slur to our manager. If so, the fourth official will have heard it and iut will come out at the hearing. And if it’s proved so, then throw the book at pardew. Seeing as we’rethe nation that leads the ‘let’s kick racism out of football’ campaign, if we fans and the players are doing the utmost, then the managers must take part too, and also lead by example. If pardew is guilty of this, then, well, he should be censured.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • No, Wingston – throw the book at Wenger. He was wrong and he has admitted it. What an appalling example to young people. He should sit in the stand for six months and pay a moth’s salary to charity.

  • just ;eave it atleast mr wenger admits he is guily but pardew what that word im thinking of it in me head oh yh COWARD!!!!!

  • If there had been a ‘racist’ slur it would have come out well before now and if the fourth official had heard it then the charge against Pardew would be substantially more than improper conduct. Shame on those making those comments about a man who’s married to a foreign woman .. that is the definition of cowardice, jammyjimbob. Wenger has already said that he doesn’t know how to lose and fair enough .. Pardew probably celebrated too much – I think he encroached out of his own technical area and this set off Wenger. What was most pathetic though was Wenger’s refusal to shake hands at the end of the game, an appalling example to set kids and conduct straight out of the Mourinho book of poor sportsmanship.

  • I, for one, dont have a problem that arsene is a bad loser, but shoving pardew away was a little over the top. I think this is an effort by arsene to put the whole episode behind him and move on. There are much more important things to look ahead to.

  • Not Shaking hands is a disgrace to everyone who plays the sport watches and pays to take their kids. Whinger should be banned not just docked a bit of beer money. GROW UP ARSE HOLE WHINGER LE WIMP!!!!!!!!!!!! The man has no balls. He looked like was about to cry after chucking his dummy out. Lets see what reaction he gives when The mighty lillywhites give the arse a football lesson.

  • im a west ham fan, and find you lot a disgrace how most of you back wenger in this circumstance, pardew was celebrating a goal that saved his job, it was against a top 4 club, what did you want him to do clap!!!!!!!

  • Yeah rocky7,we are on here quite a lot are’nt we.So THE CLASSLESS WHINGER has admitted that he wrong all along,he still say’s Harewood was offside though.

  • sffsd, i’ve no issue with pardew celebrating a goal vigourously. The pressure the guy has been under since the stat of the season has been incredible, and anyone can identify with the release of such tension and frustration. I’d have been going mental too. But do YOU know what pardew said to wenger? no, you don’t, only pardew, wenger and the 4th oficial do. So once the heatings are out of the way, we’ll know who’ the real out-of-order one.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • hearings, even. But I’ll be glad when it is ut of the way, it”s just dragging on waaaay too long.

    »»Arsene Knows««

  • i think it comes down to class and second hand car salesman. i bet pardew isn’t the WH manager next season, the new bosses will bring in a class manager and pardew will go back to lower division management.

  • sffsd, so what pardew did was ok, but what arsene did was not, coz after all, pardew wasnt fighting for his job, and arsene was not?!! and pls tell me where even one gooner said that what arsene did was ok. I dont think there is widespread support for that particular action of his, but I, for one, want to put it behind and move on.

  • Sir Harry you made various comments on the sp*rs vital site suggesting John Terry may have made a racist gesture towards Ledley King when he got sent off so it seems there is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Is that a racist comment to?

  • “Arsene Pleads Guilty, Pardew Doesn’t” that’s because Le Petulant Child is guilty and Pardew did NOTHING wrong!! hope he get a nice big £10k fine!!

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